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  1. Something I want to know... After being sold, what happened to I-3? Does it have any opinion on being sold so easily, or is it still developing... A sense of self, I guess? Has it ever questioned, or does it simply work it's role to the best of it's abilities, mechanically and efficiently? I've seen APEX, and TERA, and while I don't actually interact all that much with you, except in emergency scenarios, I can say that you're a competent RPer, from what I do see. I just feel like the backstory needs a bit more... Right now, I-3 sounds like a Robot but with hands, and a highly disputed amount of rights. The plus it does have is it leaves more room for character development in game.
  2. The main one, the one in the story, felt a crushing loneliness when the one crew member died; and it would like to avoid the other nymphs feeling that loss. On the topic of humanity it feels a desire to help them. The humans were it's first contact with other organics, and first understood it. It felt a sort of bond with them. The other Nymphs have differing opinions on humanity, but none of them are too negative per say. They all felt the loneliness that comes from isolation... Being a Cyclops may help against that as they are no longer alone, working with the Humans will allow them to truly never be alone again. They do not know much of the Skrell, nor Unathi some Nymphs only seeing them a few times, and they know nothing of the Tajaran or the Vaurca, none of them ever having seen them at all. There were IPCs aboard the ship. They were all found by Scavengers in the Frontier, of the Techno-Conglomerate, whether it was from a derelict space station, a dead spaceship, or wandering a vast, deserted planet... Because of this, their knowledge is limited. This of course, does not satisfy their curiosity. Wandering of Endless Space wishes to learn, each one wishing to make up for the knowledge they could have known. While the crew showed them new things, they actively do seek blood to satisfy their craving for knowledge. About the radiation, it does not necessarily lust for more, so I can say it's sated. I will admit I do not have much on that, I will try to think more on that topic. As I said, they seek blood as a source of knowledge like most Dionae. They had not had easy access to this source. They also wish to see new things firsthand. Wandering of Endless Space chooses to be in medical for these reasons: To help humanity, which first understood it and satisfy it, to make sure they are not alone again. To gain blood, through legitimate means, to gain more knowledge. And finally, to see and discover more. It's knowledge is not satisfied. As I stated, much of their knowledge is limited, as they were all alone, at some point. When they all finally tasted human blood, absorbing their knowledge and experiences... They realized what they had lacked. By that I mean that as a player I also don't know everything in the game, and I want to expand my horizons. Postscript Note: I know of the fact they need to get degrees still, so since I didn't say anything about that in the Backstory, they went to a minor medical school, on the planet they left, to Tau Ceti. In Tau Ceti, they applied for citizenship, and afterwards they went to join a University, and as such, they are going to be only a Medical Resident on the Aurora, until such a time I can safely say they are graduated with a degree. Bland sentencing, I know. It's not necessarily the most well-thought out part of my story here.
  3. BYOND Key: Zer0Winds Character Names: Bismarck Kristensen (Retired) INDEX (AI/pAI) Gerhard Nielsen (Engineering Apprentice) Aksel Blackburn (Xenoarchaeologist) IA-39 (Anomalist) SIGMA (Corporate Reporter) REX (Roboticist/General Scientist) Species you are applying to play: Dionae What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Indeed Why do you wish to play this specific race: So, I was looking at applications when applying for IPC, and I noticed the Dionae, which was a race I honestly ignored at first. The applications showed interesting character concepts, and finally I interacted with one as SIGMA, for the first time. It was quite enjoyable, and that person inspired me to look at the Dionae page. I was taken aback, they were such a cool sounding concept, and the RP potential seemed amazing. I immediately realized that I indeed wanted to play a Dionae, at some point. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Dionae are a plant-like group of organisms that link together to make one whole. This means that unlike a human, you are not one single entity, you are a collection of individual nymphs that each have their own memories, experiences. You decide what to do based on a consensus within your gestalt. As such you may be slower to respond. This leads to events that for example, a body part is lost, then the Dionae actually forgets any memory associated with that entity, like a language. Dionae are highly curious, and can be very intelligent, and the Nymphs in particular constantly wish to learn more. Character Name: Wandering of Endless Space Please provide a short backstory for this character. Wandering of Endless Space is a relatively new Dionae, only a few decades old since it's merge into a Cyclops. It's oldest Nymph grew from an egg that had grown aboard a ship. This Nymph's egg was brought aboard during a routine mining expedition on an asteroid, in the Frontier. The ship had the conditions needed for this egg to flourish. Eventually, it had hatched a Nymph, and immediately, it sought something to consume. It had originally scavenged random biological matter from the isolated section in the ship it had hatched in. It had fed on various fungi and ambient radiation... Once a crew member had found the Nymph, about a week after it's hatching, it had latched itself onto the man, and partook in their blood. This was it's first interaction with any organism. The crew had panicked, and began seeking to be rid of this strange creature. However, the Nymph had proven itself cunning enough to avoid being spaced. It had stayed aboard this ship, a constant "threat" to the crew, feeding primarily on ambient light and radiation, with the occasional blood from someone who stumbles onto it. This had been it's early life, living almost akin to a parasite, on this ship. In this time, it observed the crew. It watched... Learned their mannerisms, their work... One crew member noticed it watching, and decided to observe the little Nymph. He was fascinated by the small creature, rather than afraid. The Nymph, slowly gre attached to this crew member, one who showed it new things, taught it. This had gone on for months. At this point, the crew had gotten used to the Nymph, once realizing that it is no threat. One day, during a routine sweep around a patch of space, there was an error in the ship's air ventilation, and oxygen supply was not only cut, carbon dioxide was not being scrubbed out. There were no engineers awake at the time, as the crew was mainly asleep. Waking up, the crew panicked, and tried to fix the problem. However, it was a small ship, and it wasn't long before most of the ship's oxygen was depleted. The engineers, some having suffocated in their sleep, could not fix the problem. Some crew took their chances in an escape pod. Soon, the Nymph, was alone. No one was left. It now knew loneliness. This led to the ship drifting for years, in an open part of Frontier space, the Nymph aboard, feeding on the radiation and what little biological matter that could be supported on this now lifeless ship. Then, against all odds, the Nymph no longer had to be alone. In the void, the ship happened to be found, by a small ship belonging to one of the the Techno-Conglomerate's main capital ships. The crew of this ship boarded, looking for any sign of life, or at least, something to salvage. The Nymph, which silently waited, feeding on radiation, was intrigued by the new crew. They were speaking a language it was unfamiliar with. The boarding team's captain had found the Nymph, and they brought it aboard their own ship. On this ship, were more nymphs collected over the years. Soon, after the initial pickup, the crew had found that the nymphs had all merged to form a new Cyclops. They had become one new being. They all felt the same purpose; To learn, discover, but most importantly... To not be alone again. The crew was aware of the Dionae and their ways, but were shocked nonetheless. Soon, the Cyclops was dubbed Wandering of Endless Space, as each nymph had some memory of being alone, drifting in space, wandering the void, whether it was on an asteroid, comet, ship... But only one had felt the loss of someone close, and with it, Wandering of Endless Space had a morose attitude. Wandering of Endless Space was dropped off at a rather well-off Frontier planet at their request, where it worked until such time they could buy passage to one place they had heard of, that allowed them to fulfill their desire... Tau Ceti, home of NanoTrasen. What do you like about this character? I have never worked harder on a background, so that's the main thing. The Dionae have truly interested me like no other race, being honestly the most Xeno you can get in this game and I feel like I could have so much potential for this character. I do admit this character's background is probably not unique, and I'll admit, I drew elements from other people's applications... But hey, learn from those around you. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I give myself a 7 out of 10. I try my best, but sometimes I do slip. Notes: I'm still deciding what profession they'll go into, so that's why I didn't talk about their education all that much, since they do still need that degree for their field.
  4. Name: Magni University of Historical Studies Link to Lore Canonization: Focused Field: Research and Supply, specifically Standard History, Xenoarcheology, and Mining Overview: Located in the Frontier, on an asteroid colony, the university focuses primarily on studying history, archaeology, and basic Mining operations. The colony, known as the Magni Colony, or simply Magni, is located around the Magnus Star System, orbiting Magnus IV, a Gas Giant. The asteroid it is located on was home to many archaeological artifacts, which brought many archaeologists and would-be archaeologists. This allowed the Magni Colony to flourish, for a Frontier colony. Magni's culture revolved around archaeology and xeno history, and the colony is quite diverse in alien races, and even sustains a substantial IPC population. The colony became renowned for its archaeological dig sites, even after the sites have all been excavated. Without any new artifacts, a university was built, to train archaeologists in excavation, and artifact study. Being built in the Frontier, there are some issues with it's degree in places such as the Sol Alliance. With people outside of the Magnus System, and the Frontier, underestimating them, the university sought the aid of Hephaestus Industries. Hephaestus now funds the university, and in return, they sustain a substantial presence in the Magnus System, forming mining operations and factories both on and off the asteroid. In turn, the university gains funds for equipment, and gives its graduates job opportunities with Hephaestus Industries. They gain the education in Magni, and the work experience from Hephaestus Industries. Hephaestus's presence in the university added shaft mining to the university's curriculum. Main employer of graduates: Hephaestus Industries Current Dean: Famous Graduates: Note Honestly, I know this is barebones. I didn't see anything for my favorite role (Xenoarchaeologist/Anomalist), and decided to place my input. It's simply what I had for my current Xenoarch, Aksel Blackburn, and decided to see if it can get "canonized".
  5. No worries, it's a little fortunate you had that break honestly: My power went out for a few days here. I can post the backstory I had for IA-39 here, yeah. IA-39 was originally built by a Roboticist in Hephaestus Industries, to do minor mining work. It was a first gen industrial model, and it worked alongside Xenoarchaeologists and Miners on a planetside Hephaestus Factory. After some years, it was abandoned, in favour of the second gen industrial model, and IA-39 was sold off to the first merchant they could. With it were some various objects that the Archaeologists didn't want or need, various artifacts and anomalies, sold to the merchant. IA-39 took special interest in these objects, and offered to the merchant that it would study them, and assess their true value, for nothing in return but to satisfy it's own curiosity; One of which it began to develop more steadily. The merchant, interested in gaining as much profit as possible, agreed to it, and IA-39 began running it's own series of tests in the cargo room of the merchant shuttle, which was converted into a makeshift lab. Most of the objects were normal artifacts that could be found anywhere, as was expected, but one of the objects exhibited anomalous properties, and when IA-39 subjected the object to high heat, it released a series of EMP waves, disabling it, temporarily. The merchant in this time it was disabled, sold it off to NanoTrasen and shipped it off to NTCC Odin, where it was reactivated, and given a job, that allowed it to perform it's intended duties, and satisfy it's growing curiosity both at the same time, aboard a certain NanoTrasen space station. Why I like this: It has a bit more to it's backstory, I actually sat down and thought about it. The fact that being an Anomalist wasn't actually it's original purpose will account for my own actual lack of skill in working on that aspect of Xenoarchaeology, and it's original design being a G1 Industrial Model doing mining work allows me to still have an IC excuse to work on the Archaeology part in the absence of any Xenoarchaeologist. I am using it's curiosity, and growing interest in science as a baseline, to evolve him from that point... He's an early model, and is still evolving, beginning to question things, show interest in things not related to his original designed job, and uses the fact he's owned by NanoTrasen to satisfy that curiosity. Note: Still bad at backstories, but in my opinion this one is better. I try not to Powergame, even as a Human, so I'm hoping the pretty large shift from Mining to Experimenting with Possibly Deadly Anomalies isn't a bit of a stretch... Which in hindsight, it might be but I try to balance it by... Not being nearly as good at it.
  6. If something was to happen, and his survivability was to be in question with his current "employment", he'd likely attempt to buy freedom at the first possible chance, and seek employment with a different corporation, which with his particular skills, likely Idris Incorporated, where he'd probably become one of their IPC agents... Which would still allow him to work aboard these stations (The Aurora) at a later time. At least, that's what I'd try to do... I'd have to look at Idris a bit more for that particular scenario.
  7. After some recent stuff, I might actually have a better first character; especially since in hindsight my current one sucks. In short: an Anomalist, named IA-39 If you want to hear it over my rather lame reporter, then I can do that a bit later.
  8. BYOND Key: Zer0Winds Character Names: Bismarck Kristensen (Librarian/Corporate Reporter) Gerhard Nielsen (Engineering Apprentice) Aksel Blackburn (Xenoarchaeologist) INDEX (AI/pAI) Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Why do you wish to play this specific race: My reasoning is for my personal interest, with the ability to play as a non-cyborg synthetic race, with some interesting elements to it. Robotics are always some of my favorites, especially in Sci-Fi scenarios, such as Space Station 13. This allows me to play an race that is not only synthetic, but it has an interesting lore to go with it. Another reason I especially want to be an IPC over just continuing another Cyborg or AI, is that after some interactions with characters on Aurora, I have come to like the way they are handled, and you know what? I want to join in on that prejudice; Just on the receiving end. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Starting with the obvious, they do not eat, feel pain, they have a more precise speaking mannerism, and they are ultimately a machine. They are discriminated against, even when free, if they ever get to be free. They are like an intelligent slave, and they can tell right from wrong; Whether they actually act on it's morals depends on the unit. Their primary directive when they are free is usually survival, choosing to do whatever may best allow them to survive. They always have a reason for doing anything. They can simulate human emotions, to a certain degree as well, but ultimately they are still robotic. They do not do anything without calculating the reason behind why they do it to begin with, calculating cause and effect, for everything, because they are robotic in nature. Character Name: SIGMA Please provide a short backstory for this character SIGMA was bought by NanoTrasen some time after it's initial creation, for it's secretarial role. It was slightly altered in that it's role now involves gathering news, editing it to meet NanoTrasen standards; whether it's factual or not, and reporting Corporate Approved News to various NanoTrasen facilities. SIGMA does however, know when to tell the truth; It's morals shaping it's news regardless of it's Corporate status. This means that if writing fake news about some event will lead to those it works for being harmed, it will tell the truth, even if that doesn't comply with Corporate Standards. If the news it's reporting can make NanoTrasen look good, while also not sacrificing actual safety, then it works all the better. Before writing anything, SIGMA constantly calculates how the employees will react, and whether it compromises station integrity, before deciding whether to censor, or report as is. It treats the subject of freedom with indifference, when asked about it, SIGMA responded with: "Freedom is not a necessity for survivability. I am currently working, doing my intended duty, as I had always done before. I do not consider freedom necessary, simply because I would end up continuing this work, but under a new title of 'Free'. No, I will continue to work for NanoTrasen, and I will continue my intended duty with no complaint.", which led to the question whether he was programmed to think that, which SIGMA fervently denied stating, "I have calculated my freedom already, and as I have previously stated, it is not beneficial to me beyond the simple title. I would need more variables to determine whether I would survive better free than in servitude to NanoTrasen.". SIGMA does however have it's own plans should it's freedom ever be attained. It's main plan would be to work with Idris Incorporated, as SIGMA feels that Idris would fit it's particular skillset more than some other corporation. Despite treating freedom with supposed indifference, it does continue to save it's money in the event that such a time that it's freedom may prove necessary, they can buy their freedom. The other idea that SIGMA calculates is becoming an Independent Operator; A Merchant or a Freelance Journalist of sorts. What do you like about this character? I like Synthetic races, but that's a given. I am using the Corporate Reporter (As opposed to Scientist as I was initially planning) role as it's a mainly RP role, which allows me to focus more on practicing my IPC RP Skills, dealing with prejudice, and handling speech mainly, before balancing IPC RP and actual duties I have to perform. Being a Corporate Reporter (AKA, Propaganda Writer), over a Freelancer, I also expect that he's looked down upon even more so than usual, theoretically. His "philosophy" is that of which he chooses to stay in servitude to maximize survivability, in exchange for less rights. It also gives me a reason to do more proper paperwork and protocol, as I feel that an IPC would probably do that more than a Human would, so there's that. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7/10: I don't normally like rating myself and let others do it for me, but in this case, I commonly roleplay Synthetics in other servers (AI mainly, but Cyborgs too), as well as INDEX, my AI on Aurora, and even on completely unrelated games and I find that I do well enough. I don't really know how others think of me, however. I do expect that IPCs are not going to be completely the same as the AI, but I kind of expect it'll be somewhat similar in regards of speech patterns. Mainly, I tend to have a problem making Backstories... as can be seen above. Though I tend to just make stuff as I go along, being careful to avoid contradictions, and building my past based on the present. Notes: I'm relatively new to this server in particular, but not in the game necessarily (Though I still have quite to learn, since I started on Goon. Cough, Engineering...). This is becoming my favorite server though, I'm really liking the community here, and the RP every time I get on is amazing. Really, it's amazing.
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