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Character Kudos.


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So this is similar to Character feedback but with a twist. Seeing as a lot of players were posting their characters for feedback, but not giving feedback, the thread became quite messy in my opinion. So I, Jakers of the fourth fifth and seventh, have devised this thread so that players may give feedback or praise to characters they enjoy on the server.

So I will start with the first post.

Samantha Mason:

Though seeming like a gimmick to most at first, with the speech impediment and deafness. I would like to say this character has become something I appreciate a lot, an example of how a character can grow organically over their time on the station. She evolved over time, not only with speech therapy and implants to overcome obstacles, but she matured through her experiences as well. She's at a point where she is still the same character I first met from when I first joined the community, but at the same time seems incredibly different from the experiences she's been through.

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Let me tell you, about, Vittorio Giurifigilio.

He's a jerk. He's actually, like, the best jerk. He's this boss, that people don't like, but, not because he's bad at this job, (necessarily) but because he's just kinda a jerk to people. And that's awesome, because he's the right kind of jerk, and he's got his own jerkish reasons, and that creates an actually interesting dynamic in the workplace. So, Kudos to Tytos for reaching the perfect equilibrium for his character.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Isilithai Uaekis doesn't make me blood out of my eyes, which I feel is a strong positive.

Bryce Faust is a good character; I'm interested in following his arc.

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I find a lot of reoccuring characters interestingly done:

Ana (ex-Issek) - Type of person you never really want around, but conveniently appears when needed the most. Generally should've been fired a while back, but through some miracle wasn't. Only complaint is that I don't know any of the character flaws. Unyielding force of justice and law.

Winston Carton - Made a transformation from a half-psychotic, immoral and two-faced personality to someone who seems (on the surface) to care about morals, human-decency and justice.

Osric Ha'mas - A careless tjaran scientist with a passion for science, which bring him in ods with command often. Always a fun character to talk to.

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While I do like a whole lot of characters on Aurora, these are the ones that left me the deepest print...

Oliver Stefan. I may have not had too much of a chance of playing with him, but when I did, it was pleasant. He makes long and interesting emotes, putting pretty much everything the character does in nice detail and depth. His character is a whole lot more polite and kind (at least to people's faces) than the majority of the station.

Isilithai Uaekis is one of those characters that I adore, despite their constant dickyness. He may be a hypocrite at some points, but it is the flaws that make our characters interesting. I also liked the fact that he was involved in some emote-fighting (even if that was done in holodeck), and I was somewhat envious to everyone involved.

Wesley Jesse.. He is the most hardass CMO on Aurora, and truly one of the better chemists as well. He knows his shit around medical, and is quite strong-minded person, who is not going to let someone else change his opinion about something.

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Fortune Bloise - Probably one the most reliable characters within research. Though I don't get to interact with the character much, I have been able to believe she's actually qualified in her field.

Nasir Hakim - Though there's been a lot of conflicts with this character in my experience, I like to think he's pretty well made. I mean, let's get it straight, the character is an asshole with a tendency to bitch and have fits. But they know what they're doing and how to run their department. Plus they seem to have looked past Roy's many, many flaws and cares about him a lot, which is sweet.. #BROTP.

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Hazeri Saakhat is my favourite Unathi that I've ever interacted with. He brings with him a slew of contributions to the lore, and deviates from the barbaric monkey-eating dicklizard stereotype. His backstory is highly complex and developed, and while it's fairly easy to wrench out some details (ideal for initial interactions), knowing his entire story is a welcoming challenge for the interested party. He opens up many situations for arpee, for example your OOC efforts with the Lab Assistant ad, and does not exhibit cliquey behaviour. And he is visually interesting on top of everything, having awesome-looking custom items he uses to great arpee and visual effect, and being the only Unathi I've ever seen who has frills. Overall, he's an absolutely brilliant character and would be The Counselor/Chaplain on my ideal crew manifest. With access to Chemistry.

X-post from character feedback thread, so Haz's greatness can be etched everywhere that is appropriate~

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Jamison Stamos

This one might come as a shocker due to the whole 'Stamos is a dick' stuff. And yes Stamos can be a dick, but he's one of the more memorable characters on station, he's immature and selfish. But these all stem from some major daddy issues and a very spoiled childhood. Stamos has slowly become to respect and trust Michael, and while Michael tries all he wants to despise that little lecher, he can't help but see him as almost a son. Michael has put his job on the line for Stamos multiple times. Anyway good job Mirk.

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Hakra Drat

Because a cool-headed Tajaran who can keep his shit together is lovely.

Travis Davis

I love to hate him, he's fun to make fun of.

That jar-jar binks unathi played by Bluespear

Yeah, don't remember the name but having Jar-Jar as an engineer is completely awesome.

Jenner's Wet skrell

Didn't remember this one either but, having only played five minutes with him, I think he's cool.

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Phoebe Essel: Is a character I can't help but respect. Difficult to approach, not terribly social, but projects her personality well despite this. I respect a character who's background and story comes out in small pieces (that I usually hear from other people rather than herself). Manipulative when she needs to be without being obvious or overbearing.

Anna (Formerly Issek): Scares the shit out of me. Legitimately intimidating without having a scary description. Backs up her words with force and rarely speaks without meaning it. Very good at her job.

Daniela Baranova: One of the few psychs with anything close to a procedure. Easy to talk to, high in demand. Brings respect to a job often overlooked. Someone I enjoy speaking with and being around.

Jaylor Rameau: The craftiest sonofabitch on the station. He's always up to something but not often caught. A good example of how to be malevolent even if you aren't the antag. I've butted heads with Jaylor as antag before and have never once come out on top. A worthy opponent.

Centurion: Polite, professional, robust.

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In no particular order:


He's nice, kind, detailed, and has a thought out personality. He feels well rounded, plus, I have a soft spot for characters that actually try to be nice, because so often it feels like there aren't a lot of those (Even if it is just because the jerks tend to be more vocal)

Igam Yute

The flirts-with-everyone assistant/bartender with the heart of gold. He not only has enough of a backstory to do an HBO series on, but he's been around long enough and interacted with characters often enough that much of this backstory actually took place on the station and involves characters you can interact with.

The fact that he flirts with everything that moves works in his favor by essentially giving him interactions with many different characters aboard the ship

Nasir Hakim

Even though my CHARACTER likes him, I OOCly think he's kind of a jerk. BUT, what sets him apart is that unlike so many of the other jerk-y characters on the station, he's not one-note. When he is angry or bothersome it usually has a rhyme, reason, and specific situation that triggers it, and you can actually discuss things with him, even if he is somewhat stubborn. Plus, he's not always like this, sometimes he is nice He's well rounded and while I don't know what it is, specifically, he clearly has a backstory of somekind.

Lachina Green

Okay, so, I barely get to interact with Lockie at all, for some reason, even when I work Medbay. But... She's clearly a well developed character and whenever I overhear her saying or acting a certain way it makes me wonder what's the story there, why is she doing this or that, what caused her behavioral shift lately, etc. etc. These are marks of a good character.

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I decided to dish out some praise that I couldn't hold in anymore! Here are some of my favourite characters of all time.

Garry Milders - Enkas. Garry Milders is one of the few employees of Aurora that is just genuinely, truly kind. A wonderful doctor. It's not his defining characteristic, either. Watch as he shrieks in terror at the slightest mention of a spider, flawlessly performs his medbay duties, and sips lattes. Oh, and guess what, he's also gay. A person who doesn't hit on every person that shares his gender and then commit suicide upon imminent rejection? That's just about as rare as a unicorn.

Zheng Lu - Erik Tiber. On the other end of the spectrum is this guy. A mean little man who likes to act like he's top dog among his fellow cargo thugs, but cowers from the slightest threat of real danger. His unique way of speaking is a real one - Singlish - extensively researched and extremely accurately implemented by Erik. I love that he has no illusions of being The Protagonist when played. There are few characters out there who are inconsequential shitheads. Zheng Lu is just that, and owns it.

Elena Raschnikova - Bokaza. Attractive, well-qualified, and... human. Elena is like the entire crew's aloof, objective mother who exercises very good judgement in crises, can give you relationship advice, but remains a good level of professionally detached. Unlike certain other heads of staff, you won't see a lick of her personal drama on station. You can call her Ellie and she won't give a shit; she doesn't pull her rank yet commands respect from everyone wordlessly. It's no surprise she's designated 'Best Catpain'.

Haruspex - Inverted Rectum. The original, exemplary 'ancient' IPC that has inspired hordes of crude imitations. It isn't just a synthetic who calls people by their obsolete profession. This is Haruspex, who divines from the internal organs it fixes (the role of his namesake), who trades with others for 'eldritch' trinkets, who organises mad tea parties to induct fresh faces (read: noobs) into the environment of Aurora. I fell in love with this character the exact moment I saw them speak over comms.

Roy Wyatt - Keinto. Blah blah Cres is biased blah blah. He's objectively a great character. The resident hothead who provides plenty of much needed non-antag conflict arpee. He's loud and blunt, yells at the slightest provocation, and is more than up for a fight considering how achingly robust he is. But this isn't all he is. Roy gets all smug and happy at his own achievements, is childishly mischievous, always moving. He used to be quite the manwhore, too. But then character development happened.

This is probably only the first organised volume of kudos. I have a lot of love to give! c:

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Here's some characters who caught my attention and I really enjoyed interacting with.

Illyrithea Mi-Un

Mi-Un combines two things which I really like, and the server could use a lot more of - good chaplains and good Skrell. She has an unique, interesting philosophy rather than a religion and somehow manages to obtain that certain alien quality people rarely find in Skrell. Illyrithea is a a prime example of how squid people should be played, and is so far my favorite Skrell character on station.

Antoinette Lockheart

There's nothing which makes me quite as happy as seeing communicative characters in the medbay, this goes beyond RP and into mechanical robustitude as well, Antoinette always seems to broadcast whatever she's doing, finally introducing and encouraging some general communication out of the usually isolationist department.

Omnir Al-Nasser

A fucking catbeast well developed, interesting and friendly medbay catman who makes an effort to interact with all medbay staff on the manifest, all while being very robust in his duties.

Aliyah Hadyarat

Comes from a long line of Kiwi's cat people. One of the few characters who use poses and painRP, a helpful addition to the medbay

Milo Hatchert

Roleplayed with me when I was a wraith, rather than shooting me.

He was security.

Shlzshzh Yinzr

A zany lizard man with his ancestral stun cudgel, always a source of comic relief and fun Arpee.

Someone, convince him to stop robusting me.

Elena Raschnikova

Consistently one of the best captains on the station, always interacts with every seperate department and somehow manages to keep the clusterfuck which 2D spessmen represent in order. The only captain to consistently attend Haruspex' tea parties and allow Mr Cups to order bottles of Warlock Velvet for !!FUN!! purposes.


I am not quite sure what exactly the whole story behind these AIs and the network they inhabit together is, but it's still very interesting and unique. Both characters are very fun to be around with.


A medborg with an interesting personality which approached Haruspex with a very interesting discussion regarding AIs, the philosophy behind them and so forth. I hope to see more of it.


Graphite is one of the few consistently played Cyborgs on the station, and in my opinion one of the best ones. Not only is he mechanically robust, he's played by someone witty and is generally hilarious to interact with.

Dorothy Sublett

A fun, unique and interesting character, extremely fun to roleplay with. Emphasis on the unique part, nobody's made a witch yet.

Enty-somethingsomething (Holy fuck I am the best at names.)

A friendly, robust Skrell CMO who likes to keep the medbay ordered but doesn't stray away from interacting with his underlings. Generally a chill fish, fun to be around.

Jason Finn and Yrsa Hall

Characters so cripplingly normal that their lack of special snowflake powers makes them stand out and look unique! Both are very open to new acquaintances and fun to interact with.

Red Queen

While I didn't have much IC interaction with Red Queen, I found my short encounter with her hilarious, I really enjoy the telecomm code and custom chassis, combined with the backstory this makes for a fun and unique synthetic character.

Sarah Milne

A competent, fun chemist with a dash of mad scientist to her.


A naive, dilligent paramedical bot that's incredibly fun to roleplay with.

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Augur could probably tell you a lot if you just asked her. Artifact, ehehe..Not so much. =)

Ana Issek/Roh'hi'tin: For a lot of what's said above. She terrifies me at times, but can also be godsdamned hilarious.

Aaron Hawkins: Memorable, fun to RP with, and unique. Sometimes, it's hard to tell if he's the antag until it's far too late for you.

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