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  1. Rijiikirr Al'Athal has a impeccable design, nevertheless to be put in the position of a Head of Security. They actively give orders and aren't just- 'arm up, kill that, shoot that', but they're considerate of the situations and are always making use of each officer under their control. They're a delight to play alongside in command. If I see Rijiikirr Al'Athal on the manifest, I know the station is in good and capable hands and should have a competent response to the antags as the round progresses. One notable example of their skills would be their quick action to have a unruly officer detained, and during this same round I was a antagonist. However, due to orders that Rijiikirr Al'Athal had given to the officers, I couldn't just walk up and get the officer out with my captain spare. Then when a later situation arose and I attempted to grab the prisoner in the mania after a ion rifle was accidentally shot at a officer, the head of security was smart enough to realize something was up and coordinated his officers to surround me to ensure I didn't run. He is a gorilla to the monkeys, and he's good at organizing those monkeys. That in mind, I would love to see TealSeal as a permanent addition of the command roster, so I'll give this a +1. P.S - Command gang, command gang.
  2. -1 You're not fit for conversation with people that don't hold your ideas, and I've seen many situations and examples in which I won't name for privacy sake where you haven't shown yourself to be a decent person in the community, so I very highly would detest against you holding any form of position in the administration, make some changes with your conduct and I'll change this to a +1, but until then, no.
  3. Knows his peepee from his poopoo, but aside from the meme, he excels at showing that he is capable of roleplay and considerably able to order goons around when he needs to. There is nothing that makes me even consider that he won't be able to smack some faces if they backtalk him as HoS, he will be able to steer rounds in the right direction with this whitelist. Go get'em tiger! +1
  4. Have staff powers, you do not have. Big bitch, you are. Laughing, I am. Fool, you are.
  5. Posting this on reddit, I shall. Upvote, I will get.
  6. Not apart of complaint, that is, delete this, you will. Ping Abo, I do not hesitate to do. Served, justice shall be.
  7. BYOND Key: gameryoda11 Staff BYOND Key: Goret Game ID: Do not remember, I do. Reason for complaint: Bitch, Goret is. Think I am powerless, I am not. Complaint, this is. Distrought, I am. Want removed Goret removed from staff, I wish. Taking to forums, I am. Evidence/logs/etc: TCIF Discord, it is. Shitposting, it was not. Additional remarks: Angry, I am. Response within 24 hours, or DDOS Minecraft server, I shall. Use force, I can.
  8. Lupo is always a pleasure to roleplay with, no matter if the characters I'm roleplaying with are at each others necks or best of friends, he demonstrates the expertise to roleplay under all kinds of pressure. And to showcase how to properly play certain characters from the aspect that they begun with. The design of the two characters I've seen so far, Paxton Coates and Rocco DeFranco, they're both brilliant characters. And I have no uncertainty that if you get this whitelist you'll move the earth itself. All of the features of the backstory fit into what I would assume was the story of a Unathi if you gave it to me without any particular names of locations, and I don't even fully comprehend 40% of lore. +1
  9. Bump. Making sure I'm still up to the task. The only thing I don't like about the current iteration or atleast I'm not happy with is with the nervous stuttering or sentences being cut. I'm not entirely sure on that, or if I'm overdoing it or not.
  10. I agree that they should be able to drive the flow of a round, and give other people things to do and encourages others to use their characters accordingly which would make for absorbing roleplay! OOC Standpoint: Well, first off I'd go based off their looks. If they have a flavortext or if they're a baldie with a grey jumpsuit, usually how they type. I want to make sure I'm not gonna give a griefer access to medical so he can fiddle with all their operations. But that doesn't mean I won't disallow them entirely. But, then ICly I'd have to put them through a short background check. Look through their records very quickly. Ask them questions ICly if they know anything about medical to begin with. If they say they know everything I would probably have a less likely chance unless they have someone in medical either vouch for them or someone in command. That would be based off of reputation. I would then go off based on the medical manifest, if they are lacking with extremity, or if they're moderate. If this far they go past all of my checks, I would check with the CMO if there was one, asking them if they need more hands then I would progress the interaction into asking for the ID, yadda-yadda, then accepting them. Albeit they could've just had been put as Medical Intern. They can be put in good tasks, like checking out the sensors, or fetching equipment people don't have on hand. Or just assisting in the medbay lobby when security gets inevitably smoked by the mercenaries and the heisters. TL;DR: I ensure they aren't a greytider or a griefer, I look through their clothing, if they've pink with a afro and are typing like this "Hey can i get a role in medical" and don't really give a good explanation as to why they want to be in there to help or have no experience whatsoever. I'd deny them. If they have a flavortext set-up, look respectable, and have a good reason for experience or atleast a small reason. I'd accept them, with varying responses depending on their history. IC Standpoint: Jade is a fairly strict woman, she's sort of a verbally backbiting person. Although within the restrictions of staying professional as to her suit lifestyle. She'd begin by going over a background check. Essentially asking the assistant meticulous questions to ensure they're qualified. If they don't provide a good reason as to why they should be qualified to be reassigned then Jade would dismiss them entirely, waving them off. However, if they wish to learn under medical and it's a steady shift and there's no trouble, Jade would already be checking the manifest to see if more hands are needed. Then informing the CMO if there is one present and asking them if they need more hands from a enthusiastic assistant that either has small experience and wants to help, or wants to learn medical for their pursuits one day. If they are accepted, and pass everything there is asked up to that point and provide good reasoning and background as to either why they aspire to be in that positions or how they have the knowledge of medical. Then they'd be placed in Medical Intern, or a Medical Assistant role for that shift. Ensuring the reassignment papers are properly filled out, then sending them on their merry way with a non-heartfelt word of encouragement and a strict tone to her voice. TL;DR Jade would be very careful. Medical is a very important part of the station, you're saving peoples lives, and you cannot just question if Bicardine is for oxy loss or toxins when someone is bleeding out in front of you. Tell me if there is any way I could improve this process of reassignment, if there is any!
  11. Seeing as Eridanian Contractors should probably have a full uniform, it'd be stupid for them to not have a hat to go along with it. So I approve of this being added for those that are contracted by NT from Eridani, you're naked without your branding hat.
  12. Don't worry Amory, feeling is mutual--, although personally mechanic wise I have trouble with the medical code on Aurora, hence I actually didn't expect people to like Topaz due to that factor.
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