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  1. Well, the the wiki should be adjusted to reflect this. As for now it seems more like your answer is basically "Well, never mind the lore and backstory we have on our wiki, NSS Aurora is a safe space for aliens of all sorts, and NT is the most progressive corporation that cares about comfort of their workers in the first place". Which it isn't, in my opinion. I have provided sufficient basis for my opinion on this situation wiki-vise, however, all I see is complete ignore of it, so why have it at all, if that's decided in another place to ignore all of it? The reason which captain has used to justify the suspension of my character also seems out of RP atmosphere. You can't undermine the feeling of trust of the xenos crew, NT is a huge corporation, it doesn't care about their workers feelings at all. If they don't like the way they are treated, they can leave at will, there will be hundreds who will willingly take their position. The captain isn't there to watch for their psychological feelings. My character hasn't showed any unprofessionalism in his treatment of the xenos crew. So, in my opinion, the captain's actions were arbitrary and unjust, unless, what I said above about NSS Aurora and NT is true.
  2. This is not true, as the current president is supporting the situation where xenos laborers have no right even for the minimum wage. While the rest two parties vow for the suspension of the work visas for them and one of them vows for outright expulsion of some xenos. There is only one party that is pro-xenos in the parliament. And the parliament is rather 50/50, not "super libeal xeno-loving" at all. The next is I find it hard to believe that in a world, where the first contact happened in the current generation, everyone is going to be very xenos-friendly. The NanoTrasen, in turn give no damn about the Tajras, as they intentionally instigate the conflict in their homeworld for profits, same as the case with the discovery of Untahi, both of whom are a cheap labor in comparison with Humans and Skrells. The Tajaran population is also not very integrative, as it is the source of a high crime rates in the places where they live and gained them a poor reputation among Humans, not to mention giant problem with Vaucra refugees. Also, if you simply imagine a giant cockroach, you can pretty much see the reason why humans wouldn't take much pleasure working with them. So, there is basically no NT rule for it, which would mention this in a contract, which my character is meant to sign before being sent to work on the station, it's just if the captain is a xenos-loving guy, he can do whatever he wants and suspend you for it with no requirement from the NT to do so, just because he doesn't like xenophobes? My character treats xenos same as the NT does, the asset and a cheap labor. He will protect them and will arrest them, if the need arises all the same as the human crew, but that doesn't mean he has to like them or hide his dislike towards them. I see it as an arbitrariness and subjectivity from the captain to suspend him for merely calling them what they are, while not making any unjust activities towards the xenos crew members in my character turn. Also, I feel like this "xenos loving" environment is just taking a pretty much interesting Role play element of a society that have just recently discovered a new alien species and is yet to learn to work alongside them, by taking another element from the difference of xenos from the usual crew, making them even more of a human characters with tails from perspective of the rest of the crew, in my opinion.
  3. So, basically you can't call giant talking cats giant talking cats in a world, where human politics is dominated by human-fist parties and first contact was made just fifty years ago, right?
  4. Sorry, I have replied to the first version of your post, before you edited it. Don't actually see how this change my point, tough. Also, can't seem to find the CCIA Notice 30, so I guess there's that, sorry, would like to explore the other ones beyond the 14 I can find in wiki, though) Okay, wanna remember how it was? When Detective brought the recorder to HoS, she went to you, all of this time, MC was staying in the hallway on post. Right after that I was immediately summoned to HoP line. There was no interview, so you are already lying, bahoo, bad you(see, this does not lead discussion anywhere, don't do this, please:3). Second, your protocol? What am I supposed to do with it, lol? When I was summoned, the first thing you said to me was "Give me your ID". No "Hello, officer", "there is something we need to talk", even simply "for your violation against the regulations", no, nothing, give me your ID, and for a long time this was the only thing you were saying. You know this is true, so no need to deny it. While I was asking you the basis, beside your personal agenda, which I never said you didn't said, but the point of the discussion the whole time was clearly the basis for you reasoning with some in-game regulation back-up on which you are issuing your decision. You were simply ignoring all of these question and has repeated your request at least 4-5 times, before you disconnected, which I understand, but after this you said something, that I am sorry, I unable to quote fully, however, it was basically that you don't need no basis from Regulations do carry out this decision. So, understanding that you are unable to base your point right now, I understood that arguing here will bring me nothing and gave you my ID. So, all I ask, once again, as simple as that. Back up your decision with some in-game lore piece. Can you just to that? Or simply aknowledge that you think your captain can exercise hiso own agenda onboard with no need for any rules from NT? P.S. >Asking not to bring the modern politics to the discussion >Literally does that in next post hehe, that's a good one >Literally reads the previous post where I counter the exact same argument >Posts it in the next post almost unchanged Cute
  5. Did I claimed somewhere that I know the regulations and directives back to back?) I merely asked Nantei to prove her point, which he, in turn has failed to do. I do take this regulation to note. During the round itself I was wearing the black security uniform issued by NT, and upon dismissal has turned it back with no problem. So... What? That was my point the whole time. If you read my messages carefully you would see that I have returned all of the equipment with no arguing, except for the EPMC uniform I started with and put in my personal locker in security wardrobe, which was stolen by Vaurca officer. I'm really sorry, but I fail to see the reason you posted it, since it does not have much to do with the current discussion, which is the question of why HoS has stolen my character uniform. The CCIA Notices are taken to notes, though, thanks)
  6. >Battery Wow, just wow, not even talking about the fact that if headset would have hit you in the face, the game would show and appropriate message, however, the game indicated the headset falling on the floor. Still expect the proof for previous two claims. Who should read the regulation page is you, and I wish you to show me the exact wording of how my "crime" is connected with confiscation. I handed out the equipment that is the property of NT, however, kept the equipment that does not belongs to NT and belongs to EPMC and is the property of the respective department in EPMC that did not issue any order on dismissal. The whole order of stealing MC clothes is kinda dumb, cuz he always wears poncho anyways, that hides the uniform completely. I want you to prove the legality of this decision from regulations standpoint. I have proven my point, using the in-game lore, you, however, keep basing your opinion on personal agenda. By the way, my character never "yelled out slurs", but "only made his remarks in private conversation once, not even meaning it as an insult, but rather as a remark about his environment not even addressing it directly to the xenos". No need to exaggerate here, jeez.
  7. I want to see a proof of it, as I don't believe that happened. There was no battery as my character willingly got cuffed by yours. And my character neglected order to wear jumpsuit when he was already suspended and your character personally stole MC uniform, which is basically a theft.
  8. Once again, the world of Aurora is not modern-day one and as such current events shall not be projected on the game. The politics of Sol Alliance are dominated by the human-first parties of ATLAS and GAIA, to which my character belongs. While the politics of Republic of Biesel, where Tau Ceti is based, is also influenced by government that is composed of parties that can be seen as xenophobic. The position of NT is also quite speaking regarding the xenos with "The corporation is also suspected of instigating wars on Ahdomai and Moghes for the purpose of manipulating the species' into lucrative deals for profit." So NT don't seem like the kind of xenos loving guys to me. The top positions in NT are also taken by humans with some exceptions of skrells.
  9. First of all, talking about my character being drunk in this post is irrelevant since you wouldn't know about it unless I wrote it here. Second, even in real life you are supposed to comprehend your client despite your liking or disliking of him. Whether you like him being of a different race, or being rude to you or smelling bad or whatever else. You gotta do your job. In fact, I, myself work in a foreign country and my native co-workers of this country always joke about my origin, but this doesn't make me scream and go complaining to my boss, who is also foreigner. We simply laugh it out and go on with it. My character never mistreated any of the personnel based on their race during the round, and only made his remarks in private conversation once, not even meaning it as an insult, but rather as a remark about his environment not even addressing it directly to the xenos, which can be seen in logs(the round ID is b3a-dw1H, by the way). However, once approached by other xenos and directly asked if "Did you call Muhawirr a cat, and state that vaurrrrca arrre cockrroaches.", he answered bluntly yes, because, you know, they really do look like them). The tajara were discovered less then forty years before the current date and vaucra just 5 years ago. By merely calling them what they are, in a private conversation, without addressing it directly to them and meaning no offense(even if the insult was taken), you do not put them in danger, unless NSS Aurora is not a reseach vessel, but simply a safe space for xenos. It is kinda weird to so bluntly remove the ability to express your character. Some five years ago when I played SS13, my character was also referring to Tajara crew as "kitty" and they were not actually crying about it on comms, but times have certainly changed here, aye, shame it affected even this place. Third and the last, my complaint is about basically boring suspension procedure. Nor captain, nor HoS were able to roleplay it properly, in my opinion and the only thing that have been extracted from this encounter, was basically cap screaming "gimme yar ID, kid, or imma calling da cops", without even trying to talk about it whatsoever in personal meeting. This is just boring and wrong behavior on cap' side, in my opinion. Well, basically, I simply want to hear out the Lore writers and admins opinions on this situation, since if they actually do acknowledge that NSS Aurora is a safe space for aliens and your character can't have their opinions on working along xenos, then I withdraw any of my remarks, because times have changed, aye, and I will play by the rules given. This is not UK, no need to push your agenda here, please:3
  10. BYOND Key: Burning Soul345, Kingston Dean a.k.a. Cowboy Hat Officer Game ID: The Game ID of the round after Player Byond Key/Character name: Nathan Corvo as Captain and Mia Frei as HoS Staff involved: Yonnimer Reason for complaint: So, my character got drunk and some Tajara entered the security Hallway. And my character have decided that it's pretty weird that he is surrounded by talking cats and giant cockroaches(which, let's be real, does sounds like a nice plot for a bad trip) and have decided to make a remark on it. Then the Detective Rashaan Mi'khail entered and started to ask MC(my character) if he really said this, to which MC answered yes, and upon recording it went to HoS, who in turn went to captain with this record. I shall remark, that, in my opinion my character behaves pretty nice with the rest of the crew, including the above mentioned Detective(anyone correct me if I'm wrong here, though). When MC approached captain, the Captain have requested the ID, however, when asked on what basis the demotion is happening, he started going with some rumbling and took some time to actually find the only thing that is xenos-related in NT Corporate Regulation, which is i109, where insulting xenos is actually mentioned as an example of genuine offense, which might as well happen between two people upon calling one another fat and does not includes the demotion as a punishment). However, entirely ignoring MC remarks, he started saying that he is the boss captain here and he doesn't care. And also if captain can just go on and dissolve the contract with non-NT(EFMC) crew member upon his mere wish, as I believe those contracts are being negotiated with the respective HR department, which is placed above the Captain(might be wrong, though), which is literally what he said. Also, after this, HoS was forcing MC to wear gray suit while stealing MC uniform and ordered Za'Akaix'Crono Zo'ra and Ini Ugonma to take MC clothes off and arrest him for not wearing the clothes she provided, which was just stupidly hilarious in my ooc opinion but questionable in ic one. Basically, its not as much of complaint(although, it is one, nevertheless) as it is the question to the forums if your character can voice their xenophobic attitude, while not actually hurting/threatening/disobeying and not genially being a dick about it, but rather questioning xenos' qualification to work on board of station along with humans and similar remarks along these lines. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes, I did, and Yonnimer tried to answer my questions eagerly regarding the situation, but had to leave, so offered me to place my complaint here. Approximate Date/Timeb] ~8:40 PM EST 10/9/2019
  11. I was with her during this round and, as shown by the other rounds, Summer is able to be both somewhat playful character when nothing happens, bringing some great atmosphere to the security comms, and, when the need arises, a serious character who is able to take responsibility for her department and the people around her. But I will have to hold on to my +1 until Summer will get ma' cowboy hat back.
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