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[Accepted] Skrugg Clan Mining

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Type : Faction/Corporation

Founding Date : Somewhere around 2300 or so. Official claim is "2298", but is unverifiable.

Region of Space: Transient (Inner Colonies primarily)

Controlled by (if not a faction):

Other Snapshot information:

-A large family (approximately 600 total) of miners/salvagers

-Travel in a "convoy" of mining/salvaging vessels, no permanent established base of operations

-Semi-stereotypical "hillbilly" types

Long Description:

Founded by Roy Skrugg somewhere around 2300, the Skrugg Clan Mining operation has kept the same business motto since it was founded: "Family first, money second." The Skrugg Clan as they stand today number around six hundred total miners, scavengers, salvagers and mechanics, all of whom are blood descendants of Roy Skrugg himself. They are an independent business venture of little notability other than the sheer number of blood relatives in one place, similar to a house of nobles, but less refined.

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Doesn't seem that bad. Maybe a little less emphasis on them being space hicks, but otherwise it's rather limited in scope and not world-altering, so I don't see much of a reason to oppose it.

Also, I'm pretty sure we abandoned the +1 system for this stuff. It's more of on a basis of whether the lore team as a whole thinks it would fit well, and on a basis of getting to it.

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The Skruggs follow a very strict code when it comes to dealings with the law:

-Never turn in family

-Keep things civil

-No warrant, no entry

The act of commiting a crime against (or worse, killing) another member of the Skrugg Clan is punishable by exile, but almost never reported to the legitimate authorities. This has led to a somewhat "criminal" perception of the Skruggs, though the family's business dealings are almost entirely legitimate. At age 10, Skrugg children are permitted to drink alcohol, as a family tradition. It is rare for a Skrugg to go into a trade other than mining or scavenging, and those that go into scientific fields of employment are viewed by the family as "uppity" and "ashamed", and generally not well respected at all. Due to a long history of seclusion from "settled" life, the Skrugg clan has developed a very unique accent, beyond that of a stereotypical "hick", reaching an almost drunken, melodic way of speaking. Though the Clan is isolated, Skrugg men in their 20's and 30's are encouraged to go out on their own to find a wife, preventing inbreeding, which the Skruggs find abhorrent, contrary to what many believe.

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Sounds fun, great actually. But, you need to keep it more together, write a big fat nice block of text for us and it will help tonnes in playing a character from the Skrugg Clan. Because, this is just an idea, a bubble. Not something we can really work with. But, nice try, I hope a lore team member picks this up and makes it into something awesome.

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