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Some of you may have noticed that I have not been acting on any NSS Aurora mediums. Be it forums, server, and teamspeak. The reasoning for that is very, very simple.

I find the environment of the server somewhat hostile, and I do not want to be apart of that environment while I am not mentally in the right state of mind.

I understand that yes, I am a moderator of the server, and that I have responsibilities to log in, and do my job, blah blah. (Well, If I am to be held to that account, shouldn't others?)

It seems as if everytime I'm in the teamspeak, or on the forums, or on the server, someone is being bitched out, or being yelled at, or someone is angry about something, etc.

I feel as if everyone has this elitist sense of superiority, and I don't just mean players. I won't elaborate on Staff matters, but, and I've said this before to multiple people, I disagree with how this Staff is ran, and how certain Staff members act to certain situations.

I don't want to go into detail about any of these things, unless someone takes a particular interest in one of them. Feel free to PM me. That's why I've been gone. Probably will be for a bit longer until I deem things have calmed down significantly.

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Kind of have to agree with you. there's always some unnecessary hostility or drama going on when it can just as easily be prevented by a 'Sorry, I messed up', and a 'It's cool, I forgive you' to follow it up.

I don't see this as often as it should be.

Hell, I already left one community behind because it was too elitist and too narrow-minded to see the way a community could really be built.

I really don't want to have to leave another behind, especially since this one has so much promise. But the way I'm seeing things, I'm becoming more unsure every day.

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People are bad at Apologizing. All peoples. Everywhere. Something about causation. Does forgiving people make things better? Sometimes. It's complicated. But, giving people the benefit of the doubt, it certainly helps ease up the whole situation. I'm not actually that great at doing that. Lots of people aren't. People get hurt, feelings get a trampled, and life goes on. It's really, about, if people are willing to let themselves get hurt, and if they're willing to hurt others. Maybe I'm rambling.I'm certainly privy to enough silly drama to think I know what I'm saying.

But, Delta, I'm going to make a bit of a point here.

We're all Hypocrites.


In much the same vein as I'm Hypocritical about how people should be more willing to give people the benefit of the doubt (I've grown increasingly irritated at many new science characters and their players), tons of other people are Hypocritical about a thousand different things. And, the thing is, really, that includes you. We do shit we probably shouldn't. So here's the thing. If you want the community to be less elitist and narrow-minded, be that part of the community that's open-minded and accepting. You know what I mean. You've got your own share of players that frankly, you need to forgive and let go of your prejudices against.

So, like, Yada Yada, be a better person, lead by example, self-righteous wordy things.

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Sometimes I get that sad, sad feeling when I'm looking over the threads here. I won't name names, but certain community members jump on threads just to spit vitriol at people over objectively meaningless things. Certain people forget that this is a game, and that's all it is. Sure, there's a community, but a community based around a game, a collection of code and pixels set in a fictional world that doesn't exist.

And the more and more people that forget this is a game and start being hurtful and mean-hearted because of that, the less and less I feel like coming on and playing. It's a toxic environment that's making me consider leaving permanently.

TL;DR if you get hurtful and bitchy over a video game you are on my shit list

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There goes any wish I had to join the server teamspeak. Also, the Elitist environment is something that was apparent to me from day one I came to the server, but at the time I was hesitant to bitch about it on the forums, because:

a)I was somewhat scared of being exposed to a spew of vitriol I would potentially recive.

b)I wasn't sure that I was actually right, considering I had limited knowledge of the server side-rules, the unwritten ones.

c)I was more concentrated on actually playing the game and learning it.

As a consequence, I've ignored the issues and was actually content with how things were, but it's starting to bite me in the RP. The things that certain people get away with can be stunning at times. When people do make complaints, they are confronted by staff who will furiously defend the person in question. Some of you may not agree, but this is only my half-informed opinion on how the things on this server work.

All things considered, the community is still mostly good and we should concentrate on the good things rather than the bad. Every one of you has a reason they haven't left for good yet, unless it's simple nostalgia. If it is, the best thing to do is simply take a break or leave before you ruin the remaining good memories.

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You know what all of this boils down to? Cooommunication. The one issue I have with our community is the lack of coherent communication, and some minor issues with entitlement. No one wants to lose, no one wants to not get their way, no one wants to have an admin decide, at the end of a complaint, that they were wrong, and the complaint proven right. Most attempts by staff to do this have resulted in flat out whining, moaning, impotent threats to leave the server (to the point where I've had to stay myself from just saying, "Go right ahead, it's a free world").

It's a grueling environment to work in, and the lack of coherent communication makes it worse. The issue isn't only on the defendant's side, mind you. A lot of the complaints expect knee-jerk solutions, one-sided deals without compromise. That's the other edge of this blade.

You know what helps, folks? If you talk to us, even if in private. Actually, I prefer private conversations, because there I can guide and analyze without external noise -- I can find out what I need to, so I can conduct action needed. All of the staff should have open comms channels, make use of this. If one doesn't answer, try someone else. But do keep an open mind when it comes to solutions.

Also, staff action can only take us this far. At least, without exceeding the boundaries of reason. Due to the organization of our community, and the fact that it's open, staff are unable to conduct a vital action effectively: growing the playerbase. We can address the general players, but individual consultation and guidance, in a proactive manner, as opposed to a reactionary manner (we go out to an individual versus them coming to us), is something we lack the time and effort for.

This would fall on the senior players. Should fall on the senior players. In some cases, the senior players do do this. An example that I can bring from here is Tenenza teaching folks how to properly science, and through that, how to play here and navigate our rules. More folks should look at this option as a way of helping out staff by actively participating in the development of your community.

And as a disclaimer: ghosting over folks, and nagging them about the n-th rule that they are breaking (backseat moderating, something we've noticed with a few folks and are now having to track and crack down on) is NOT what I have in mind. Guide, teach, advise. If you aren't up to this, not everyone is, then find another way tp contribute.

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