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Lord Fowl's Antag Job-Ban Appeal

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BYOND Key: Lord Fowl

Total Ban Length: Three Days

Banning staff member's Key: VikingPingvin

Reason of Ban: Detonating a welding tank in the arrival shuttle hallway.

Reason for Appeal: First, an account of the events.

As the Syndicate operatives, there were four of us. Our designated leader was a syndicate operative who was pretty tried of all the metagaming in Nuke rounds, so our entire operation had a sort of passive aggressive bite to it. Our plan was to set a bomb in the armory, and use the distraction to have two operatives try to take care of the AI and then eventually the Heads, disguising themselves as members of the crew. Unfortunately, the person who was setting the bomb blew it up too soon, killing themself in the process. Our cover in jeopardy, me and the other operative who was infiltrating hid as cigarette stubs in the maintainence tunnels for quite some time, while the situation outside rapidly escalated without any interference from our party, prolonging our waiting even further.Eventually, my comrade operative went out to try and kill the person he was disguising as, leaving me in the figurative and literal dark. While he proceeded to progress slowly to the research department, where his mark lay, the ERT was called. The head operative, who was observing in the shuttle, ordered one of us to try and explode the point where the emergency shuttle docks with a welding tank. However, although I was nearby, I could not accomplish this task before Arrivals started heating up, because I got stuck in the narrow maintainence hallways. Eventually, somehow my partner died (The AI says it was a suicide), although he succeeded in exploding Telescience, I think. Regardless, the head operative wanted to give off the illusion that there were bombs placed across the station, so he called me out of hiding and had me detonate welding tanks. This is where our problem culminates, and is the cause of this current ban.

Finally getting myself unstuck from the maintenance tunnels, I arrived in the Arrivals hallway, where all the emergency airlocks were down. With welding tank in tow, I pushed it up to one of the emergency airlocks, seeking to disentangle myself while also complying with the illusion of there being bombs placed, which necessitated that these explosions occur in areas where few people were. As everyone was being ordered to the escape hallway by the ERT, the opposite side of the station seemed as good a place as any. So I lit the welding tank up with my SMG, and promptly was yelled at for pulling a cod "Delta".

That long synopsis out of the way, I'd like to examine some of the points. Firstly, we were being led by a person who was deeply embittered against Nuke rounds for all the meta (And lo and behold there was plenty of meta, but this topic isn't about that.). One of the Nuke Ops promptly killed themselves, and we had to hide out in a maintenance tunnel for a good while, because we didn't want the situation to devolve into the standard *Explosion leads to ERT leads to Syndicate failure leads to Escape Shuttle*, thinking that the situation would de-escalate. This failing, my only other support killed themselves as well, leaving me alone. So when I first was able to actually do something in the round, I will admit I did it a bit haphazardly. However, I think my actions, when looked at in that light, and when considered along with the fact that the emergency shutters in arrivals were already closed, and that the Nuke round had already reached its climax (Albeit prematurely) with the ERT being called and the shuttle being considered, I think that the complaint that "new players are effectively cut off from roleplay" is more or less invalidated by the fact that new players already WERE effectively cut off from roleplay before my involvement.

Nevertheless, this ban has been a learning experience. Firstly, I did not even know there was a rule against this "code delta". While I understand that ignorance does not excuse misdemeanor, I again think that this ban period is too harsh, considering the events of the ban. And while I understand that much of what I described can be labelled as "As antagonist it is your responsibility to not screw up, no matter the events", I ask for some leniency.

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Arrrrivalls... Not the best place to detonate a welder tank. Generally speaking, any damage to the arrivals area should be avoided, or at least made in a fashion where the shuttle itself is left habitable and a chance to escape is present. If it were south, where the external shuttle docks are, then it would have been fine; but as it stands, I assume it screwed the new arrivals over majorly, potentially even depressurizing the arrivals shuttle itself.

But, the point appears to be understood, so I'm good with letting you back into syndies.

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My main issues:

If you really wanted to only cut off the arriving ERT, then dont't blow the C4 in the corner of the arrivals shuttle, but the hallway of the additional docking ports.

If you want to create the illusion of bombs on station, you usually don't blow a hole in the middle of one of the most important hallways ( Tool storage) rather haul that tank away, and blow up unnecesary parts first.

Anyways, i think this appeal showed effort and understanding. Willing to reduce to one day, in case others want to reply.

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It was located south, but as it destroyed one of the emergency airlocks, I can only assume that it depressurized other areas as well. However, I do understand the point.

For clarification, this is a job ban for all antagonists, not just Syndicates. (Not sure if such a distinction exists.)

As to Viking, this was long after the ERT shuttle docked, I believe (Probably didn't clarify that on my synopsis), and my reasoning was everyone would be herding towards the escape docks, since it was well into code red. Thanks for taking the time to look at this, also.

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Yeah, I'm going to have to take the blame for this one. I was the one who ordered it and due to it being 4 am and being tired the rule slipped my mind. I realized it soon after but passed out before I could contact admins about what had happened. Also yeah, sorry for the passive aggressive nature, Stein is both a angry person and the fact that we were discovered before even leaving the Syndicate base put me in the state of "fuck it". Overall, it was a honest mistake.

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