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  1. If this is the case, could we get it on the wiki somewhere? There's a lot on the surgery chart that depends on a very specific interpretation of the writing, and I feel like this particular case is pretty unobvious (is that a word? who knows) with just the current information regarding the chart.
  2. You can't actually set custom citizenship or faction, don't think that's been an option for a good while.
  3. Not gonna make a big response post or anything but I'd just like to point out that every company, including NT, has done/actively does/is complicit in doing some real heinous shit. It's just an inherent part of the setting that our characters are lowkey working under pretty awful organisations by necessity, since they're the only real options out there. To list a few examples: NanoTrasen actively leans on the Republic of Biesel to make cyborgification legal as a loophole around execution to make examples of their enemies; incited (at least one) war on Adhomai to get exploitative mineral rights, get hard menial labour done for cheap, and supported (or at least was complicit in allowing) forced labour and re-education camps for social deviants and ethnic minorities; and very recently had horrifically devastating phoron-enriched nuclear missiles developed and built on the Aurora with the help of station characters. Characters are, of course, perfectly within their rights to rationalise and compartmentalise away as much of this as they want with regards to NanoTrasen; but that poses the question, why can't this be done with the other corporations?
  4. Okay so I'm not gonna go point by point here because this is a long goddamn post with not much to say. What I will say is, you chose to enter that discussion. When I was talking about it, I merely briefly outlined bits of the situation after someone asked me for more details on it. And even then, I didn't name names or assign blame to anyone in particular - you came into a discussion that wasn't about you specifically, and took it over to accuse me of lying about the situation to make you look bad, also throwing in some insults aimed at me while you were at it. I'd be kind of okay with how the round went if you were actually willing to accept some slight bit of responsibility, especially given you're on command trial, these things happen. What really made this complaint necessary, however, were these accusations of me lying about shit to make you look bad, instead of even considering the possibility that there were some slight misrememberings or miscommunications. And since we're on the armour vest topic again for some ungodly reason, I was holding a dufflebag in hand and wore the rifle on my back. Please just accept your memory might not be 100% perfect and let it go. Goddamn.
  5. Okay so I don't know why you're doubling down and insisting we both had the armour on, only one of us had the armour on (the IPC). In fact @Faye <3 can probably attest to the fact that I (the Zhan) wasn't, given I was wearing the same ultra rare hat as her character instead of a helmet and armour, something I commented on when we met. I'm seriously not trying to gaslight you or anything here, and I don't know how else to tell you this, but you're misremembering what I was wearing and the fact that this has escalated to a player complaint about misremembering my clothes is exactly the problem I'm trying to highlight here.
  6. BYOND Key: Memescope McGee Game ID: cda-adiZ; Discord discussion link: https://discord.com/channels/157516682288562176/725470666039754783/868165459919405077 Player Byond Key/Character name: Schevenigen/Etilka Strelitz Staff involved: @WickedCybs (ingame), @MattAtlas (on Discord) Reason for complaint: Poor escalation as HoS on a round, but primarily Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes, I ahelped after I died; @WickedCybs responded and investigated it, but I had to go before the ticket got resolved. With the Discord issue, @MattAtlas told me to post on Schev's whitelist application or make a player complaint. Approximate Date/Time: For the round, see game ID. For the Discord thing, Schev's first message was posted at 17:17 BST/UTC+1, 23/07/2021, in the #serious-discussion channel. Description of the incident in-game (Game ID: cda-adiZ): Description of the Discord interaction (starting roughly https://discord.com/channels/157516682288562176/725470666039754783/868165459919405077): I was initially going to make this a post on Schev's command whitelist re-application (https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/16097-scheveningen-command-whitelist-reapp/), but after looking over the whole thing thought it'd be more appropriate to post this as a proper complaint.
  7. The app and backstory seem good! One problem though, Unathi are barred from Idris.
  8. At its core, my issue with Visegrad is that the cultural aspect is weak; despite the large word count of the overall text, the cultural interest and hard-to-define spice simply isn't there. While there could be some potential with the urban-rural divide with some development, as-is it's hard to envision what a character from Visegrad would look like, apart from being a bit gloomy and talking about rain and trees on a space station - there's very little to draw from for characterisation for a Visegradian, it lacks identity and distinction from any other random planet. This is, by the way, where the meming about Visegrad being the funny Poland planet comes in: There's not much to engage the reader culturally, so people naturally latch onto the Central European culture it's ostensibly rooted in as the most memorable aspect. This would be absolutely fine as a weakness of the text if the author was willing to accept this is the case and work on it. No writer is perfect, nobody can hold the expectation that a work is gonna be flawless. What makes this damning is that the author, Danse, is completely unwilling to accept criticism on this, making that initial weakness a fatal flaw that's unlikely to ever be fixed or addressed while the text is under his control. Multiple people, myself included, have made this issue known in private and in public, and the response every time is to ignore, dismiss or discredit these criticisms as bad faith and invalid. All that being said, some of the feedback on this forum thread has been kind of unhelpful, I agree. However, when everyone who's interested in legitimate constructive criticism gets brushed off on Discord, you either don't get much feedback at all or draw on the less-than-constructive stuff. I've said my piece. I hope you take this feedback onboard, as simply dismissing all criticism won't help you improve and grow as a writer.
  9. In the interest of transparency, I've interacted with Omi plenty before and count them as a friend. I think this is a very solid application! Your plans for languages, both in the original post and in further replies, seem very solid and well-thought-out while keeping potential code limitations in mind. I can personally attest to other people's concerns about behaviour and temper, I've witnessed this a couple times and been the target of it once that I can remember. However, Omi seems to be well aware of this issue and seems to be taking steps to try and change that problem; this demonstrates a willingness to address issues in your own behaviour and approach that outweighs the negatives of the initial behaviour, in my book. I tried to think of some questions, but all the ones I'd really go for have already been asked. So +1 from me, to be reductive.
  10. I'll try and be transparent with this at the beginning, I have some level of personal beef with Danse. However, as this is largely spanning from things that are very relevant to a lore-writing staff position, I'll talk about it where it's applicable. I don't believe Danse to be a good fit for a lore deputy for a few reasons. Firstly, he is highly selective when receiving feedback he's asked for. I and many others have given feedback on his Visegrad lore canonisation application when asked, only to be told that negative feedback and criticisms aren't valid or worth addressing (usually just responded to with 'Okay' and moved on from). While I can understand this if the feedback is shitty and unconstructive, all negative feedback about his writing is treated this way, leading to him claiming that "no-one has given negative feedback on Visegrad" despite multiple people have given constructive criticism after being asked - much of this feedback even comes back to the same points of criticism, yet is still not addressed in any way. I think it's a fairly unambiguous red flag when all criticism that could be interpreted as negative is ignored and called 'LRP criticism', whatever that even means. Secondly, I'm going to echo others and say that his general conduct and behaviour is, for the most part, quite negative. Half of what I see from him in lore discords and other public channels is just non-stop ragging on areas of lore he deems subpar (see constant 'remove Dominia', 'remove Diona', 'remove all aliens', etc.). While he claims that this is just jokes, it is absolutely constant and often the only thing you really see from him. There's also a trend of just replying to screenshots or logs of just anything the slightest bit funny done in-game with some variation on "I would have ahelped" or "you should be banned", which is just kinda shitty and toxic, especially when responding to absolutely harmless things. I find this especially dodgy with the context of my point on response to criticism, as he constantly "jokes" about removing everything but Sol while disregarding anything the slightest bit negative about his own projects. Thirdly, I feel Danse's writing and general thoughts on lore involve a really excessive focus on making things 110% realistic and hyper-detailed, but without much focus given to the actual characterisation potential of lore. To bring back the Visegrad example, Visegrad suffers from an overabundance of little details and minutiae (down to detailed and presumably scientifically accurate atmospheric composition statistics), yet without much in the way of engaging character hooks, running themes, or player interest. As the deputy application and some replies seem to present this approach as a positive, I think this will prove to be an issue should Danse be appointed. Finally, as others have more eloquently talked about, is the clear Solarian bias and nonstop OOC stanning whenever it comes up. Yes, I know Danse has claimed this is a joke, but he's never stopped doing it, either. This kinda broadly covers a lot of stuff, it's not as big a concern as the other two points, but it's still a significant portion of what they post and I'd be concerned that this bias might lead to proposed lore rewrites just making Sol bigger and cooler and stronger and everyone else weaker. I'll reiterate this, I have personal bias; however, I don't believe that makes my feedback wrong. EDIT: I have now been blocked by Danse as a result of this post, and am now apparently harassing them by continuing to give feedback. Make of that what you will.
  11. I think if unstable mutagen is specifically such an issue as a weapon, we could easily address this by altering how it works. If its primary issue is just being an instant effect on-contact, we could simply make it work on inhalation or injection; making it take some time to take effect with some means of stopping the process partway through could also help.
  12. Now I don't wanna be the guy to say this list is just a bunch of Torch features but like... It's almost all a list of Torch features, my guy. Gonna echo others in saying it's a bit early to be requesting a lot of this stuff. Also personally I'm opposed to merging Librarian and Chaplain/Counselor; while they're both rarely-played tertiary Service roles with little to no mechanics associated with them, they both have very very different vibes in play, and I speak as someone who mained a Counselor here for a good few months. Plus like, it'd be weird for the Chaplain to manage the Library and the Librarian to manage the Chapel, assuming they'll be present in some capacity. Uhhh misc takes on things: I don't agree with bridge bunnies being whitelisted, they're low impact and authority enough that it doesn't really matter as much as the real Command roles, plus they sound like a nice sort of learner role for people looking to get into Command. An emergency armory miiiight work? It'd need to contain very low power weaponry (think bolt-action pistols) and I think opening back up the trashfire that was General Quarters and full crew militias every round is a very big risk. Would have to be done very carefully with strict guidelines and admin regulation on what is acceptable with it and when. The Assistant -> Crewman change and the misc role renames... Idk why you want this? This is just replicating Bay except in a civilian setting where it makes less sense. Other stuff sounds fine, if ambitious and code-heavy, though largely seems to just be asking for Bay ports.
  13. Might want to change 'NanoTrasen' to 'Stellar Corporate Conglomerate/SCC' just to preclude dumb stuff with contractors.
  14. This was a bug with the plate carriers, got fixed last night. Plate carriers don't have the badge built in anymore.
  15. Sorry for not replying for so long! Kept not getting round to it, my bad. It's great to have this stuff properly laid out, thanks. If there's nothing more to sort out and no actual action is being taken against me, I guess you can close this complaint?
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