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  1. hi im gabo. im stuff

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      I’m stuffer

  2. Not a fan of how you handled the merc round as an interim, while you were given a very shaky handful of cards, your attempts at controlling the situation were a let down and I'm unsure if you'll be able to handle something similar in the future as an actual, proper HoS. -1
  3. I'm mixed on the energy carbine, it looks more like an oversized disruptor pistol rather than something that should be smaller than the laser rifle but still not having elements that would identify it as a pistol, I'd see to shifting the sprite to something that would look as if you could aim it with two hands (sort of like a laser SMG). As for the other sprites? They are awesome! The above mentioned could also be applied to the blaster carbine, it looks more akin to a blaster pistol.
  4. Roller beds being normal-sized would help A LOT with EMT and recovery gameplay, as it would be massive QoL. Although when I previously doing this myself in dchat, I was informed by a staff member/developer that a solution for that was coming soon.
  5. Ghosts inserting funny LOOC comment #373838838383 is very annoying when you're roleplaying. The annoyance factor increases when it's the same ckey doing it over and over again throughout multiple rounds where they shoehorn LOOC comments as ghosts all the time to the point it gets annoying. +1 for the LOOC removal of ghosts P.S. If the above mentioned is grounds for a player complaint, I'll happily make it.
  6. Fair point with point 1 considering it's mostly my side that I find annoying havinng to strain my eyes in order to see the game (even the night lighting setting on the APCs makes me have to strain my eyes in order to see properly).
  7. A solid gamemode once the tweaks are in, although it has a couple of things that I'm not a fan of: -Light shattering ability that after a while the station just goes pitch dark because of how much it gets used. Perhaps change it to not shatter lights and instead disable them temporarily or gives other characters a debuff? -Revenants having to vent areas of the station in order to get inside or using venting for combat/annoyance. This one is certainly hard to tackle on, but revenants actively venting places in order to target crew or to just get inside the station feels 'eh' to
  8. more like the thing xool idea.I think.
  9. Remarks: What I was primarily focusing with the first remark is how IPCs are given the options to roleplay as if they were very 'robotic' in nature or blur the line between what is considered human and what isn't. I'm mainly talking about non-shell IPCs and shells, while both can lean to both sides of this spectrum or even in-between, the 'norm' in-game is that non-shells are usually roleplayed to be much more robotic in nature while shells are the opposite due to their exterior looks. Of course, this outcome ends with the player given A LOT of freedom when it comes to roleplaying their I
  10. BYOND Key: Gabopwn Character Names: Akita Diya & Carmen Zhao Species you are applying to play: IPC Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, including the surrounding pages (Hepheastus, Zavodskoi & Luna) for the character I am planning to play. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I had a recent spark of creativity when it came to IPCs as a whole, with interesting character concepts going through my head that I wish to develop further once I acquire the whitelist. Coming from having an IPC whitelist on Bay, I'm very impressed with th
  11. A disappointing gamemode that basically takes the nice and delicate tailoring of Aurora lore, crumbles it and then shreds it into pieces before setting it alight. Removal from secret rotation would be enough, in my opinion.
  12. poopy way of getting cheap frags. I don't recall a single moment where I enjoyed a ninja SDing. My main qualms with it are: -It can gib people in a decent radius -Rips flooring which then escalates into vacuum thus heavily injuring or killing anyone due to popped lungs. IMO, it's SD should only be able to kill the ninja alongside it's hardsuit rather than slapping anyone around the ninja with a gib or a popped lung.
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