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  1. I think if things that impact the lore of the server and on-going events which are sponsored by a developer of a lore on the NT-Relay, it should be tied more closely and kept to the same standards at the maincord. I don't know why this thread is edged initially toward shit-flinging about NT-SEC(which has been pulled off in sake for the Departmental Discord), it doesn't really tie in prevalently to the argument of further merging the ties between the staff of the community and the staff of a side-discord which sponsors canon occurrences and shaped the ways events have transpired, ex: cat-event.
  2. Considering most of the rounds are antagonist rounds and thus considered non-canon, this isn't necessarily a bad idea, but it won't work for continuity. Persistence and World server have already done similar and beyond, so this is an idea that can be performed, yeah, but it won't work for the current state of Aurora.

  4. They look like they're made of plastic, and in contrast with the darkened floors and environment in contrast to the new weapon sprites, it just doesn't mesh well. I feel like the initial colors and premise of the previous guns, but remade in this style could have potential. The SMG looks fine though, I'd take it on a date.
  5. What Caelphon said, the development is pretty much becoming Baystation at this point with trying and sometimes doing rapid-fire removals after a round was irking in one occasion.
  6. I've seen enough of MccRribs writing prowess to know that he'd undoubtedly capable of making sound lore decision to further the lore for Skrell, I agree with the presented direction that you're putting up to the pedestal, and I believe your contributions to the conversation of Skrell between the lore-team and the actual contributions & lore-writing bits will help repair the neglected state of the Skrell lore. Mans got a good head on his shoulders, though a small writing example for theoretical changes would absolutely be nice, I'm confident that giving you a +1 is a worthwhile investment,
  7. 201208377785843712 This happens to be my 69th post
  8. Discord Name: Alpha and Omega#7378 BYOND key: Kryostro Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Garnascus(?) Reason of Ban: I threw shade at someone who was banned whilst on the discord, which then promptly got my ass belted by Garnascus. Reason for Appeal: I can't know when events are since I don't actively roam the forums enough to take a look at the calendar, or see announcements which I'd want to see in regards to say, lore, etc. This'll have been my second time coming off from a hard slap and a kick in the ass from the discord,
  9. Instructions unclear, sawed an Unathi in half.
  10. You're a beautiful man, you know that?
  11. I concur with UncleJo here, antagonists 100% need their own way of accessing medical care without being under immediate scrutiny from security should they for instance: enter surgery, go under extended care in the ICU, etc. This'd be a good alternative, though the extent of medical accessibility is really what begs the question. Is it able to do surgery? Does it have stored chemicals? So on so forth.
  12. Good point! I personally feel the IAC would be willing to lease out their workers to establishments that would need them in a non-profit manner, but in the same light you could ask why would the Aurora need the IAC to help out, or the IAC deeming it needed for them to send people over? I'm not a lore developer or anything, I figured the IAC would open up an option of facilities that have a larger civilian population needing assistance, ergo service, research, engineering, etc. Considering the canon fuckery that's happened the past year, all with the Warbling(?), the cat event I forgot the name
  13. It's what it says in the title, add the Interstellar Aid Corps as an selectable faction for contractors. We've already got the uniform and the lore behind them, even if they're tucked away under the Independent tab, better than nothing. It's said in their lore page they have volunteered on NanoTrasen stations and provide equipment for them, so there's no reason the IAC wouldn't send their people to NanoTrasen facilities to help give medical attention. It's all pretty self-explanatory so I don't feel like I need to lengthen this. Small pet peeve on the side here, the loadout selecti
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