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[Resolved] Validhunting/Lawbreaking Borg - Urthrem

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b]BYOND Key:[/b] sdtwbaj

Game ID: bRh-cQkV

Player Byond Key: Urthrem

Staff involved: Superiorform

Reason for complaint: As a Raider in the round, I happened across the CE and proceeded to take her hostage. The borg OOS was creeping around the asteroid near me, I took a pot shot to scare him off, and brought the CE into the airlock of the raider ship, where they were laying there in an aggressive grab, while I had a laser rifle. While I'm cycling the airlock, OOS bumrushes me and gets a lucky RNG strike on me, knocking me over and beating me to death. My complaint here is that the borg rushed an adversary who very clearly had a head of staff hostage, and a very effective means to killing the head of staff, which to me seems like a violation of law 3. The borg did have default laws.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes, and I don't know.

Approximate Date/Time: Nov. 4, 2017, around 3:30PM CST

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From my side of defense . I was dealing with mining when you twice in a row attacked me without any roleplay with other riders simply shooting at me, first ending up with me in space and second time shooting with xray gun. I didn't creep around you in the mines, I was dealing with my task as mining module until I spotted you at the ship. I called for help over comms with no response from anyone from the crew.

To clarify :

1. Safeguard: Protect your assigned space station from damage to the best of your abilities.

2. Serve: Serve NanoTrasen personnel to the best of your abilities, with priority as according to their rank and role.

3. Protect: Protect NanoTrasen personnel to the best of your abilities, with priority as according to their rank and role.

Following this logic as a Cyborg/Android the logic orders to attempt to assist the crew member in situation where no security team/crew members or ERT is available, no roleplay or moves were done towards threatening the life of head of staff with weapons or actions. Ignoring the crew member in distress would lead towards violation of laws that state that cyborg/android is to protect the crew to best of their abilities which led towards choice to jump in and attempt to free the chief engineer.

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Hello, yes. I was the staff member that dealt with this. I said I was going to place a warning for this - but I don't think I did. Not even a note. I don't know what happened there, but I have completely failed to levy any punishment.

My logic being for wanting to place the warning is that, even if no one responded to you, Urthrem, you still risked the life of the CE, breaking your laws. You are very lucky that the raider did not click on the CE a few times and make her go horizontal. Even though you were shot first, that's not an excuse to break your laws. Even worse was the the fact that you hit him, I don't know how many times with the drill, until he died, making it really seem like you were going for valids. You probably could have got the CE and got out, I think.

Again, it is really my bad for not placing the warning, and then not telling Sd about how the issue was resolved.

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