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  1. I'm kind of concerned that the HoS is gonna be even more of a dead role outside of antaggery with this, as they won't even be interacting with their own department much as they'll be tied to random departments.
  2. That's fair, it's just nice to have the sprite look alright without the accessories. Maybe you could put some reflective strips under where the vest will be so it'll cover it?
  3. Something like that, yeah. Just looks a bit odd with the featureless chest imo.
  4. I like these a lot. Only thing I'm not keen on is the apprentice's blank chest region, looks a bit weird with it all empty on the base sprite.
  5. Sorry for double-posting but something occurred to me. Assistants will need to be officially put into a department (probably Service) or the only person they can legally take orders from will be the Captain.
  6. I'm backing Nantei and people on this one. This has a lot of really stupid implications, especially given this will force heads of staff to ratchet up alert statuses and claim acting captaincy just to be able to order people to not do stupid things without committing a chargeable offence.
  7. One possible justification for this is that they're designed to block nonconsensual psychic intrusion from Skrell and that the defence against the supernatural is simply another form of mental intrusion blocked by this.
  8. I honestly can't believe this suggestion is being seriously considered. Adding milrp on station is an awful, awful idea that will attract the worst sort of players and practically invite shittery. A million times no. I don't want this server falling the way of Bay.
  9. It's not a bad thought, that's why it's suggested so often; it's just that it's impractical as a primary means of distributing lore. Having things like that in game is great, especially if it's sorta hanging around places, but really isn't enough to rely upon.
  10. This argument has a few flaws in it, the same every time it's brought up. 1. There's already a shitton of lore in the library mixed in with everything else. Nobody reads it and nothing can make people read it. 2. Most characters have little reason to roll up on the library and brush up on history and current affairs; most people don't do that even when they're not at their workplace. 3. This doesn't help people making characters, it relies on people doing the above in-round rather than having it on-hand at chargen. It's also not helpful for this particular suggestion either, as it has no bearing on pushing players, especially newer ones, toward themes and hooks supported by the lore.
  11. Your clarifications have cleared up a lot of the concerns I had. While I still want places like the Frontier to be left as free-ish space to explore weird backgrounds, I think this might be a step in the right direction. Might want to clarify about your meaning with themes, stereotypes and the like; talking about themes, to me, generally has the implication of it being quite specific rather than the broader kind of stuff you're going for.
  12. The thing is, I agree with a lot of what you're trying to do and the motives behind it—it's totally desirable for more characters to build on themes in the lore. The issue comes when you choose which of the themes must be represented, because in doing so you more or less make every other part of that area of the lore inconsequential in character-building, when the secondary/side details are often what provide the most inspiration for interesting characters. To name an example, I made an Unathi character for my app who was greatly inspired by the theme of gender discrimination among Unathi and the idea of someone of one Unathi gender role being born into the opposite body. This is, at best, a tertiary theme for the Unathi but one that ended up inspiring a character that represents the lore quite well in that, with the Unathi primary theme of duty being explored some but not a core theme of the character. That character, and many other totally valid characters, wouldn't be possible under a measure like this, depending on how it's implemented. Another issue is that, to be honest, that a measure like this could easily end up making the game far, far more boring. Imagine if every character from the Sol Alliance was to address the issue of anti-xeno prejudice every round. How tiring would it be for ~half the station, every round, to either stir shit about xenos or defend them vehemently? If every Sol character has the same or similar core motivations, shit's gonna get stale quick, especially with how quickly people get bored and annoyed by the same arguments happening in-game. I think that forcing focus on a single theme isn't a good idea. I think it could do a great deal of harm for character diversity and give an excuse for people to make dull, cardboard cutout characters harping on the same trope over and over again. I think a better option might be to, in character creation, explicitly lay out, say, the three or however many core themes of a background/faction/whatever and encourage people to use them as inspiration. Forcing hugely fundamental motivations or conflicts on characters just isn't conducive to an enjoyable roleplay environment.
  13. You can quite easily have a good character that plays on a more specific or lesser-known part of the setting rather than harp on the big central theme and still have it fit well and reflect the lore. I'm all for having set out themes for the different backgrounds, it's just a bit shit if a good concept gets invalidated because it doesn't emphasise one particular theme of the culture they're from.
  14. While a lot of this sounds great, I'm vehemently opposed to making it mandatory to play themes and archetypes straight if you're from a particular place. I personally believe that a big part of what makes for good roleplay and good characters is the opportunity to explore different areas of the lore and play with interesting character themes; forcing people to play to specific themes in specific ways basically cuts out almost everything I look for in roleplay. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that while this can be good for getting people into the lore, representing it in-game better and help (maybe newer) players get to grips with setting and character-focused roleplay, enforcing things like this could lead to a great deal of good roleplay getting de-facto removed.
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