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So, let's review the past few weeks. Consider these ramblings the mental trail that I've jutted down for you, so that you may perhaps gain insight into what I consider as right, and what I consider as wrong, as far as my actions over the last month goes. A form of transparent thought, perhaps.

I've been here for a year and a half. "Here", meaning Aurora, prior to that I was a player on the previous iteration of the Apollo 17 station.

"Here", in my post on the server? For a year, roughly, now. Started with Tool, quickly changed into me, Sphere and Sub, and then back down to me and YeahChris.

What have I done in that time? Along with the various staff, we kept this station moving. There has never been a specific goal, a specific point that we've wanted to reach. Really, we've just always wanted to keep the environment dynamic and moving, while retaining a quality of roleplay that was deemed acceptable by the staff. Some people have raised gripes with this, that we're constantly changing and don't stop, "We should have remained small!" No, that would stop being interesting very quickly, movement is life. A dynamic environment with new faces, new features, new moments is something we all can accept as something we desire. If not, then you've come to the wrong place. That is a point I am willing to stand by.

Okay, we want movement, we want a dynamic environment where people can apply, do their thing, get removed if need be, given more power if need be. I would like to think that the tools for all of this are here. If not, then let us know.

But let's talk about tempo. Tempo-tempo-tempo. I was never one to jump at complaints. Well, that's a double-sided story. I jumped when I needed to, when the proverbial cup had been filled. I pushed matters that needed pushing, and tended to address a situation in public, without the reference to names. Oddly enough, I was stronger worded at that point, I kept less to myself, and was more honest about the following:

Yes, I do step in from time to time, either to stonewall certain elements, or to forcibly apply advisory input; ((I advise you read for full context, before calling me out on this))

Back to tempo. We had a slow tempo. "Never expect a knee-jerk reaction." Simple enough to explain: the bad ones would commit offenses and shove themselves out the door for us. The toxic ones would eventually make themselves known and, at that point, me and Chris could just step in, bag'em and tag'em. This is no longer the case, party due to my own fault.

I tried pushing a subject that, I thought, was worth pushing. This was a mistake. I butchered my own point, made it into a illegible mess that, up until spending a few days thinking about it, I wasn't even certain about. But I did have a purpose behind my actions. The purpose was fine, to guide and to raise, but the methods chosen were destructive and rash.

Simple enough, issue located. Let's fix it, shall we? I'll take a step back and let things run their course, simply guiding them where needed. Obviously this doesn't mean that I'll stop providing input, removing people that generate issues, letting the suggestions forum run unfiltered. That would be neglecting my duties, something that I do not intend to do. But I do intend to change my tempo and tact, perhaps retain better and easier control over the situation. We will see.

But what of !FUN!? Well. Let me be perfectly honest here: there is no way to create an environment that is fun for everyone. You can try, but conflicts emerge, and if both sides remain stalwart, even refusing compromise offered by a third party, then something has to give. Someone has to either curb, or leave. Do I have !FUN! on my agenda? What's an agenda? Because, I am quite sure I'm lacking: I've always just wanted to code and stay amused, and really, to see happy faces. What am I seeing? A whole lot of bitching and everyone, by everyone, because of everything. Well, okay, not really. That's a hyperbole, as it is a relatively minor group who stir up the noise. Eh, whatever, they can be until they decide what they want and actually choose to communicate, instead of kicking up dust, and then slamming the door shut when an actual point is discovered.

Oh, and let's talk about having an agenda. What is mine?

I have always looked at Aurora Station as a community project. It is created through the constant input and feedback which the community provides, through the effort which the community members dedicate to it. I may carry the title of Head Developer, but all that means is that I am a facilitator, someone who enables this to happen and run. Yes, I do step in from time to time, either to stonewall certain elements, or to forcibly apply advisory input; but I would wish to think that for every wall I've created, I've offered a chance to compromise or bypass. If I have not, please call me up on it, and we'll square it away.

I guess that comes as close to having one as possible. Dunno. Any objections to this one? Full thread here: http://auroraserver.freeforums.net/thread/805/community-head-developer

Otherwise, dunno, I'm done for the night. Rest easy, and get the fuck back to playing your 2D spess.

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