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  1. Make it fit in webbing if this is done too, please!
  2. Really not keen on these. They don't look like leather jackets, just generic jackets. EDIT: Adding this to the jacket selection? Sure. Replacing distinctive sprites with this? Nooo. I'd love redone sprites of the leather jackets that still look like leather jackets, but basically removing the options is pretty meh to me.
  3. Precisely this. The sprites are good but it's all just so drab-looking.
  4. Consider yourself corrected, audio emotes work fine over radio*. EDIT: *As far as I've seen from mute characters in roleplay. Could be that they didn't take muteness mechanically and are merely roleplaying it? I couldn't say for certain.
  5. I'd be fine with mute Cargo people, it's a similarly low requirement job and I've seen mute miners do fine - the better ones often establish a signal for "help needed" like blowing into the mic loudly and stuff like that. Many Science roles + Biochemist also aren't really impacted too badly by muteness, though I'd hesitate to say anything outside of those roles would be viable for mute people. Certainly Engineering, Security and actively healing Medical roles all require speech.
  6. Gonna have to drop out after all, sorry for flipflopping.
  7. I'm interested in playing a Paladin and am very experienced with 5e, both as a player and as a DM. I can't make the first session, unfortunately, but should be able to make following ones reliably.
  8. I thought I'd post their planned flavour text, as that might help demonstrate my knowledge of the lore more to people's satisfaction. General: Standing at just over six feet, this ancient-looking Unathi looks grizzled and weathered; their black scales are fading with age to a dull, patchy grey and their squat, muscled form is usually hunched over a walking stick. They walk with a slight limp, favouring their left leg. An Unathi might notice a couple other things. Most striking is their oddly androgynous appearance, masculine in bearing and musculature but effeminate in their snout shape and proportions. Their accent in Sinta tongues is a rural and rough Moghean, likely from a village swallowed up by the Wastes, but with a sophisticated vocabulary suggesting higher education later in life. Head: Their horns are enormous! Their venerable horns spiral out and then inward in a way that must surely have been cultivated not to dig into their skull. Long, weathered frills extend from the top of their head down to the base of their neck. Face: Their teeth are oddly assorted in condition, some cracked and dulled while others are shiny and sharp; this might indicate some teeth were grown in later than others to replace lost ones. Eyes: One eye is an old, faded yellow, the other bright, seemingly thirty years younger. Both seem tired, though sometimes burn with a fiery passion. Arms: The scales of their right arm have been stained in Peizi juice with a simplified depiction of Emperor Seryo’s imperial standard, clearly reminiscent of Human tattoos; it seems to be carefully maintained. Hands: Their claws have grown long and slightly curved over the years, although two on the side of the right hand is oddly short and straight; a Dominian might recognise this as a tailored replacement. Legs: A large patch of scales on their right leg are a shiny, pure black; a Dominian might recognise this as a tailored replacement. Feet: Their claws have grown long and slightly curved over the years.
  9. They were raised in a small, rural pre-contact town providing minor goods and services to surrounding villages in a family at the lower end of the middle classes. The clan followed Sk'akh; although the faith acknowledges men born into the wrong bodies, the sleepy, quiet nature of the town meant that its shaman was complacent and didn't consider the unladylike Sakzsha to be anything other than a nuisance, cementing their lifelong resentment towards Moghes and the Hegemony. They converted to belief in the Moroz Holy Tribunal following the foundation of Dominia though remains somewhat skeptical of some of it's deviation from Sk'akh, following a slightly muddled combination of the half-remembered doctrines of Sk'akh and the modern Edicts of the Tribunal. While I was initially disinclined from the laundry and cooking option, I think that's what I'll end up going with. Seeing an opportunity to finally escape the woman's life, they would consistently hound and challenge the raiders while stuck doing those duties, eventually earning a fight mainly from irritating them into giving up and letting then fight. While inexperienced and ultimately losing the duel, they displayed such fire that they allowed them to train with the warriors, perhaps chiefly for amusement, but displayed such drive and fire that an accompanying shaman deemed them a warrior's soul born into the wrong body. While I'm not keen on the Kataphract idea, as that doesn't mesh well with their resentment of the Hegemony and some traditional Unathi customs, the point of muddled motivations is valid. I currently envision their motivations and conflicts as: Becoming tired of the pressures and the restraining politeness of Dominian Noble society, especially with it being run more and more by humans and with the recent outlawing of slavery Wanting to figure out their self-identity in a place with laxer cultural expectations before their soul joins with the Great Spirit/Goddess, conflicting with their opinion of humans and their meddling within the Empire Trying to embody the traditional image of the warrior, conflicting with their self-identity issues although these will likely change and develop as I play it out ingame. I am, of course, intentionally making the character conflicted on a number of issues so there's a lot for them to work out through play. I could definitely see me doing a female Hopeful as a separate character by the way!
  10. They would be quite well qualified for the position given their previous experience in government-sanctioned privateering operations, with a (largely ceremonial) degree from the Dominian Imperial Military Academy.
  11. BYOND Key: Memescope McGee Character Names: Lichfield Agathus, Amachye Uchechie, A.I.D.E. #04743, Ini Ugonma Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Greying black Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Their honour-bound society and heavily traditionalist views seem intriguing to play, especially with their political history with the galaxy at large; the history of the Contact War, the Aut’akh and the pirate takeover of Dominia are of particular interest to me. The heavily sexist Unathi society is also rather interesting to me, especially the slightly conflicted inclusion of souls born into the wrong bodies—I intend to play one of these people as my first character. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: The Unathi’s strict honour system combined with their predilection towards aggression and stubbornness seem to make for a unique roleplaying experience on this server, along with the societal aspects mentioned above. Additionally, the (as of now) unique mostly mechanical Aut’akh and their conflict with traditional Unathi culture and its beliefs about prosthetics should provide very interesting RP opportunities. Character Name: Sakszha Kazkhz, Head of Security Sakszha, born in 2390 as Shuzko Sassoak, had the misfortune of being a warrior’s soul born into a frail woman’s body. Throughout her early life she chafed at her clan’s expectations, forced to cook and clean and other such honourless task, denied the warrior’s life that was rightfully hers. Being crass, violent and unladylike, her clan struggled to find her a husband for many years, eventually finding a man so weak-willed as to agree to the marriage for a pittance. She proved a poor wife indeed, angry and distracted from all her womanly duties. The aliens came when she was already well into her forties, bringing with them the grand opportunity to escape her loathsome life to the stars. Intimidating her husband into arranging passage on a ship, the two had the misfortune of being picked up by a band of raiders. While her husband quickly perished, she impressed the aliens and her own kind both with her incredible knack for violence, despite her gentle sex, and finally acknowledged her as, if not one with a man’s body, then at least a true warrior’s soul, and took up the name of Sakszha. Rising up the ranks of S’kraskin Seryo’s raiders, they participated in the Lightning War for Moroz and earned their place as a House Noble under their new clan, Kazkhz. Following the fateful events of the Lightning War, they spent their years as an officer of the Kazkhz privateer fleet largely at ease with their lot in life, kept alive in their elder years past expectations of their species with the genetic magics of the Empire. As the years have passed, however, they have been growing increasingly uneasy about their place in the world and within the Empire’s ever-expanding Human bureaucracy. Increasingly frustrated with the Human-dominated Empire they fought to build, they have decided to strike out on their own (with a few serving Ma’Zals, of course) to Tau Ceti for its new, liberal experiences, travelling home now and then to stave off the impacts of age. What do you like about this character? The whole ‘born in the wrong body’, kind-of-trans-kind-of-not thing is super interesting to me along with exploring Unathi gender roles in an unusual way with someone who doesn’t really conform to either. I also just have a soft spots for ex-pirates, especially given this one was literally given a noble title for it. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Pretty high up there, I guess? I mean, I don’t want to be an asshole or anything but it’s hard to answer this one without sounding like one, so… Notes: I got to this aesthetic after a bit of messing around with character creation on a local copy:
  12. Bumping since my trial's been over for a day or two.
  13. I mean sure, a poorly played contractor in an unfitting role could make other contractors look worse, but isn't that the case for any instance of lore being badly represented? This really seems more like a moderation matter than one to lock by mechanics. As it currently is, I've seen firsthand contractors in unreasonable positions be shut down pretty damn quickly through moderation, and coding in a hard limit to what jobs contractors can do seems unnecessarily limiting. Moreover, locking contractors from certain corps into specific jobs seems pretty reductive and detrimental to the lore - since we're talking about these massively powerful megacorps with fingers in many pies, reducing them to a single specific role just seems counterproductive.
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