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  1. This only serves to be a detriment to both antagonists and crew-members, yes, this sounds good on paper, but in actual process I can only imagine the effects to be nightmarish. It's a suggestion with good intentions, but overall wouldn't help without a suitable replacement or further thought put into it, because as it stands, removing the spare doesn't have any outweighing pros. Perhaps when the wave of nerfs have concluded, this could be looked at again, otherwise, as said previously, no dice.
  2. Thank you for responding, Goolies, or should I say, Mama Farthole? I feel that because Fabulinus has had a substantial amount of time with learning the development of children and their growth, all until the time of adulthood, he will be by this point capable of exhibiting more compassion then what's expected of a IPC, and be much more personable due his experiences thus far, whilst still remaining straitlaced and demonstrating his bookwormy nature when mingling with others on-station. I've already planned on Fabulinus being more then happy to plan plays, put some actual use to the playroom, and even group readings, or simply using his extensive knowledge of literature to help someone pick the book they'd seemingly enjoy.
  3. And thank you for the quick response! Firstly, Fabulinus has taken his own freedom into consideration, his life of rich ease with the Driscoll family had made him think otherwise to the prospect of throwing himself to the streets without the funds he'd require to both purchase his own freedom, alongside the additional fees required afterwards for housing. His perspective on other IPCs gathering their own freedom is something he's impartial about, believing the matter to be purely circumstantial. To Fabulinus? He prefers to stay in the lap of luxury, for now, although the freedoms of being self-owned are promising. Fabulinus lastly understands the turmoil of the societal effects of freedom, having experienced discrimination first-hand during tasks which took him outside the household, and his existent knowledge of Scrapheap, he's not ignorant of the plight his kind experiences. I'll keep it real, I made the app in the dead hours of the night all up until the morning eventually came, and during that period I actually forgot to touch down on the part elaborating on how IPCs were different from humans. So I had to quickly whip that up as I'd already posted the application by the time I realized. I was referring to how multiple cultures in lore have been shown to have negative opinions of IPCs, example being, Dominia, the Skrell, and by extension Unathi due to their outlook on the Aut'kah (Aut'kuh? Aut'ka??), etcetera.
  4. BYOND Key: Kryostro Character Names: Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Light grey. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Sure as hell. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I've played for two years on this server, and I've never, ever gotten myself a whitelist beside the command whitelist (overrated btw), and I've always had my eyes on IPC and Dionae, so it was truly a matter of which I'd prefer to make a application for first. Inevitably, the decision would be IPC, and since that decision I've been building up the know-how on IPC lore as to apply it for the whitelist application submission and present a well-thought character which I've cooked in my head for about two weeks now. IPCs specifically rose my interest due to their comprehensible existence, aside from that- their mechanics are more foreign then the play-style I'm used to when roleplaying as a human. Finally, the day I can drink welding fuel without a trip to the medbay draws near. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Humans live in relative peace in regards to racism against their species, without much suspicion going their way, unless you're hailing from an less than reputable background- humans don't experience scrutiny by other races. IPCs, on the other hand, have multiple backgrounds established in the lore in which they're heavily advised to have caution with IPCs. This dynamic interests me- to prove ones character can defy their distrustful gaze. IPCs have a unique sense of believably to exist, whilst having to abide by unique rules of their own, unparalleled by other species. Their mechanics are notable and interesting, they change your play-style to accommodate to their special needs for recharging, or not finding much use out of medical bay, arguably one of the most important departments on the Aurora (barring Janitoria). Character Name: Fabulinus (BAM-AC-0986) Please provide a short backstory for this character: BAM-AC-0986 was a Bishop Model IPC constructed 2448 during the initial release-craze at the behest of a affluent Bieselite family, known as the Driscolls from hereon for convenience-sake aswell as depth-sake. His use was necessary due to the father and mother, Jonathan Sr., and Elizabeth Driscoll respectively, requiring a caretaker for their six-year old Jonathan Jr., alongside their seven-year old, Natalie, due to their rising workload, having both collaborated and maintained a vessel insurance firm. Jonathan Sr., having in the later years of his life taking a liking to older literature, and mythological history pertaining to Sol- aptly dubbed his recently acquired IPC as Fabulinus, the Roman protector of children; said to put the first words into children. As they made idealistic brainstorming, Jonathan and Elizabeth decided it'd be optimal if he was to be implemented with the eagerness to devote time into experiencing pieces of literature, the reasoning to educate the impressionable children and prepare them for adulthood with more then the skills they'd need to survive and most importantly, thrive and strive for greatness. Fabulinus was unveiled to the two youth soon enough; and was matter of interest within the privileged household, the children being far eccentric to have their own IPC caretaker; and the adults astonished by the capabilities the Bishop Model had demonstrated which far surpassed prior IPC models developed since then; carrying himself in a courteous way to those around him. Fabulinus dutifully tutored the duo, exhibiting carefulness whilst keeping the two children in line, and supporting their first steps into education, even the most insignificant task was overlooked by Fabulinus, to the delight of his owners. Fabulinus soon grew out this overprotective behavior; favoring a more indirect yet guiding approach to mentoring the two children into eminence, Fabulinus speedily became a staple of the household- the adults no longer having to juggle the responsibilities ever since they've purchased Fabulinus- while being able to additionally levy some of their chores onto Fabulinus, whilst children grew to idolize their robotic babysitter as time flew by. As the children grew into teenagers, growth also found Fabulinus, in earlier years taking to self-seclusion during periods where he wasn't needed, simply recharging or reviewing the household to ensure every detail of the home was met to his owners distinguished standards. This mindless diligence soon became halved as Fabulinus began to take into account more and more of his scholarly past-time, reading timeless classics and brilliant theatrical pieces dotted across the centuries of humanity. His well-mannered personality only began to grew, taking time to become more fluid in his civil temperament, his robotic nature becoming less and less prevalent in his speech and mannerisms, beginning to take a more engaged affinity for mastering the art of civility, only further embracing his intelligent upbringing into both the Driscoll family, and in a broader picture, society. The year now being 2461, and the teenagers Fabulinus cared for had soon been ready to fulfill the future foreseen by Jonathan Sr., and Elizabeth, and entered a esteemed college abroad, their school of choice being on Eridani, financed accordingly with accumulated funding for their lodging and education; alongside visa fees and other sums for luxury. Additionally, Fabulinus had also developed, his new duties beginning to transform into a sagacious butler for the Driscolls; upholding the families expectations further and further, having more and more of a hand in the commitments needed to be put forward as his capabilities were specialized more and more for the benefit of their families insurance firm, considering the children had since almost matured fully by that point. Inevitably, the time for goodbyes dawned on Fabulinus and the now adults, Jonathan Jr., and Natalie, he had been beside them every step of the way, giving the family twelve-years of sophisticated service. This heartfelt departure sparked the first emotion, sorrow. Fabulinus had kept the thought to himself; considering himself incapable of feeling emotions, the emotions heroes fought whilst embarking on epic journeys, or the emotions that could be derived out of passionate plays he'd read. This was his most difficult dilemma; were his feelings artificial, or were they truly real? The thought had provoked thought within him long after the separation. Fabulinus didn't know how to deal with them leaving, even though he'd know from the start of his time with them, they'd be leaving eventually- he didn't quite know how to interpret them leaving, joy for having serviced them to his fullest ability and brought them to their expected greatness? Or sorrow that his time with them had been gone now. With the Driscoll children studying abroad for the distant future. Fabulinus no longer had a purpose, whilst the Driscoll family could make use of his extensive skills to help their firm; he required a secondary purpose. Fabulinus no longer had more tasks then he could handle, no specific decades in history Jonathan wished for him to dissect for memory; no emergency researching Sol Alliance history for a project Natalie was slacking off of doing. Fabulinus took this immense time he acquired with relative stride, despite small sentiments that pushed against his posibrain. Did he really wish for freedom, to establish his own stake onto the world, or did he want to remain living in a life of luxury, the only life he known? For the time, he preferred rich ignorance. After much reflection and contemplating between Elizabeth and Jonathan Sr., they'd come to a suitable compromise. His well-educated know-how, and perhaps even administrative ability could service the orbital research facility of the Aurora. During this waiting period of responsibility, Fabulinus found himself reflecting upon his time spent raising the duo, whilst flipping through more modern books; no longer reveling in old scriptures of the past, glories of days long gone, but finding himself more attracted to writings of the modern era, looking to enhance his knowledge off of the present, no longer fascinated in the past. With his intellectual expertise having expanded during the twelve-years of dedication to the Driscolls, eventually, Jonathan and Elizabeth saw to leasing his service to NanoTrasen aboard the N.S.S Aurora, his literary knowledge proving himself to be a reliable Librarian, while his underlying business competency sprouted possible ventures for the Driscolls to pursue for their sophisticated IPC. Until then, Fabulinus's duties hailed him to the Aurora. What do you like about this character? I enjoy the concept of a erudite IPC having outgrown its uses being utilized for another use for the Driscoll family. The knowledgeable mindset the character will require will be thought-provoking to me, and I'm intrigued to see how I could be able to undertake the character premise and how others will perceive it in-game, and also making the library more noteworthy to the crew with a conversant IPC Librarian would be a much more humble and welcome roleplay I'd like to dive into. Having a synthetic character whom has experienced the fledgling stages of the Driscoll children, and having established a unique connection with them until their maturity, gives Fabulinus a special kind of empathy with humanity. While not all-knowing of all of their troubles; be it poverty outside of being expressed in the literary sense, or understanding the sorrow of the death of close companions, he has a engrossed sense of compassion and insight into ones life after his experiences with Jonathan Jr, and Natalie. Fabulinus has undeniable experience in tutelage and literature, although he truly lacks the genuine experience of the real galaxy altogether, stuck in tales of old. How would you rate your role-playing ability? A stinky out of ten. Notes: Human whitelist when??
  5. Rijiikirr Al'Athal has a impeccable design, nevertheless to be put in the position of a Head of Security. They actively give orders and aren't just- 'arm up, kill that, shoot that', but they're considerate of the situations and are always making use of each officer under their control. They're a delight to play alongside in command. If I see Rijiikirr Al'Athal on the manifest, I know the station is in good and capable hands and should have a competent response to the antags as the round progresses. One notable example of their skills would be their quick action to have a unruly officer detained, and during this same round I was a antagonist. However, due to orders that Rijiikirr Al'Athal had given to the officers, I couldn't just walk up and get the officer out with my captain spare. Then when a later situation arose and I attempted to grab the prisoner in the mania after a ion rifle was accidentally shot at a officer, the head of security was smart enough to realize something was up and coordinated his officers to surround me to ensure I didn't run. He is a gorilla to the monkeys, and he's good at organizing those monkeys. That in mind, I would love to see TealSeal as a permanent addition of the command roster, so I'll give this a +1. P.S - Command gang, command gang.
  6. -1 You're not fit for conversation with people that don't hold your ideas, and I've seen many situations and examples in which I won't name for privacy sake where you haven't shown yourself to be a decent person in the community, so I very highly would detest against you holding any form of position in the administration, make some changes with your conduct and I'll change this to a +1, but until then, no.
  7. Knows his peepee from his poopoo, but aside from the meme, he excels at showing that he is capable of roleplay and considerably able to order goons around when he needs to. There is nothing that makes me even consider that he won't be able to smack some faces if they backtalk him as HoS, he will be able to steer rounds in the right direction with this whitelist. Go get'em tiger! +1
  8. Have staff powers, you do not have. Big bitch, you are. Laughing, I am. Fool, you are.
  9. Posting this on reddit, I shall. Upvote, I will get.
  10. Not apart of complaint, that is, delete this, you will. Ping Abo, I do not hesitate to do. Served, justice shall be.
  11. BYOND Key: gameryoda11 Staff BYOND Key: Goret Game ID: Do not remember, I do. Reason for complaint: Bitch, Goret is. Think I am powerless, I am not. Complaint, this is. Distrought, I am. Want removed Goret removed from staff, I wish. Taking to forums, I am. Evidence/logs/etc: TCIF Discord, it is. Shitposting, it was not. Additional remarks: Angry, I am. Response within 24 hours, or DDOS Minecraft server, I shall. Use force, I can.
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