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  1. Their Head of Security is good. They aren't the type to just immediately rush to a scene themselves, like some HoS's, but rather, actually try to manage the department, and delegate jobs. Also, they are NKA, so, I must support them, because supporting them, supports the King. Probably. +1
  2. Okay. So, the only interactions with you I remember are SYSTEM. They weren't negative, and one of the times I was asleep in surgery the entire time. But you saved me, and didn't wordlessly do so either. So, I can say that your Stationbound play is not bad, from what I witness. I can not say anything about your backstory, since my first app was an IPC, and it wasn't very good, so I can't really judge any IPC story now. I can't really say if this is a good application or not, so, I will leave my two cents here and let others do the judging for me.
  3. Abandoned their crew. +1 For real though, they didn't do too bad, considering the circumstances of the round I saw them in. Limited Engineering, and murderous robots, yet they pulled through to the best of their abilities, which I can respect. I actually do support this.
  4. So this application is... strange to say the least. Your formatting is quite odd, and makes it somewhat of a pain to read. I also have no idea who you are, what characters you have, since you didn't put it anywhere. Starting questions, why did the botanist who I'm assuming grew the nymph, throw them out of the garden, and assault them? How come so many people just offered their blood to it, without any forethought, or it's ability to ask? Now, it's also my understanding the way a Gestalt forms, isn't by obtaining enough biomass. Diona gestalts are not a single nymph, they are an amalgamation of many. Three to six or so nymphs are needed to form one. It also takes time, which for a Cyclops, the gestalt that's playable, would be a couple hours, for each nymph to fully form a functioning, sturdy body. Game mechanics may have it only be like fifteen seconds, but game mechanics are not always in sync with lore. You start on the Aurora, in your application, so I feel it's worth noting that Diona are not an unknown, and therefore, being on a somewhat secure research facility, that even employs Diona, it is unlikely that they would have an unchipped Gestalt wandering the facility with no ID. All in all, the backstory could use some work, and especially some reformatting, and the first mention of character names, by the way, the one above the species you want to play, is for your currently active characters on the server, not for what you are applying with, so if you could remedy that, then someone may be able to recognize you and give feedback as to how you play. Finally diona are neuter, so try to avoid "he", and instead use "it". Just a small gripe on my part.
  5. I love that name. Immediately supporting it. I like their chaplain, very interesting character. I do not know much of their other characters, however, but I do like Uptari. The application itself seems solid. I admit to have skimmed through, but it looked good. Also, I love that name, so +1
  6. I really like Cybs. They helped me a lot in engineering, as I said before. Now, I sadly haven't been on quite as much the past few days, but when I did, Val was there usually as the Chief. Each time, I could not see them very often IC, but the good thing about CE's: You don't necessarily need to see them, to see their effects. Breaches, and other engineering troubles are handled well. Also, they fixed lights for my Diona, so immediate +1 I'll probably update this, if I see more noteworthy things to mention.
  7. He follows the Th'akh faith, and particularly he agrees with the view that while prosthetic limbs may contain no soul, they are necessary, at times. What I mean is that say you lost your arm in an accident, and need a new one, it would be acceptable to want a prosthetic. However, if someone came up to him, and asked him to cut off their arm, and replace it with a prosthetic? Then they are willingly cutting off part of their soul, and that is not acceptable, and he would not do it without direct order from someone above him, and he would do it begrudgingly. Cyborgification is tricky. He doesn't like it, for sure. He would probably do it if he has to. Say a criminal does such crimes that cyborgification becomes necessary, he would if he had to. Buuut, would definitely pass it off to the other roboticist, if he happened to be working with them. However, if he was working alone, he would probably not want to do cyborgification, without being ordered by someone above him. It is a fate worse than death, but he will follow orders. Do not expect him to be happy for a while after that though. Now, for machines, it's only cyborgs he has a real problem with, since they are the ones with the brain that makes them what they are. He would still work with the, probably even pitying them, for losing their life and being put in such a state. Robots, and Androids (and IPCs), are not at all organic, and are just machines of varying complexity. He agrees that no matter how human a machine may seem, they are not, and will not be alive. He is making tools, to be used. They are just very intricate tools. All in all, I kinda have him going in as a bit naive. He expects to go in, learn how to make some robots, and other machines, get some work, and eventually take that robotics knowledge and go back to the Ozeuoi clan and apply it to their normal use of machinery. He does not expect, at all, all the things that could happen on the Aurora.
  8. Huh. Teach me not to read the comments. I didn't notice. Well, I don't really know the characters unfortunately. I might know one of the Vaurca, but if you couldn't tell, remembering a Vaurca name for me is... Anyway. Sorry about the confusion.
  9. Assuming the Ta is the same consular, which I expect because there aren't really many Vaurca consulars, and I don't feel like checking the name... This person is good. I like them, and like I said, not many Vaurca Consulars, so that's different. Supported, +1.
  10. I see Salani around, and they aren't a bad HoP. Well enough for me. Can't say much for Leonard; Seen them in the game, but never really interacted with them.
  11. I gave in. BYOND Key: Zer0Winds Character Names: Only putting in my most played/favorite ones. Others I have only played like one time, so feedback is nonexistant on them. Alice Stratos (Captain) Index (NanoTrasen Liaison) Akoni Caladius (Dominian Consular) Faithful From Vast Deserts (Dominian Consular 2: Electric Boogaloo) Akhtar Rrahamrare (PRA Consular) GERHARD (Barista/Chaplain) SIGMA (Librarian/Corporate Reporter) IA-39 (Xenoarchaeologist) Kazhasta Sistavir (Engineering Apprentice) Hey, can you tell my favorite job? Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Sand Coloured Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Short answer: RP Opportunity, and it's the last race I am somewhat interested in. Longer answer, their lore, as usual, interests me, as does their way of life and the possibility for RP on the station. Been looking into the different aspects of the race, their religion, culture, and yes, Dominia. I actually started getting pretty interested by the race, and I want to see what I can do with them. I also am rather interested in the Aut'akh, but I don't know if I will make any for a while. Finally, I like diversity. I play IPCs, Tajaran, Dionae, and one human. I want to expand my horizons even more. Also I got this sudden obsession with Dominia, so I'm gonna make a Dominian Unathi. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: The Unathi are a reptillian race, which tend to value honor above all else. They are highly segregated when it comes to male and female rights and expectations, in most Unathi clans. That isn't to say that Women do not have their own power, in Unathi life, it is just a different type compared to Male Unathi. They are a more martial race, preferring melee combat to ranged, they are large, and are.. Formal? Formal in their own way, rather. They tend to refer to each other by a last name basis, unless very close or family. They also show emotions a bit differently, with some examples being thumping their tail on the ground when angry, or chuffing when annoyed. Unathi are carnivorous, and can even devour entire creatures. They are traditional, and usually spiritual, and they almost always value honor above anything. Unathi who are especially dishonorable, usually committing some extreme crimes, may become a Guwan. These are exiles, who are looked down upon by almost all Unathi and are immediately valid. Character Name: Rykor Ozeuoi Please provide a short backstory for this character Rykor Ozeuoi comes from the Wasteland on Moghes, from Clan Ozeuoi. He worked with most of the engineers in the clan, but in his free time, he liked to experiment with different machines. He tended to make simple, makeshift drones, out of recycled parts. Eventually, he began getting more skilled, making more complex machinery, and drones. Rykor eventually began selling the things he made to Reclaimers that came by to repair their landcrawlers. This netted them some wealth, and eventually, he began thinking about the future. He wished to improve on his skills, and become of more use to the clan. With this in mind, he took the wealth that was accrued, and he set off to leave the Wasteland, at first with the Reclaimers, and then later, with some smugglers. He paid the toll, and they took him off of Moghes. He was taken to Tau Ceti, where he started by learning Basic. He took some time, to learn, before he enrolled in schooling for Robotics. However, he needed work, as the schooling was highly expensive. He looked to NanoTrasen, the megacorporation primarily in Tau Ceti, and he signed on in an Intern position, in Research. He took a contract with them, an apprenticeship, and was sent to the Aurora, where he would work, while also doing the schooling. Eventually, he sought to become a full-fledged Roboticist, to truly expand his skills. What do you like about this character? So, the Wasteland intrigues me. Mainly the Reclaimers, but I didn't really know what to put with them for a backstory, so I went with the second-best. This character will let me play a job I actually really like, but don't often play. Well, eventually that is. They give me the opportunity to learn more in Science as well, on the side, since RnD actually would fit in with their desires. Other than that... It's new, for me. I don't really play in Science all that much anymore, and I want to get back into it, with something other than Xenoarchaeology. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I like thinking I'm a 7.5/10. I've been improving. Probably. Most likely. I hope. Notes: Okay, I'll be honest with you. This is likely just going to be a throwaway Application Character. I'll play them, especially for the previously mentioned reasons, yes, but in reality, I wanted to make a Dominian Unathi. However I also wanted to apply with a normal Unathi, with their lore. I do like the Wasteland though, so I will still probably make some more from there.
  12. I haven't had too many interactions with them, beyond some stuff with Ricardo. None of it was negative. I'd support this.
  13. I have talked to Val a lot, while I learn Engineering. Wicked is a great RPer, and Val is a great character. I have seen Informer around, but other than that I can not really say much for other characters of theirs. +1
  14. @ReadThisNamePlz I was going to say this yesterday, but my internet went out. Anyway, the trial date passed, a while ago.
  15. I liked his Biesel Rep. I haven't seen one before, so it's new, and he did it well enough, from what I witnessed. +1, should keep it.
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