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  1. Now I don't wanna be the guy to say this list is just a bunch of Torch features but like... It's almost all a list of Torch features, my guy. Gonna echo others in saying it's a bit early to be requesting a lot of this stuff. Also personally I'm opposed to merging Librarian and Chaplain/Counselor; while they're both rarely-played tertiary Service roles with little to no mechanics associated with them, they both have very very different vibes in play, and I speak as someone who mained a Counselor here for a good few months. Plus like, it'd be weird for the Chaplain to manage the Libr
  2. Might want to change 'NanoTrasen' to 'Stellar Corporate Conglomerate/SCC' just to preclude dumb stuff with contractors.
  3. This was a bug with the plate carriers, got fixed last night. Plate carriers don't have the badge built in anymore.
  4. Sorry for not replying for so long! Kept not getting round to it, my bad. It's great to have this stuff properly laid out, thanks. If there's nothing more to sort out and no actual action is being taken against me, I guess you can close this complaint?
  5. But as you've now said, the actual issue at hand wasn't corrected. If the clarification is neither about my case specifically nor relevant to the rules you believe I'm in violation of, why is it relevant at all? The entire point of this addition is the bit you refuse to comment on, that none of your witnesses contacted me or spoke to me about their concerns or complaints. You're accusing me of knowingly and maliciously setting out to ruin other players' experience, yet you refuse to acknowledge that I have legitimately heard nothing substantially OOCly critical from any of the
  6. Right, sorry about the lack of engagement with this! Kiiinda moved house like a day or two after posting, lost track of things for a bit. Yeah, that's a fair concern. The good thing about this is that it should be fairly easy to put these kits together, as no new items or behaviours should be required - it's just bundling existing items together, for the most part, so it should be pretty simple to expand the selections. Also, I'd argue the current system feels just as repetitive if not more; many inexperienced traitors just pick safe, simple tools like the emag and the coolest soundin
  7. Right. I've tried to explain my motivations with the character so many times at this point and it's just not getting through. I've already written my view and justification of the way I've written and played the character, fluency and denseness included, so I'm not going to repeat myself over and over again with it. As I've said before, the character has a very poor level of fluency, with the bare minimum knowledge of where places are to clean, commands to clean, and other essentials for some less-than-minimum-wage Zhan janitor in a comically exploitative work contract. Now, onto specific
  8. There's nothing more anti-climactic than a blob core/hivebot beacon/malf AI being taken out mostly risk-free with a long-range sniper emitter three screens away. However, emitters also provide a number of cool and good functions like breaking open walls/objects, charging the SM, anomaly interactions, etc. My proposal is simple: Make the emitter's range limited, perhaps to about a view distance, to make it less of a fire-and-forget risk-free solution to problems. This would preserve its other uses, while still keeping it useful to a degree when fighting off blobs and such things.
  9. So I really didn’t want to have to reply to this but I don’t really see any other option, as your response contains the exact same issue I made this complaint about: Whenever I asked questions or clarifications about what you were saying in the original ticket(s), you’d refuse to elaborate or clarify and then come back with a broader, harsher accusation than what the issue originally allegedly was, and I’ve still yet to receive any real explanation as to why any of what you’re accusing me of was A) problematic or B) even being addressed by you. This whole thing started out as you bwoinking me
  10. Bumping as it's been over 24 hours since posting, as per staff complaint board rules.
  11. BYOND Key: Memescope McGee (don’t judge me I made the account like a week before montage parodies went out of style, shut upppppp) Staff BYOND Key: WitchBells Game ID: car-c0VY Reason for complaint: In the given round I was playing my Zhan Janitor character, Jrihrarmrra Baqazu (or the Zhanitor, for anyone familiar), much as I do most rounds I play him: I put down mousetraps on vents in mildly inconvenient places, obliviously and insistently did my job and cleaned regardless of what was happening around me, in an industrious sort of way. I was then bwoinked by WitchBells and
  12. This suggestion/proposal is simply to add lore faction-themed kits or bundles to the traitor/merc/whatever antag uplinks, just like is already done for the merc gear loadouts but more specifically geared towards non-team antags. As has been the case with merc, this should help to better root antag stuff in the lore and help antags establish some good lore hooks. These kits should likely include a somewhat comprehensive grab bag of appropriate equipment (similar to merc gear loadouts), perhaps replacing the armour component of merc loadouts with lore-appropriate tools and items at a sligh
  13. I'd be fine with having this as a replacement for the disruptors' window-passing. Having the disruptors pass windows can be a surprisingly big strategic advantage vs largely ballistic-based antags (e.g. merc, ling, ninja, sometimes raiders... actually, most antags are largely non-laser, thinking about it), as then even if you disable/outlast Sec's rifles and carbines they can just switch to sidearms and keep the positioning advantage.
  14. Big agree on that. The sprites themselves are alright, but the amount of detailed, muscular body contouring and stuff is kind of weird and off-putting, especially since this is a civilian, corporate position. While this is also a problem with our old/current legacy Captain sprites, they simply don't look anything like you'd expect for the position, both in terms of consistency with other uniforms and from the pure mil-lite aesthetic of the new uniforms. Don't get me wrong, I'd love some new HoP/Captain uniforms, but this ain't it.
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