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[Denied] Unban request - Sorcflopter - SonicGotNuked

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BYOND Key: Sorcflopter

Total Ban Length:Perma

Banning staff member's Key:SonicGotNuked

Reason of Ban: Threatening to DOS the server in admin PMs

Reason for Appeal: I was very salty about being banned, and flipped my mouth off in the heat of the moment to try to piss off the admin. I believe I have had ample time to think about what I did wrong, and would like a second chance to play here. I dont mean what I said, didnt attack the server and would like to demonstrate that I can play in accordance to your server's terms & conditions. I apologize for what I said and humbly ask for another chance to play properly.

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Seeing the banning staffmember is not with us, I will be handling your appeal.

Now, the thing is, you've got two permas for basically griefing, and you've threatened to DDoS the server in an attempt to piss staff off.

So why would we give you a third chance when you didnt really learn the two first times?

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There are many. Metalgrid, Oldoldie, hyland, sorcflopter, treescope, brownl1ner, smashingpumpkin or something like that, straightlines, wintersgrasp, fallsreach. and others I cant remember. Most of them were banned because of my incompetencies at setting up vpns, while others got banned for doing the same stupid shit. Again, I am sorry, have nothing to gain by being a dick and really would like to play on this server as proper as possible. I swear I will cause no more grief or bullshit, will be honest as possible. The only way to know how many ckeys I used would be to unban those and then I can connect with no VPN and see if any others pop up during a connection.

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So let's get this right. We've banned you at least eleven times? This is what a ten minute search netted me, I'm not going to even go through all your known ckeys or ban evasions.


rickymadenson has banned metalgrid. - Reason: Overal LRP behaviour. Smashing beepsky for no reason and stealing their baton. Running around causing problems in medbay by smashing in from a back door. Fighting security after being arrested, You've been warned before on causing issues as a non-antag (AI). This is a dayban. - This will be removed in 1440 minutes.

houseofsynth has permabanned metalgrid. - Reason: Being uncooperative and even hostile in PMs with an admin. Record of failure to follow the rules and have been banned in the past. Feel free to appeal this ban when you are willing to cooperate with staff and follow the rules. Have a nice day. - This is a permanent ban.



oneonethreeeight has banned oldoldie. - Reason: EoR grief, testing boundaries of the rules and generally acting like a greytider. Claimed "they could go to another server", so, okay, you can do that. Breaking the rules is just not cool though - This will be removed in 4320 minutes.

datberry has banned oldoldie. - Reason: self antagging and claiming since the round was over it's no longer an issue. read the server rules. - This will be removed in 10080 minutes.

datberry (MANUAL BAN) http://puu.sh/xU2vM/dbfa4dc4de.png DDoSing the server



(MANUAL BAN) Was charged with mutiny as a non-antag after making threats of venting the station, while having the capability. Vented the area and logged when talked to by admin, about 1 hour after being talked to about self-antagging earlier in the round.



pratepresidenten pratepresidenten has permabanned sorcflopter. - Reason: Fired up the supermatter engine with no coolant, logged off after the delamination. - This is a permanent ban.

sircatnip has banned sorcflopter. - Reason: Claimed to be a male prostitute, ICly, and announced "Male prostitute for hire. PDA requests only for your discretion. 50 credits for oral, 130 credits for uppr, 160 credits for upper & loer and 125 Credits for full. Rates are per hour." over comms. No, cease. - This will be removed in 10080 minutes.

toasterstrudes has permabanned sorcflopter. - Reason: You were spoken to and banned about fucking up the engine once, and you do it again, when confronted they stated " Sorcflopter to SonicGotNuked: DDOS inbound" . Banned for SonicGotNuked - This is a permanent ban.



juani2400 has banned treescope. - Reason: Ghosted right after being captured. Said "Fuck you all" in LOOC in the process. You have two very recent warnings. - This will be removed in 4320 minutes.

pratepresidenten has permabanned treescope. - Reason: Meta and powergaming by cutting the AI's main powerline at an obscure location at a minor issue by the AI, not admitting fault at all and being a little shit in staff pms. - This is a permanent ban.



alberyk has banned brownl1ner. - Reason: Killing someone using an elevator as a non antag, because they were non crew and security was after them, even when the individual was doing nothing against their character at the time - This will be removed in 10800 minutes.

exia352 has permabanned brownl1ner. - Reason: Threatened to attempt shutting down the server upon getting told he will be banned for a repeat offence of ghosting after being caught by security. - This is a permanent ban.



trickingtrapster has banned straightlines. - Reason: Suspected atmos grief without ahelping, insulting staff when confronted about it and throwing a hissyfit by trying to sabotage the engine right afterward. - This will be removed in 4320 minutes.


So, here is how this will end. I'm denying this appeal. You may only appeal again on the 1st of January 2019, an appeal before that will be denied straight away. If we catch you ban evading again, we'll simply add you to a blacklist and provide all the data we have to other servers, which if I'll be honest, is more than you've provided here which is fine since we can't expect you to remember everything. Your honesty here is the reason we haven't outright denied this.

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