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  1. On the one hand, this is super exciting, and I'd love to see some of the cool stories that comes out of it. But I do have a concern with the lack of being based anywhere. Things like the Personal Terminal discord work because there's this planet nearby where most people live, which allows for RP outside of the workplace. With everyone living on a ship for prolonged periods of time, that would probably be lost, which I'm not a huge fan of. But hey, still super stoked for it.
  2. Having now played a round with Wasp as HoS, I really like the character and their role on the station. They implemented a really cool and helpful code over the security comms, which helped us when they became compromised. Overall, from my experience, they did a good job roleplaying and making the round interesting. +1 from me.
  3. I have edited the backstory again to remove the dual personalities. Thank you for pointing out the issues with my application.
  4. The idea is indeed for you to start with nothing but a shirt (at least until the modern jacket is sprited). The whole range of options in the wardrobe is already available. It's called the loadout. You can pick and choose the attire you want from there (including the noir gear that is being moved from the detective's locker to the loadout) If that is the case, then surely more stuff should be added to the locker. Also as a side note, for this to work, you need to change the wiki, as it basically coerces you into Noir aswell.
  5. Surely the best compromise here would be for you to start with nothing but a shirt, and find a whole range of options in the wardrobe?
  6. I thank you for your feedback. As Doxmedearly said, the fins were damaged and unrepaired, so there is no need to represent them. The second personality was added for research aswell, but into philosophy. As for the phoron research, I would need help from the lore team before I could say what Aqua could have found out.
  7. As I have said I would, due to the repeated complaints about Aqua's mental disorder, I have changed the backstory concerning it. Please let me know if you are happy with the new one
  8. The modifications were unique. It's like asking a nuatical engineer to fix an aeroplane. The split personalities may have been coded in by a researcher, but not to Aqua's knowledge. I wrote the backstory as everything Aqua know. Why they would keep them unstable? They aren't, and Aqua now reject any treatment for their condition. Finally, their outlook on phoron is just data they have in their memory banks, but still valuable.
  9. Okay, first, the modifications damaged weren't just "retractable fins". Second, Aqua was one personality, which split into two when it was left in solitude. Third, NT wanted to keep Aqua's personalities for their knowledge and views on phoron research.
  10. I may consider removing DID from Aqua's backstory if more people express concerns. I would like an opportunity to try roleplaying this, but I wouldn't want to do this if it has a high chance of offending someone.
  11. Made a complete rework of their backstory now, so hopefully your concerns have been adressed
  12. I believe I have fixed your lore issues. Thanks for the pointers
  13. BYOND Key: Sparky_Hotdog Character Names: Audrey Catleay, Fadil Mikhailov, Terrell Parker, Yasir Al-Barik Species you are applying to play: IPC Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Why do you wish to play this specific race: I would like to play as an IPC because of how different they are to every other species. They have no home planet, no place they can say, "That belongs to me and my fellows". The next, and most obvious reason is the fact they aren't organic, they have laws and directives they must follow, and aren't accepted as being fully sentient. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Playing an IPC is different because of their inorganic state. They have strange mannerisms created as unexpected side effects in their coding. They experience what could be considered "Space Racism", yet they are incapable of understanding that they are being biassed. They speak, think and act in the most logical sense they can. Character Name: Aqua Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs 04/12/2450. The experimental 4Q-U4 modified Xion Industrial Frame was given a positronic brain. 4Q-U4 was a trial of a new idea, and extensive modifications had been made to it. The researchers on the water planet Grothix-9 had modified the agile frame for underwater exploration and research. The scientists had added retractable fins, one on the top of their head, each side and back; one on each arm and leg; and four on their back. Cylindrical extrusions were added to the back, with propeller inside for quick and agile control while submarine. And of course, the whole frame had to be water-tight. 08/05/2456. After years of training and testing, Aqua’s machine learning was finally deemed fit to be put into use. The IPC explored the waters of Grothix-9, and was tasked with finding the ideal location for an underwater colony. During this time, 4Q-U4 developed their personality. The IPC became very unethical after months of solitude, and while effective, some of the scientists' concerns grew. 09/07/2457. The Gothrix-9 scientists received a signal from the submarine frame. The specifications for the colony had been found, and the coordinates were sent to the researchers. After it had retired back to mission control, the scientists dispatched new modified Hephaestus Generation 2 Industrial frames to build the colony, and sold the IPC who had named themselves Aqua, to NanoTrasen, who sent Aqua to another ocean world: Tybez-12c. 13/03/2459. After several years of researching submarine phoron pockets, a privateer ship crash landed into a phoron pocket near Aqua. Aqua was critically damaged in the resultant explosion, but the privateer survivors rescued the IPC. Unfortunately, while Aqua was repaired, the modifications couldn't be fixed by NanoTrasen, as they didn't have the schematics. While they contacted the original researchers, and due to their unique perspectives on the topic, Aqua was reassigned to NanoTrasen's primary phoron research station, NSS Aurora. What do you like about this character? I like this character because I haven't played much in science on Aurora, and feel a robot would be perfect to try this out with, while also providing some interesting roleplay. In terms of the character themselves, I have taken care not to refer to them as he/she, to symbolise the fact they don't believe in gender, or at least any difference between them. The fact that their second personality could also provide some interesting roleplay as well is also really cool. How would you rate your role-playing ability? About a 6/10. I've played quite a bit if this server now, and other RP games too. Notes: Thank you for considering my applocation
  14. Okay, Point 1. I have been in a game with 2 forensic techs, and I realise now my mistake about the detective. Point 2. It's frustrating as a chaplain to change the holodeck to and from the chapel. But as I said, that's another issue.
  15. I've been thinking ever since the map change, and I've got one complaint that is bothering me. As someone who used to play as a Forensic Technician almost always, I can vouch for how fun and interesting the job is, but it requires a lot of space, in the lab particularly (At least I need the space). This used to be fine on the old map when we had a massive lab to do all our testing in, and yet now, in the new map that can take two forensic techs and two detectives, we are left with a tiny lab. I hate this and would actually be fine with a smaller regular office in exchange for a larger lab. Other than that, the new map's awesome (Minus the lack of chapel, but that's another issue) Keep it up, guys.
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