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Chapter One

Doctor Essel

Charlie scrubbed the last of dirt from little mouses fur under the running water. When she was done, she carefully dried it on her labcoat. The little thing shook and little water droplets fell all over the ground.

"What am I going to do with you?"

The mouse seemed to smirk at her. Mice on this station, she thought, they are so much more intelligent then anywhere else. She thought back to her time on the research station a decade before, surrounded by Tajara, her family. She chucked to herself. Though the Tajara denied being feline in nature and only similar to cats in their looks, there never was a mouse to be found onboard.

Her thoughts turned back to the mouse she had cleaned. It had lept from her hand to the floor and was now sniffing something that was bryond her view. She thought about what to name it, then grinned as a small, blonde haired Doctor walked into the medical lobby ahead. If only I had a...

Out of no where, the bluespace cat was there. Early on, Charlie had learned that these bluespace people came and went as they chose, fixing machines, turning on lights, directing people around the station. She had heard that they travelled through dimentions, through worm holes, through time itself. One crazy preacher had told her that they were actually angels sent from God to fix the universe one problem at a time...She had chosen to stop asking questions. The Tajaran that looked at her with eternity in its eyes placed something lightly into Charlies hand, putting one finger to its lips and vanishing as suddenly as it had appeared.

Charlie let out a breath she didn't realise she had been holding and looking down. In her hand was the smallest collar she had ever seen. It was a light grey colour, small enough to be a ring, with a tiny metal nametag dangling from it that read "Doctor Phoebe Essel."

She held it to her chest a second, smiling to herself, then got down on one knee, slipping the tiny collar around the tiny neck of the mouse. It struggled at first and she had trouble with the clasp but eventually she fastened it, the metal tag clinking softly. There, she thought, beaming down at the small rodent, you are mine now.

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I do not consent to this. Please do not use my character's name in this fashion.


As a member of staff I'm going to say this. If you want to Thundy, remove it. You're under no obligation to do so however, while I know that it is Nursie's character, she honestly (don't mean to be rude) has no right to 'demand' that you remove it or stop using her character's name. It is a name, just that. While I could understand if she used your character name in a rude or mocking way, she has not here. (Again, don't mean to be rude.) But if you don't wish a character to be mentioned, you probably shouldn't play them

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You are misinterpreting my reasoning.

First of all, this is a story, it is fiction, although this event did occur in game, it was meant purely as the first chapter of some fluff for my custom object application. It was not meant as a Canon story except for a the events which this beginning lead to.

Secondly, it is not a personal slight, it is not an in game slight and I'd even forgotten it had happened until, while trying to remember why Charlie was sad enough for osric to give her the diamond in the first place, nightmare reminded me of the event.

Thirdly, let me tell you what happened in context. Phoebe had spoken to to Charlie over PDA about how Charlie was conducting herself in Medbay. Charlie didn't agree with Phoebe. There was something about a mouse and dirt. I don't really remember what happened but I remember that the two ladies weren't on the best of terms. Ooc, contextual becomes a mouse and enters medbay. I RP'd Charlie washing and sterilizing the mouse under a sink of water, making it clean enough to be in medbay without being a health problem. Not wanting the mouse to be killed by Phoebe, Charlie names it after Phoebe. I admin helped it and the mouse was renamed. I don't remember who the admin was, but they obviously didn't think it so improper as to speak up. Charlie thinks mice are cute and adorable. It was meant as a compliment, not to mock in any way.

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At first I thought Nursie played as a bluespace cat, which had me confused. While I can understand complaint against it, I agree in the fact that you can't really demand of it. Even if Thundy was using the name as an insult, ICly insults are perfectly alright. As are compliments, as are naming things whatever you please (To a certain anti immersion breaking-extent)

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