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  1. Paramedic/EMT is already a boring role which has either nothing to do (around 80% of the time) or way too much to do (20%). This would slightly help with the 20%, but make the 80% even more unplayable. Gonna be a -1 from me.
  2. Does this affect every type of voidsuit, or just sec voidsuits? What values are changed, specifically? Speed, armor, durability, rad resist, heat resist? I'm a fan of more customization, but making default voidsuits worse just seems obnoxious, especially if speed is reduced. Minor upgrades/customization would be fine, like adding simple utilities to voidsuits (think like lite rigs) such as integrated tools, huds, or armor plating at the cost of speed. I also really don't see a reason to nerf voidsuits, especially not engineering/medical ones. They seem pretty balanced.
  3. As much as I like traumas, and I want there to be serious consequences to death, I really do agree with the underlying motive of this post - being the victim of traumas is not fun. I'd prefer to not remove the system entirely however, though. I'd like it if it was streamlined, better explained, and some of the more obnoxious traumas (IE narcolepsy) were removed. As it stands, traumas are probably the most complicated medical system and have the least amount of proper documentation on the wiki, which is a big issue. There are so many complicated chems and treatments that each treat a billion different things except what they have, and it always results in just brute forcing it with as many treatments you can get. Definitely tone down the amount of different chems needed, remove some of the extraneous treatments like brain surgery and hypnosis, and remove narcolepsy.
  4. @ParadoxSpace I actually like that, but I think I'm still partial towards the original idea because it's more immediate and gets ghosts into the round quicker. Though that discord integration thing is very cool, and I think it could maybe work with this system, the admins may not be a fan of automated IC in OOC...
  5. This is exactly what I am speaking about - everything else is completely irrelevant, whether it be the success of this round or the success of my own gimmicks. It is this arrogant, conceited attitude where you are not only completely incapable of accepting blame for anything whatsoever, but also actively try and put down others. Do not pretend like your "criticism" is anything but this: the vast majority of what I have seen you spew consisted of nothing but thinly veiled insults or ridiculous and unrealistic solutions, many of which can only be seen in hindsight. You have expertly shown this by continuing to argue about the flaws in a gimmick from another round -which held nothing more than marginal importance to this report- simply out of what I presume is an insatiable desire to have the last word and "win" that argument. This makes you an outright unpleasant person to be around, especially considering the fact that you are more than willing to ruin the fun of others simply to save your own misguided pride. You did not refuse to return on the station and attempt RP after the gimmick had failed because you did not want to "slaughter to sate a lust for combat" as you were more than capable of not killing anyone, considering you were still in control of your character and able to RP with the crew. IE - finding non-security members and telling them security had handed you over for slaughter and begging them to hide you, or anything your mind could've thought of. No, instead, you refused to return because that meant you would have had to take so much so as a fraction of the blame as to why that gimmick had failed by attempting to repair it, and that you would have to acknowledge that you had not been up to snuff, which is something I completely acknowledge in regards to my own actions that round. And @Kaed, despite what Amory has tried to argue, this is not a complaint about a failed round - those happen, and I do not hold any ill will for the other mercs or even Amory himself for not making a good round, which is something I am also responsible for. What I am actually making a complaint about it is Amory's noxious attitude (specifically where he outright refused to try and salvage a bad round out of conceit, and where he actively decided to denigrate other players in a colossal show of hypocrisy) which seems to have been muddled by the incessant arguing over the merit of unrelated gimmicks.
  6. Amory, you seem intent on denigrating the merc round I had before, even though it was not the subject of the report. You also insist on blaming me for that round not being perfect despite your own gimmick leading to the worst merc round I have ever seen. The majority of the crew (aside from you and paradox) agreed that it was a fun, original round on top of that. The only real criticism you made was that it "forced the crew to drive the story," which is apparently something Amory cannot fathom, even though that conflict is present in virtually every single round with antags present. Antag-crew interaction is a two way street, and for it to work it requires both parties to cooperate. In that gimmick, I gave the entire crew the possibility to participate, whether by resisting a new potentially tyrannical government or to join them for protection and power. I cannot possibly see how a reasonable individual would blame me for the entire crew making a beeline to the merchant shuttle (which I did not even know was present, btw) despite the mercs not having harmed any civilians up until that point. Since none of this is relevant to this round or this report, I will not argue it any further even though I vehemently disagree with Amory. I most likely already wasted too much time speaking about it, but I cannot abide being criticized for downright nonsensical reasons. I was not the one who wrote the announcement, so I cannot speak about it in any regard. What Amory fails to realize, however, is that E-carbines are literally the weakest weapon in the mercenary arsenal and taking anything less would've made us pathetically weak if security actually decided to fight back. Amory was also responsible for in determining how endearing he was to the crew, and considering that he apparently told them all he was a murderer, it is obvious he did not do a very good job. We all agreed to RP, as per your direction, unpleasant frontiersmen who used slaves to do their illegal business, so that is what we RP-ed. I believe, a few days ago, you said something along the lines of "you are the director of your gimmick, so direct your actors," yet you completely failed to provide us any meaningful way to interact with the crew, which is why I was against the idea of this gimmick in the first place. Yes, I did inform you that I was logging off and making a complaint, but that was long after you said that you were "done with the round" and wouldn't participate any longer, something I'm sure the admins can corroborate with a quick logdive. What I am blaming you for is your extreme apathy towards trying to make an even remotely salvageable round - by no reasonable metric whatsoever was this a successful merc round. We most likely had less of an impact than the meteor storm or the carp. You were the only one to refuse a gimmick which was in-arguably more successful than this one, propose another gimmick, fail to give us proper coordination or direction, and then decided to simply give up once we didn't magically do as you wanted. In my view, you are the one who ruined this round due to your negative and unpleasant attitude, which you seem to be all to eager to display time and time again.
  7. BYOND Key: driecg36 Game ID: bYh-dvce Player Byond Key: AmoryBlaine Staff involved: None. Reason for complaint: AmoryBlaine's terrible attitude during this round, as well as the general negative and unpleasant attitude I've seen him display OOCly. Context: On this merc round, we spent the initial 30-40 minutes of it arguing over what gimmick we were going to choose. I proposed a few, including one I had ran before, which seemed acceptable to everyone but Amory. He seemed vehemently against the idea - I do not believe his reason is particularly relevant as him refusing a gimmick is not what this report is about, so I will not bother to describe said argument. After some more arguing, he proposes a gimmick we all find agreeable - runaway indentured servant who murdered someone to escape his captors, who were now coming onto the station to retrieve him. I specifically ask him for directions as to where he wants to take the gimmick, which he provides some of. An admin drop pods him into cargo, and he presumably RPs with the crew. I specifically tell our team to bring lower end gear, so all we take are the red hardsuits, energy carbines, energy shields, and a single assault rifle (along with some other utilities like a doorhack). We give him about 10 minutes, announce our arrival, and come onto the station with the ship uncloaked. The next 10-20 minutes are then spent on making our way to cargo through the doors which the AI bolted and electrified, when we finally arrived to a fully armed security team comprised of only a handful of individuals. We negotiate, briefly, and threaten them if they don't give us the escaped prisoner. We then make our way, with their help, into investigations where we find Amory and the detective discussing things. After a brief standoff, another merc throws a flashbang into the room and we have a short brawl where we secure Amory. The detective attempts to drive conflict by taking one of our shields, but eventually capitulates. We then simply leave and return to the shuttle. Report-able Action: : Once we are the shuttle, we being arguing in AOOC again about what to do next. At first I'm stumped for ideas, but then I propose that we let Amory go in our best gear, say he escaped, and have him try to both get revenge on the crew that abandoned him and escape us again, as it is the only way I could think of to salvage this mess of a round. However, Amory then outright refuses to participate in the round any further, blaming both security for not being active enough, singling out a specific player (FirstAct I believe it was), and then blaming the mercenaries, of all people, for being too heavily armed and intimidating security into submission. He then proceeds to try and blame us for the round's failure further, and proceeds to log off, where the rest of the mercs decide to go back to the station as the transfer shuttle is about to be called. This feeds into Amory's general attitude that I've seen him display - he seems intent on blaming everyone but himself for issues in the round, and constantly tries to pick fights and arguments. I do not believe I have had a single antag round with him present in recent times where he did not excessively criticize me in OOC/dchat, often without actual merit. A lot of his comments are extremely hypocritical in light of this round, but that is hardly here nor there - the point is that this is hardly a one time occurrence. I have had issues with him before, but I do not believe this extends to the point of metagrudging or is worth mentioning unless it is brought up. I believe this was simply poor antag play with a beyond irredeemable attitude. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes, but I merely informed staff I was going to make this report and no action was taken. Approximate Date/Time: The round ended at 7:31 PM EST time. Most likely began somewhere around 5:20 ish.
  8. I like this suggestion a lot, but I think it would make more sense to have one of the branches be "Biohazard" compared to "Sniper." Things like corrosive gas clouds, poison parasites, viruses, things that generally fuck with biological organisms. Having ranged parasites is good, yes, but I think you can give it more flavor than just "ling but at range." Maybe even be able to separate parts of itself into aggressive mobs, or remote controlled ones that can crawl through vents.
  9. While this is neat, I really do wish more work was done with transhumanism/augments for the other species, particularly skrell, who have augments as an extremely important and prevalent aspect of their society. I do agree that it makes some sense for this cult to be originally unathi, but I see no reason that it wouldn't involve other species as well. I may make an unathi application just for this, as I had no interest in unathi before.
  10. While drones are a thing, there are two main problems - not many people play them, and you can't really order them around to specific areas. They kinda just do whatever they want, and if whatever they want isn't fixing whatever problem you have then you're out of luck. If we do implement this system, the fact that we have drones should not be enough to exclude engineering specialist teams.
  11. I proposed the idea under this format a long time ago, but never got around to posting it: There would be a "central security" department where the HoS, the warden, CSI/FT, and 2 patrolling officers would be present. These officers would act much like officers do now, patrolling the station, responding to calls, ETC. Then, Security Guards, a separate role from officer. While a security cubicle would exist in every department, we would only have 2 guards to man them. Therefore, we can have the HoS assign the Guards to whatever department has the most traffic/personnel or shift them around every so often to stop things from getting stale. Each of these cubicles would have an encryption key for their department, and we could add a "punch in" machine that allows security guards to have the appropriate access without needing the HoP to change them. Or we could just give security guards basic access for all departments. Former is more optimal, latter is easier. Under this format, we keep the importance of the HoS, the freedom of patrol of the officers, and still implement departmental security that can interact with/involve the crew. It's really the only compromise I can see that keeps both security players happy and keeps the idea of the suggestion alive.
  12. The problem is that a lot of these jobs really have inherently nothing to do on most shifts (like forensic technician or virologist). It's not like we can give forensic technicians more things to do, considering the station is either completely quiet or is complete chaos, and that the detective takes a large portion of the few investigations there are. Same with virologists - viruses are really rare, and making them more frequent would just be annoying for everyone else. I'm not against improving these jobs, but this just seems like a much easier and more immediate way to make them more enjoyable. Complete reworks are difficult and take a lot of brainstorming to get right. If you'd like an alternative, command could simply mark jobs as "high priority," which would alert all ghosts and make the roles stand out in the "join now" screen, like having them be red or bolded. You're also ignoring the other half of this suggestion, which is meant to prevent the extremely frustrating situations where a necessary job is absent, and the entire station goes without power, or a section of the station stays vented, or trauma patients pile up in medbay, etc. These rarely provide good rp or are fun, they're simply inconvenience and frustration.
  13. Maybe an automatic smeltery, or something that increases mineral yield, then.
  14. I think another good direction to take mechs in would be to make the more akin to support tools that make everyone more efficient, so they can have their weaknesses rounded out through cooperation. Think a mech being a portable ore crate/scooper for miners, a mech having portable rechargers for sec, an odysseus that can deploy a surgery table/tools and retract them, a firefighter that can carry welding fuel and metal, etc.
  15. Why? The extra mobility isn't enough to make up for the significant durability on paper.
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