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Dungeons and Dragons campaign: Tyranny of Dragons.


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Due to interest from certain people, I am planning on running the Tyranny of Dragons campaign, starting sometime in the next few weeks.

If people are interested, I am looking for 5-6 people to take part; either PM me, or post here.

All core 5th edition races and classes are open; and all character sheets will need to be done before game start.

This will be done over roll20 (Hence the startup delay, having to find all the resources on the internet.) https://app.roll20.net/home



As a note to new players, you do not need any of the core books to play this campaign, or any experience, this campaign is designed to be able to be ran from the online resource here:


And the campaign books which I have.

However, if you want to play a different race, like a Dragonborn, a gnome, a drow, things like that, or a different class from the quickstart, like paladins, druids and warlocks, shoot me a PM, and I will see what I can do about getting the information to you from my books.

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Updated to proper quickstart.

I have all the DnD 5th edition (Baring the DMG, as it has yet to arrive, it was released today), Teneza, if you need me to throw rules at you.

Yeah, it is more about the fun of things, I don't mind if you make a trolly or copycat character; the only thing you need to hold in mind is that Tiamat is the evil Goddess of Dragons, and plays a rather major role in this campaign, so massive sidetracks may have a rather specific, unintended effect.




Valkrae's buddy



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Not knowing rules is fine, it is a starter campaign, though please read the quickstart guide, it gets you through the basic mechanics.

On Roll20, I will put up the maps, and all the mobs, giving you individual control over your own characters. You roll with the /r mechanic (/r d20 rolls a D20, /r d57 +4 Rolls a D57 and adds four, as a random example.) and the /gr mechanic, (/gr d20 and so on, this rolls directly to the GM (me) so other players can't see it, for subterfuge reasons.) Other than that, all there is for you to do is edit your character sheets when they change, and alter your health during a fight, which is done by clicking on your character, and writing +1, or -5 or similar in the red bubble that appears above them.

You start out together.

Quickstarts are fine.

Enkas, are you able to join? Sorry, but I need to know more exactly than a may, as it is the last slot.

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So, I can do most Wensdays and Weekend days for that time bracket, unless any issues come up.

Also, I managed to get a friend to loan me their 5th Edition books if I need them, so I might do like, a barbarian or something not in the quickstart guide. Also, we're starting at Level one I assume?

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