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  1. should be all the before, i didn't have a problem with the EMT only the hospital RP These were the admins online this was my original admins request (bad spelling) was not until Itzal got on that my request was answered by that time i had cryoed the extended round had rolled over for a vote which failed so the round went for longer , and i started my report which i told the admin while the round was happening (i was not sure if i was going to keep playing until the round ended keeping in mind it was a very long extended round ive had nothing to hide and im not chasing after bans
  2. the after part is their and the during part is their my screen grabs show from the end of one message to the other but i will post the before aswell
  3. i posted the whole interaction, and you attacked me first in this interaction
  4. "Please cooperate with us or I will be forced to restrain you." you didnt say that
  5. You posted this during the round, which is pretty much like..against the rules and stuff. I'm also not sure what part of this you have an issue with? Are you citing me for self-antagging, poor RP, what? As as far as I can see, this is all an IC issue escalated by yourself. So, we have: (it was a 3hour extended round and i posted before i dced like i do most rounds and the chat logs reset and i made no effort to hide that i was doing so) 1) You ran through a wormhole portal for some unknown reason, and ended up messing yourself up. (didnt run through a worm hole i was a cargo tech very hard to find one) 2) Carlos fixed you up, I was asked to do the surgery. We even had the conversation of who was going to do it right in front of you.. whilst Carlos said Nina was going to give you the surgery!!! (when was this conversation cause im looking at the chat logs and im not seeing it) 3) You asked for general anaesthetic...which is literally what you were given. Did you mean local anaesthetic? If so, you're options are either being cut open whilst awake with a highly addictive med, being in pain during the entire thing with a rather poor med, or having the nightmare that is sopof and being in/out of sleep for the next ten minutes. None of these options are good, and they'd have been refused if that's what you'd actually asked for. (neural suppressor is not general anesthetics the tank and the gas mask in the corner of the room were) 4) I didn't see you scream 'Hey' until after, at which point I was explaining to the intern's player how to work the bed. (so why didnt you stop?) 5) You then attacked Nina - a rather slender woman - who asked for help via her fuck-off huge Unathi friend. (ok thats fine, i would have gone for Sec which we had, and i called for) 6) Said unathi comes in and tries to talk to you, you were rude and non-compliant. A fight breaks out, you were knocked down and security called. Said people crowding around were there as Nina had yelled into the radio that she was under attack. (it was a great conversation he had me in the tiny 1x1 corridor said hey dont attack doctors, the dont make me restrain you good back and forth) 7) Security let you off. (security let you off aswell... i also noted that they did )
  6. after/during writing this an admin got in contact with me Itzal but i was almost done the seemed friendly and wanted to help so i directed them to this query ^_^
  7. BYOND Key: b5A-bFLm Player Byond Key/Character name: Nina Thompson and Optikam Ulmari Staff involved: Reason for complaint: (State your reason for your complaint) im still new to the whole high RP thing and i love getting called out on my stuff makes a better RP'er and i learn what i can and cant do better, but his instance has left a sour taste in my mouth and im generally easy going Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No/and yes , this complaint i seprate but at the time (and the time of this complaint) i am asking an admin to look over the RP to make sure its sound but this is more on rules and what i think is low RP Approximate Date/Time: 07/02/20 1131 So im in game and im quartermaster and then i get injured, a vaurca shaft miner gave me a drink and at the start of the round i felt like i may have insulted him (dont know much about vaurca ooc made sense not to know much) so i took it and drank it, i thought maybe ill get hallucinations idk something funny turns out it was ground up blue space crystal and i teleport into a window at R&D, last time i accept a drink from him then a paramedic named carlos (good guy) takes me to medical then it goes as follows pretty standard stuff he goes out looking for a doctor while im in pain he finds one named nina (yay! im gonna get my fractured foot reset or something idk i don't play medical its a bit too confusing for me, at this point pharma and viro are more my thing cause i can look at the guide without anyone dying ) so nina takes my case,and tells me to follow her, and bring a friend, which if i had been given the option if i knew i was the surgery patient i would have said UM NO you cant be in the room, but the patient gets shafted i think. so we get in the room and i look around at this point vie figured yep its me getting the surgery and my doctors have told me shit all, please see blue circle, she straps me down, i don't get on, she straps me down at this point i'm thinking so not going to explain the surgery to me, or tell me why i need it, and you gonna let your friend be in the room, or give me the option for general anesthetics, so i say 'hold up'...they ignore me to talk about switching the bed on, and she talks on her radio mid surgery prep..... so i ask hey can't i just get general anesthesia i don't need to be knocked out like this and im ignored again and they click on the table i mind i you i type in all caps hold the F on just so they would notice it if chat was a bit hectic still didn't bother holding on. so i'm thinking at this point why player doctor if you aren't going to do any of the doctor stuff, half the fun of rping a doctor is talking to your patient (different game but at least for that was) and they could have, i wasn't in a life threatening situation my foot was fractured some pain meds and maybe a surgery from or some bedside manners could have done the trick before hand surgery lapse but i mean Looc is right below hold the f up she should have seen that .... im not gonna highlight all the points but ill just dump the encounter and jump in at segments lizard assaults me here i think the avoid pain rule applies here as i call for sec and for the ai to let me out but cool whatever good guy sec here, does not bash my head in straight away but probably thinks it looks like a lot of trouble to deal with yes i did.......but if you had asked or listened to me they let me go in the end, at this point i'm really salty and mad, not to mention that there is 5-6 other people in the room when i get out of the surgery block just watching and blocking up doorways stopping me form going anywhere and all i wanted was out and for sec to come get me i get that im new but every round i join i improve and try hard to get into character and roleplay with other people if you check the round log sure maybe my guy is a bit weird but i tried to interact witht he crew. anyways my main complaints are the doctor for low rp no communication, and the lizard guy for attacking me
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    Ask a mod/admin!

    it did thank you
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    Ask a mod/admin!

    hey the guides on wiki state that a biochemist does light chemistry work, now a biochemist is very different from a pharmacist since they would learn two different fields of study and i've taken to believe that the light chemistry work is so that they can interact with their equipment and and work on virology stuff, but people think the light chemistry means they can whip up any drug a pharmacist can. can we please clarify this in a ruling or something....?
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