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  1. I've been slowly, but surely, been trying to incorporate Kalna into being more Aut'akh, cutting down on their childish personality to be more naive and gullible instead, and overall been making them more Unathi. I understand where you are coming from and I am trying to change Kalna, and nothing from Kalna will leak into this character. And I am trying to change that aswell, I was kind of stupid with the "Cucumber" incident, and will not do it again. And I am trying to get some more lore into the relay aswell, and trying to make Kalna on there less childish. I have done that for another character concept that Sytic gave me, but I have come up with 95% of this application myself, including the character concept. I have mostly taken inspiration from other applications on what to write, but the concept is all mine. I have not ignored feedback on the other thread, I havent replied but it doesn't mean I didn't read it, even though it may seem that way.
  2. BYOND Key: AccointNaim Character Names: I have various other characters, but I only play Veetek Kalna right now. Species you are applying to play: IPC. What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Exempt. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, I have. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: While IPCs are not the most unique species Space Station 13 has, they're certainly one of the most interesting species, at least to me. They're robotic, emotionless, though it might seem like they have emotion, they are just emulating it, they may cry for help and act sad, but at the end of they day they're emulating it, after all, they're not sentient right? I'd love to play as an IPC as Cyborg/Android/Robot felt limited to me when I played them. And with the SLF Events happening, I think it's the perfect time to apply for IPC. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: IPC's are made as tools, whether it's engineering, medical, or even security work, they're owned by the company who made them, or who bought them. They may become free but it is an expensive process most IPCs can't even get close to, even if they do they still have to pay for other expenses like maintenance and power. They're not limited by emotion, which makes them so appealing to various corporations, they won't get sad, make bonds with other crew, can work 24/7, and most importantly, they're rational. They're never childish, jokesters, or anything that conflicts with their jobs, they may be nice, friendly, but it never conflicts with their work. They may still seem like they have emotion, but they're just emulating it, baselines probably won't do it great, shells are one of the best at doing it. Character Name: Akia Please provide a short backstory for this character Akia was made for a fairly big AD Campaign made by Terraneus Diagnostics named "Trust Akia", the Ad went along the lines of "Are you lonely? Do you need a friend? Trust Akia™, the latest Akia™ model from Terraneus Diagnostics, it can comfort you, do chores, and even your work! Only 360,000 Credits, plus shipping and handling, one of the cheapest shells on the market! Wow!! But don't worry, it'll rake in the dough! Akia™ will make you feel better, no matter what, you will feel comfortable around Akia™" The Ad was successful, and NanoTrasen bought several Akia's to work on the station as various civilian and medical roles including counselors and psychiatrists, and they included one on the Aurora. Akia however is a fairly robotic, and cheap-ish made shell, not intending to mimic humans outside of looks and voice, and even then it looks and speaks uncanny if you listen, and stare at it for long enough. What do you like about this character? I'd like to see how patients, willing or otherwise, would like a robot taking care of them (Even if most of the people on the aurora like robots) that looks and sounds exactly* like a human, but in other aspects are completely robotic, the way they act, move, speak, all of it uncanny while combined with the voice and looks. It may not be the most unique concept, but I think its a good one, especially with the SLF Events putting everyone on their toes. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 5/10 to 7/10. I think I can nail the whole extremely robotic, and trying to be friendly aspect of this character though. Notes: Criticism welcome, and advised.
  3. All the constructive criticism is welcome for Veetek Kalna, nicknamed Bananathi.
  4. Cult right now is... bad. This is a welcome change, if not needed.
  5. There is no shot of Unathi beating up an Aut'akh, 0/523646 not good
  6. I've added and removed some stuff in the backstory, according to your criticism!
  7. Ah fuck, forgot to brush over that didn't I. Species: Since Zuqarsh grew up with Skrell, and lived with them most their life, plus with the Newly Added(TM) Wake and being a reciever (something that I also brushed over), Zuqarsh has many of the thoughts of the other Skrell about the species that they discovered, though Zuqarsh does have some different views on some species. Such as Dionaea, Zuqarsh really /loves/ the Dionaea, as they lived around them alot, and would like to see them doing something amazing one day, if there is a Dionae on the station, they will be there with them atleast once. They are also very interested in Vaurca though a little scared due to them being twice their size, they will be asking questions about their Queen, and all of that, if there is a Vaurca on the station, maybe they will be there. Everything from here on out is generic skrell culture things. Hobbies: Reading, mostly, it passes the time and allows them to learn more things, though playing with the slimes is a close second. Personality: Curious. Very curious, like if you have a stone in your shoe, they will find out through your barber somehow. Job Happiness: They are extremely passionate about it, knowing about the Dionaea made them wonder if there were other civilizations, and with the Vaurca arriving in Tau Ceti to make contact with humanity, and thus the other races. They are hopeful a new race will do the same, and that they will have first contact with them. What makes them happy: Their hobby, obviously, but also others being happy, especially skrell. The Wake, from what they learned, caused lots of people to experience the loss of others in the Glorsh Era, they don't want that to happen again, through selfishness? Maybe, but it benefits other receivers aswell.
  8. BYOND Key: AccointNaim Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: White, due to being born on Aliose and my own lack of creativity. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yep! Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I've had experiences with Skrell like Simfanatic's Ziiq-Luu Xrim, and [I forgot]'s Yonosh Nuux, which got me interested in the lore, and all of that of Skrell, I've read it here and there but never got around to making an app. Secondly, I like their mechanics, telepathy has always appealed to me, overpassed by being a robot lizard, the Srom is also fairly unique, though I've never seen it used in game, I am not sure it even exists in game. Thirdly, I like the roleplay aspects of all of it, (almost) all of the skrell distrusting AI, some of them outright hating them, I think it results in some interesting conflict, especially since skrell code makes up most of the AI code, if not all of it. Emotions are very different from most of the other species, also making for interesting roleplay in people struggling to understand them, apart from skrell, plus the Humor, which is very humorous. Lastly, they can be command roles, which I would like to be at a later date, since Aut'akh cannot be command. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Psionics. Explanatory, the Skrell can use telepathy, the shroud Srom, and a new edition, The Wake, The Wake is a though field which allows passively sharing with other skrell, which influences them to think like them, and vice versa, though this can only happen to Receivers, with Listeners just, like the name implies, just listens to the Wake, not being effected. The Srom is just a more louder version of the Wake, and is only avaliable during sleep, if they are in a very deep sleep they may mutter out things they are saying in the Srom, while lightly sleeping they can stop doing that, but will remain tired, I cannot really learn how the one sentence of meditating works however, but I assume it allows light sleeping without muttering, technically. Skrell can use a variety of focus, and pressing againts the temples, to use a very localised Srom to talk to each other like a private radio, without needing to talk. They may do this on alien races, but it's outlawed by the federation on non-consenting aliens, deemed as assault. Culture. Skrell are encouraged by the Jargon Federation to be what they call "Idols", which are ideal federation members, and represent the face of the federation, this is further encouraged with rewards like a luxury space yacht, luxury space hotel room on said space yacht, and other luxuries, the Idols are chosen on popularity, for instance a good scientist which helped X town with Y, and got insanely popular with that town may be shown to other towns, even an entire region to try to get other skrell to pursue what the Idol did, or something similar. Pop Culture is also a way to encourage skrell to be better, using films and other media as outlets, which the skrell hungrily consume. It is currently unknown if the Jargon Federation uses memes to do this too, however. Character Name: Zuqarsh Wazka Please provide a short backstory for this character Born in the Supernova Era 13 years before the integration of the Dionaea into the workforce, Wazka at age 114 is currently applying for Xenobiologist on the NSS Aurora, but how did we get here? Born to a Qu'Pluux on Aliose in 2347, to one of the few Skrell in the area that had one of the prototype fertility treatments, many professional tutors from the previous era eagerly asked to teach the newly born tadpoles, a couple weeks later they had already began teaching the tadpoles basic Nral'Malic, and how evil synthetics are, for safe measure. At age 5, Wazka went to a Kindergarten in Fedas, and got to reading and learning about the Dionaea being taught by the kindergarten teachers. Wazka graduated the first class of Kindergarten in 2357, and secondary was about the same, graduating in 2366. Wazka went to three colleges after this, with Ziaqa College in Biology, and to two other colleges in Xenobiology, and Biochemistry, graduating them all in 2409 after failing some, and reapplying to the colleges again. Zuqarsh Wazka, with their college degrees in hand, set their eyes apon a job before pursuing higher education, applying for a Xenobiology Assistant in studying and containing the out of control slimes on a frontier world, four years later, they discovered that Humanity was found, turning their head towards a possibly brighter future for both races, Wazka eagerly applied to AUMS, and got accepted, and graduated with fields in Biology and Xenobiology in 2453, after which they learned about the newly created Republic of Biesel, curious about how many Unathi, Humans, Tajara, and other Skrell lived and worked there, they started learning Tau Ceti Basic at a nearby Tau Ceti Basic Learning Center. In 2454 they applied for another xenobiology job in order to save up enough money to buy enough accomadations in Tau Ceti, transiting to Tau Ceti in 2458, they learned of a very spiffy research station of the NSS Aurora, in 2460 and now, in the first sentence above, is applying to work there. What do you like about this character? I have realised this is a very generic skrell. So I like their Genericness, I guess. Apart from that, a very enthusiastic skrell about learning about other species, and making friends with them, even though they might seem heartless, though the main reason for this is curiosity, Zuqarsh is curious about humans, tajara, unathi, dionaea, and vaurca, and like most other skrell will try to deeply probe them to find out their likes, dislikes, and history. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7/10 to 8/10, I think I provide reasonable RP to interactions, though I am no way a master. Notes: Give me some criticism, I need it. Please.
  9. As a Unathi main, I would like to scare the shit out of medical, though maybe change it so that a chemical, let's say Orliniom will nullify the alchohol? Though this is a good idea on it's own. +1
  10. Simfantic's Ziiq'Luu Xrim is one of the best, and competent scientists and roleplayers I have seen, if not the best. I would love to see them as an IPC. +1
  11. I've now realised that while this would of been cool, and that I have atleast tried to fit this in with the lore, that is it's all fucking dumb. I'd like this post to be taken down, please.
  12. Ah, yes, that does sound horribly stupid for both sides now that I think of it, I'll try to replace them with something else.
  13. As you might know, Aut'akh have Soul Anchors which can run OSS Programs, they can range from "Oh my god, they're a hivemind" to just a public messaging board. Which is why I present to you OSS Programs, and .OSSNEX, ranging from ripping off Vaurca to more unique abilties. OSS Programs will be able to be picked like a changeling picking their abilties using the Aut'akhs ability tab, they can only pick one (Two? Three is more lore friendly), and CANNOT change it. First, .OSSNEX, or .OSS Network Expander is a machine located in the AI Core area, the Vault, or a new special area. And allows the OSS Programs to run, if destroyed all Aut'akh on the station will momentarily stumble while walking, and will no longer be able to use OSS Programs, speaking of which... PrivateSquare.OSS is a new .OSS Program which is basically Vaurca Hivemind, but while using it you will go blind to simulate using your eyes to enter a chatroom, using it will open a textbox, which when spoken into will be sent to all Aut'akh using PS.OSS and the AI. TravelGrid.OSS can either just be like a Holographic Map already in the game, or, more interestingly spawns a predetermined pathway to a place of your chosing, (Bridge, Medbay, Cargo, Bar) which is only avaliable to see to the Aut'akh using it. NTMedSafe.OSS is a collaboration between NT and the Aut'akh, allowing them to access the medical records of the Aurora they CANNOT change anything about the records! (This is only available to Medical Doctor Aut'akh) NTSecSafe.OSS is a collaboration between NT and the Aut'akh, allowing them to access the security records of the Aurora, they CANNOT change anything about the records! (This is only avaliable to Security Officer Aut'akh) AGames.OSS has the arcade machine games in it, "Orion Trail" and "Defeat (X)" And finally, BattleTrance.OSS, an implant (Not actually a program) which is only avaliable to Traitors, Ninjas, and Mercenaries using 8 - 18 TC, or just avaliable as a program. (Depending on how OP), when chosen they will get a Split Personality, referred to as Commander in game (Used by a ghosted player) which can be enabled by choosing Split Personality, or Traitor (Or even a whole new role selection), when enabled the main Aut'akh loses control and the Split Personality takes over, gaining a pain resistance boost, slight movement speed boost, 25% Damage increase to Melee weapons, but will only last 1 - 2 minutes, after which they will fall to sleep for 10 seconds and will be unable to use it for 5 minutes. Also, I am accepting more suggestions for .OSS Programs
  14. New one looks better compared to the one you originally put on.
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