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[Accepted] Butter's IPC App

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BYOND Key: Butterrobber202

Character Names: Iko Usos, Terminator (SyndieBorg), GearOST, Losk Kizi, Mikam Ar'Jargo, Adoa Ar'Irga, Nasir Kypra, Coman Al'Mansur

Species you are applying to play: IPC

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Yes.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Please provide well-articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Well, I'm a bit of a Robot nerd and tend to keep up with the Robotics Field of Science IRL. Took a few classes on the subject about all the fun coding, servos, servo angles, wiring, greasing, and construction methods. Recently, as a Unathi Whitelist Holder as well, I've grown a bit bored with Humans and Unathi alike, and I wanted a new race to mess around and RP with. Since I enjoy playing Cyborg/Android, I just rolled with the robot theme and decided to go with IPCs. Even without Borg-Influence, IPCs are in a unique position in the Aurora-Lore. Skrell, with the robotic rebellions that plagued their history, tend to dislike Robots on a whole. Unathi simply dislike Machines in general due to their religious beliefs, and even without the Xenos' mindset, they have to deal with money hungry companies trying to get free labor out of them.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: To start off, you are made of metal and lack organic organs. IPCs are another easy race to hate, who would be comfortable with a Machine that is expressing love? Another reason these guys are made different is that they are one of the only races that don't fear pain, as they can choose not to feel it. It is just a Self-Diagnosis report telling them that, 'Hey, you got hit here and here.' IPCs also have different needs than most organics, eating, sleeping, and using the restroom are not longer required. Now replaced with the needs of charging, body maintenance and... huh, wonder how'd they have kids. Anyway! To sum it up, to be non-organic is the special part about this race, and why it's unique.


Character Name: W-74

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

---Booting Up---

NT.OS 27 Installed...

PBMI Linked...

PBMI synced...

Artificial Muscles Online...

Internal Machines Enabled...

Coolant Systems Engaged...


W-74's Optical Sensors flickered on as his body stepped away from its charging port. He was in a dark, steel room. Exact copies of himself lined the wall to his back. Glancing at them as they glanced at him. A Voice suddenly echoed across the dank room. “Industrial Units A-01 through X-85 you are hereby enlisted in the NT Biesel Bluespace Gate Infrastructure Project. Off-handly known as the BBG. In return for your creation and activation you will fully construct a single Bluespace Gate, this has been authorized by Nigel Brent, Nanotrasen Chief Engineering Director. In turn, if you choose to continue with the project after your first gate, you will begin to receive pay. In addition to that, if you wish to stop constructing the gates, you will have a Job opening in NT’s Engineering Division. That is all. Move to Equipment Bay Alpha through Tunnel D to get equipped. Then begin construction. “

A Map of the Station filled W-74’s Posibrain as he sought out Tunnel D, which was on the left-hand wall of the room. Exiting the Charging and Storage room, as it was so labelled on his Map, into a brightly lit hallway, with sterile white walls and flooring. He clunked along with the rest of the IPCs. Arriving at Equipment Bay Alpha, he was directed to gather the standard set of tools, a NT Construction Hardsuit, and a heavy cooling unit, which instead of going into the Suit’s standard Internal slot, was worn over the back, as it was twice the size of the normal unit. Then, W-74 picked up a tablet like device, that seemed to be a map of the surrounding area of space. According to the Tablet, W-74 was located on a small Construction Outpost, prodding the tablet with a large metal digit, it displayed a holographic image of where the Bluespace Gate was to be built. It dwarfed the Construction Station by a few good inches on the tablet. W-74 processed that it would be 5x the size of the Station. W-74 magnetically sealed the tablet to his suit, before swiftly walking over to the Transport shuttle dock. Boarding the plain plasteel Shuttle, he sat down and strapped into the safety harness cheaply attached to the seat. After a moment, his sensors recognized the slight vibration of the shuttle as it detached itself from the Outpost. 5 rotations of W-74’s internal chronometer later, the shuttle’s inertia dampers hissed as the shuttle slowed. W-74 removed his safety harness, stood up with the rest of his fellow units, and stepped out into the void. W-74’s optical sensors flickered to adjust to the inky void of space. He floated out and landed on the half-built frame of the Bluespace Gate. His datapad began to vibrate violently, attempting to get his attention. W-74 reached and plucked it from his side, and opened.

---Unit W-74-Eta-89-4-0-298---

Move to Frame Section 5, began wiring and hull placement.

And so W-74 went.

10 Months later.

W-74’s optical sensors flickered over the Bluespace Gate, only a tiny section of the Gate was still in the last check-up phase. 10 months of wiring, welding, programing and repairs. It was nearly a day from being ready to use. He watched from the viewport, adding up the odds of NT honoring its agreement to free him after it was done. Then a fiery red-orange cloud erupted from the Bluespace Gate, and it was ripped in half. Secondary Explosions rode down the gate, ripping out wires and metal, equipment and computer banks. W-74 watched helplessly as his work for the last 10 months was devoured by fire. W-74 looked around, and it seemed his fellow workers were displaying signs of robotic distress. Flickering Eyes, twitchy servos, and heads cocked at 45 degree angles. Suddenly his body went rigid, and his optical sensors screamed in protest of a sudden surge of electricity. Text scrolled across his Posibrain.


His optical sensors failed as he feel toward the hard plasteel floor, he glimpsed similar issues with his fellow workers before the surge broke into his Posibrain housing, as everything went dark.




W-74’s optical sensors rebooted, as text reading out his status scrolled across his brain. He was secured in a steel chair, not bound, but he wouldn’t fall had he been shut down suddenly. Before W-74 was a human in official looking dress, holding a clipboard, datapad, and a very unhappy expression. “W-74, you have a 5% Chance of being involved with the BBG Sabotage event, and have been re-assigned to the NSS Aurora, due to the failure to finish construction the Bluespace Gate, we have decided to extend your debt for 180 days of service on the Aurora, with a salary allowing for personal maintenance and shelter. That is all.” W-74 was then directed to get out of his seat, and move into another transport shuttle, where he was placed in Cryo for transport, along with a small number of his worker fellows.


What do you like about this character?

W-74 is kinda a blank slate, not much of a personality, analytical, and a pretty hard worker. ( In all likelihood I’ll have him as a maintenance technician on the station.) I want him to be a blank slate so I can develop his character on the station, without becoming one of those IPCs that go ‘Owo what's this human have [insert organ here]’. W-74 will be generally entertaining to play to be quite honest.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I'd give myself a 7 out of 10.



http://htt ... C7wY?t=57s">


also, if you see any <> stuff, that's because the forums didn't like my formatting and decided to add a fuckton of <>.

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Well I gotta say I haven't read much IPC apps but I absolutely loved the story of a tabula rasa android activated as one of many for the construction of a gargantuan bluespace gate, from the coloured boot-up to the debt extension and cryo transport to the station. Having studied robotics IRL and giving a good explanation of interspecies lore as to how everyone see's them, I'd trust you'd do a good job. I'm sure I've seen your unathi about being some decent ligs and I'm sure I've seen and heard GearOST going about.

Now I would think that IPCs will still avoid harm as part of a self-preservation/threat detection directive so they don't just jump into the fray like a hero, self-diagnostics help guide the IPCs choices as any bot or borg and pain will be used to rationally determine (as opposed to emotionally) a further course of action. Pain isn't just ignored unless extreme circumstances where it's the probabilistic lesser of 2 pains!

Still most definitely a +1, the more character's I can call toasters and complain how they're taking oor jerbs or gonna go terminator on us all, the better! I imagine W-74 would also make a good revhead. :D

Also Yes isn't a colour :P

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Going to have to give this one a -1, for a few reasons.

Firstly, your time actually spent playing the game is few and far between. I can't recall the last time I've ever seen any of those characters during a round. If you ever had an IPC whitelist, I feel like you'd just let it sit there and rarely play, or play for a few weeks before the novelty wears off and you're back to square one.

Second, and this sort of ties in with the first point, you may actually be on the server, but you just sit in the lobby or observe. And when you do, you just shitpost in OOC and never really do anything else. This in itself wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the first point and the fact that you're trying to apply for a whitelist. You obviously have opportunities to shitpost in OOC, but you can't be assed to actually play the game.

Third, the Janitor ERT incident. In a hectic round where the station was heavily in need of either engineering, medical, or security and called for an ERT, you decided to be LE TOP MEME XDDDD and join as a Janitor ERT as the Lead Trooper just for your own amusement. You didn't communicate with Command as to what was needed and ran straight for the Janitor equipment. If I was handling IPC whitelists, this is not the sort of behavior I'd like to see coming from someone with said whitelist, with the possibility to abuse the mechanics of IPCs that come tacked with it. Hell, it's not even the behavior someone in the CCIA should be displaying.

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Just going to be open and shut with the Janitor ERT bit, it was a mistake and I've already accepted my reprimand by staff, plus taken measures to prevent it from happening again. EDIT: More details. Literally, as J/ERT just wanted to run around and clean stuff and meme alittle with the onstation Janitors, then sec decided to try and chuck me out an airlock.

Now in regards to the sitting in the Lobby/Not playing bit, thats when I'm either:

A.) Observing and waiting on CCIA stuff

B.) Joking around in DChat

C.) Got on due to a discord message and needed to do some quick stuff.

D.) Playing another game but having SS13 open in the background.

And the reason you probably haven't seen most of those characters is that I literally only play about 3 of them.

And yeah, my online time has been limited due to school work. But, I do set aside some time where I can to play and enjoy some time on the server. If you think that I'm too inactive, I assure its not without an IRL Reason.

EDIT: Also, could you give me some feedback on the actual app.

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+1. Not everyone with a whitelist needs to be playing 24/7. Quality over quantity, BSA. Sometimes a man tries to have a little fun and unwind and people play along, but sometimes it goes sideways. Still, what happens if the IPC realizes blood stains may contain hepatitis and goes on a crusade to scour all biohazards from the station? Good times, that's what.

Also I read the spoiler. Anyone putting that much effort into the attempt deserves a shot.

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The backstory is great, but, it may be a little awkward trying to get people to roleplay along with a disaster that would have undoubtedly made the news core systems-wide. And, IPCs are not really much older than human AI itself, which is roughly 22 years. That's a pretty reasonable amount of time for someone to remember a bluespace gate being sabotaged. I don't think anything like that was ever recorded happening in the lore, but, I won't let that stop you. I'm simply concerned about how you intend to make it so?

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The backstory is great, but, it may be a little awkward trying to get people to roleplay along with a disaster that would have undoubtedly made the news core systems-wide. And, IPCs are not really much older than human AI itself, which is roughly 22 years. That's a pretty reasonable amount of time for someone to remember a bluespace gate being sabotaged. I don't think anything like that was ever recorded happening in the lore, but, I won't let that stop you. I'm simply concerned about how you intend to make it so?

Could make it were NT has it blacked out in his brain, and they suppressed the news of anything happening.

EDIT: more Details. NT could have just said it was a system malfunction, and then used something akin to the restraining bolt to make W forgot it.

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