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[Denied] Finally comming back (or trying to)

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BYOND Key: mirkoloio

Total Ban Length: It's been well more than 7 months now.

Banning staff member's Key: HouseOfSynth

Reason of Ban: https://i.imgur.com/JBCRUjg.png

Reason for Appeal:


After 6 months of non-appeal time, I've (more or less) patiently waited till November. And so I am here again, asking of you to unban me. A lot of time went by. A lot of things happened. And near daily RP for me on multiple servers/games.

I think, I have improved sufficiently enough to come back to play on Aurora. The place I called home once. And I do hope I can be re-integrated in the big, sweetly-salty community I love.

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I've messaged some staff in that time period. And they did not say such a thing, there. HoS meant that I should try. Garn said the chance is low, but I can try. So here I am, trying again. And hopefully, succeeding one last time. New chars, new everything.

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Alright my dude, I'm going to break it here, I'm going to be denying this appeal.

I get that it's been a long time but this is your 7th ban on the server, more specifically the 3rd permaban you've appealed for. You've been banned time and time again and yet fail to change and so I'm afraid my verdict here is more of a 'go and move on'. The staff team have given you so many chances to change over the time that you have been here and so I am left with very few options. If you wish to contest what I've said here, you may create a staff complaint but I believe I am not the first to say this. You talked with Garn about appealing a while back and he stated that it would likely come down to this. I have also consulted the other staff in this and they are in agreement.

Appeal denied.

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