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  1. You die, you wait 20 minutes, you respawn. You sometimes just get really unlucky. But this rarely ever happens, and most of the time it's a fault of the player. Yeah. And (at least for me) that's the fun of them. You're not meant to be some super uber doctor. You rarely get outright hostile antags in lowpop, where the situation of a single FR happens the most, and most deaths, are caused by players not being careful (Lagging as a miner? Well you've got magboots for a reason!) And on highpop, where injuries not caused by players are bound to happen? Well I've never seen a highpop r
  2. If somebody doesn't know some niche interaction, changing medical roles isn't going to do anything. This is a complete strawman argument, if you've a broken bone, I'm not going to keep you in medical the whole round, checking in every 5 minutes going "Is your bone fixed yet". I'd even go as far as to say that you having a broken bone would harbour more roleplay scenarios.
  3. First responders are meant to be able to quickly get a patient to the medbay, and stabilise them. It makes absolutely zero sense why they would need to be able to perform any type of surgery, and if they suddenly were able to, it would mess up 99% of EMT characters. Besides, how often do you have a character die because of a damaged stomach, liver or kidneys? There's total organ failure, sure, but it's incredibely rare, and usually (Fuck you, energy crossbow) happens due to the player's mistake. People's action have consequences. I think it'd be pretty bad for people to go "lolz, l
  4. This actually makes a lotta sense, and gets a +1 from me. I do like the idea of more desk sitting paper-pusher HoS, and it could at least slightly discourage HoS players from frontlining.
  5. Yeah, that's a phat -1 from me. Making it so that everyone can do everything seems very counter intuitive for good rp. And it would break most EMT characters, since unless every super doctor isn't an actual doctor, most current EMT characters that have a certificate instead of a doctorate, would need to be removed or changed greatly.
  6. Big +1 from me this is such a good idea, and would solve a bunch of issues you could maybe even have leveled keycards? Though I see how that probably wouldn't work too well
  7. BYOND Key: Tomkiel Character Names: Main ones are Jose Dean, Ostroverkhov Urvan, Andres Belbase and Roy Weisgarber Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character: 😎 Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: ayuuuuuuup Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Cause robots are cool There's a bunch of IPCs on station, which always intrigued me. They're incredibely diverse in t
  8. A hard -1 from me. It's a part of the game and community. Funnie reactions make the boring rounds a little less boring, and if everyone talking about it saw it, it's not really IC OOC. I do agree that there should definetly be IC reactions as well, but I see no reason to limit the OOC ones as well.
  9. That's the thing, end-goals aren't really a good thing. It brackets players into playing a certain way with little wiggle room.
  10. I feel like the problem with that, might be that the mechanics for that would be very game-y, so unless it was implemented in some really smart way, I don't really see that working all that well.
  11. As it stands, cult is an unloved gamemode, and for good reason. It is almost fundamentally anti-roleplay. It can be actually really engaging in early to mid game, but after that? After that, cult almost always goes one of two ways: a) Flops completely, with the rest of the round playing out as extended b) Murderbones half the station Now, why is that? In my opinion, there is one main problem with this gamemode: It has a preset objective. Yeah, seems kinda obvious, at least to me, when you look at it this way. In a server, where "playing to win" is frowned upon, exists a gamemod
  12. I feel that the problem with that, is that you're not guaranteed to have research engineering or service. What if there isn't anybody in research? Do the revs just make station go boom while not rping for the first half an hour?
  13. Oh yeah that's also one of the main points which I totally forgot to mention : x Thanks for adding onto that
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