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Aurora Wrasslin'


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(If this isn't the right forum for this go ahead and move it)


(Races like Tajarans and Unathi are not possible but we can pretend they exist)

The basic setup screen. This is the most in-depth. I'll be using Vicky for this example. (All the explanations are probably going to get cut off so just right-click>view image, I'll also have a glossary of a few terms for the wrestling-illiterate way below)




Puroresu: A style of wrestling where the matches are presented as a legitimate fight with fewer theatrics

Spot Monkey: A high-flying type wrestler

Luchador: Masked wrestling as seen in Mexico

Cruiserweight: Lightweight wrestlers that are fast on their feet

Technician: Good at submission holds and reversing moves

MMA Crossover: Brings a bit of MMA fighting to matches

Never wrestles is obvious but it's for non-wrestler characters










Performance skills:



Actual wrestling skills:



Permanent injuries:


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I think it should be full on WWF Golden Age style wrestling, with wacky overdone characters and ridiculous storylines. It'd just make for an overall goofy and hilarious story.

I think it should be set in Ireland, but maybe have the backstory be that it's an American enterprise to introduce professional wrestling to Europe. Maybe the company can be called Aurora Wrestling Confederation (AWC). Drugs should be only minimally regulated.

Here are some wacky wrestler versions of my characters:

Leonin Smythe (aka, The Red Menace)

Leonin's character, The Red Menace, is a greatly exaggerated (and easily hate-able) caricature of a Soviet army officer, who according to AWC lore was sent by the Commies to defeat all the American wrestlers. He speaks broken English with an extremely overdone Russian accent. He wears an Ushanka and long coat when he makes his entry in to the venue, but his outfit when he enters the ring is a red speedo and combat boots. His special move is "The Stalin Submission".

The AWC fervently denies that Smythe was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.

Peter Thrushwood (aka, Captain Redbeard)

Born in Ireland, Thrushwood is a new addition to the AWC roster. With unkempt dark orange hair and a large beard (as well as a missing eye) and a thick Irish accent, it was easy for him to fit in to his new character. Captain Redbeard's backstory is that he was a fierce pirate captain in the 1600s, but was frozen in ice when he fell in to the winter sea off the coast of Ireland. Finally, he's thawed out, and now he's back to make a new fortune by taking down other wrestlers in the ring. A running gag of the character is his lack of familiarity with modern technology, and his frequent anecdotes about life on the high seas. His outfit in the ring is a white silk blouse, black spandex, and 1600s-styled boots. His special move is "The Gallows Suplex", where he suplexes his opponent by their neck.


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I have named the company Aurora Wrestling League. Our headquarters is in Hawaii because why the hell not. I'm starting the game with the max amount of money ($50,000,000), and our style is modern-day WWE style with storylines and all that jazz.

This is what kind of fans we will attract:



Now I'm going to update the OP with the character creation stuff. (It's very in-depth).

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