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  1. In regards to shields and grabs, shields should definitely block grabs like they do other attacks. When grabbing someone with weapons there should be a high chance of the weapon going off or them getting hit with the melee weapon. I think something like this already exists for grabbing guns.
  2. I mean it makes sense I suppose. If the paper pushing HoP gets a gun then it'd make sense the others do. Although I'm not sure if they need them though.
  3. In the maint area behind hydroponics where the little growing area is there are two plant trays stacked on top of each other. It's the middle one on the right.
  4. Walking to mine stuff is what makes mining borg so nice to play. I'm glad this is coming to diamond pickaxes at least.
  5. It's a shame people don't use private radio channels more. Me and a friend when mining together would take a 2nd headset tuned to another radio channel and use it to avoid spamming up :u. Using the 2nd headset was as easy as typing :r (for the right headset)
  6. The commissary door is all access. The problem is you need to lift the shutters to get in first and reaching the buttons is only possible via maint. Of course you can just weld/hack your way in but a new player ain't going to know how to do that.
  7. I have to agree with the assessment made about the the engineering and construction modules. As far as I can see the only reason they are separate is because the RCD is extremely powerful for antaging. What this leads to though at least from what I've seen is the construction module is only picked in two situations. 1. The stationbound is an antag 2. The stationbound want's to "beat" antags by rapidly walling off areas such as the vault. Maybe there was one stationbound who actually used it for some construction project in a far far away land. I'd agree with Aphelion's suggestion. Just merge them and have the RCD be an upgrade or something. Hell I wouldn't even mind it being straight up removed from stationbounds. It's not like you need it for quickly patching up breeches when you have an infinite supply of inflatables.
  8. While it may be needed for balance getting flashed as or flashing a borg is just completely lame and boring. I'd be very supportive of some alternative option although nothing springs to mind personally.
  9. Apologies if it wasn't clear but that was my point. Good roleplayers will already do this. 😛
  10. While I do think people should be able to customize their look I do think there should be some restrictions. What you wear should be appropriate for your department for example no frilly dresses for an engineer, logically you'd want to be wearing something that gives full leg coverage. The other thing I'd say you should wear is the department colours, whether this be a simple armband, a coloured shirt or even the department beret. Honestly though these should just be things people do as part of good roleplay. Plenty of people do this already of course. Take for example a scientist wearing casual clothing but in the lab they throw on a labcoat over the top. Time for a break? Take the lab coat off and toss it in a locker. You can get the best of both worlds here.
  11. The problem with trying to get engineering to undertake any sort of big construction project is that rounds on average are going to last around 2 hours. This means even if you do manage to build something before the shift ends there will be little time for people to appreciate it or the station is on code red and people aren't really in a position to come look at what you made. Also once the round is over any work you have done is lost, which is probably the main reason people don't bother making things.
  12. BYOND Key: Noxid47 Character Names: Sam Blackford, Mike Kusty, Rodney Bertin, Samantha Hasburg, RAM Species you are applying to play: Diona What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A green colour of some shade still not decided. (You should probably change diona from being exempt here now) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Why do you wish to play this specific race? For a long time on another SS13 server I've enjoyed playing a diona character, while on the other server the lore might have been different the basics were the same. Slow plantlike collective. On Aurora the lore is even more in depth which I think provides a greater potential for RP. I particularly like the lore exploring the idea of Dionae in symbiosis with other races, this is the reason I have chosen this particular backstory for this character. Also I must admit I really like Dionae from a mechanical perspective. They play so much differently from the other races which really helps them feel alien when playing. Playing a Skrell for example won't make you smarter but playing a Diona will make you slower and I think Diona's slow methodical style of play makes an nice change of pace to SS13's usual chaotic mess. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human The most obvious thing I'd say is the fact that Dionae cyclops' are a group rather than a single mind. This means in RP you have to consider what each Nymph might have to say on what is going on and act accordingly. This can often lead to Dionae seeming a bit slow when a consensus cannot be reached. Curiosity is a big part of the Dionae identity often manifested as a thirst for knowledge, of course not all knowledge is scientific in nature. Personal stories, perspectives and philosophies are just as valid knowledge, something I'll be personally aiming for. Finally they are quite similar to plants, requiring light to stay alive. Dark places are not really somewhere Dionae will not enjoy lingering in, just as the other races don't like lingering in vacuums. Character Name: Searching for the Hope of Clan Dorviza in the Stars Please provide a short backstory for this character What do you like about this character? I have found in my time on various role-playing games that a curious character is a great one for getting roleplay from other players. It works an invitation allowing them to explore their character something that they might not often get an opportunity to. Also in the past I have enjoyed medieval role-play, druidic stlye role-play and the lore here available to this character allows me to roll it all together into a lovely scifi post apocalyptic mess and then throw it into a spacestation. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I'd like to think I am a good role-player, I try to stick to my character and keep an interesting narrative going. I do recognise my weaknesses however which mostly lie with my actual writing ability. Notes: I am open to changing the backstory should any of it fall outside of lore. Some things may have been left unsaid simply because I didn't want this to be too long but feel free to ask should you think I've left anything important out. can I get a 2 for 1 whitelist here? I swear I read more unathi lore for this. My totally serious flavour text image for the character
  13. Fairly simple, just as the title says. The reason for this is simple, while diona do have reason to be able to know any language they are part of a particular faction that I believe gives them strong reason to be given these languages (or just the one that is lore appropriate) in particular. This would allow people to play diona from this faction have no have a glaring plothole in them. On a personal note I'd like to say I really like the lore for this particular faction and hope I'll be able to play a character from them should a whitelist application I'll be submitting in the future be successful.
  14. Meep

    Remove Cargonia

    I'm a newer player here on the server. Been here for just under a month so keep that in mind with my observation here. In my time here I've played in the cargo department mostly and I've not really seen many of these issues. I've maybe seen cargo arm up two or three times? (Arming up as in having actual guns and stuff) Anyway on to the specific points raised in the OP 1.Remove all weapons from the menu. Better yet, lock them behind a command access I kind of agree with this, not that I see it as a major issue though because I've not really seen them get ordered much honestly not to say that it doesn't happen. I'd say allow the QM to order them and as others have stated hold the QM role to a higher standard, be that playtime or whatever. The biggest reason I say this command staff aren't always available and without them it could leave security out of luck should they need to order them. 2. Remove Quartermaster I disagree here, like others have said it's nice to have a "command lite" on the station for people to dip their toes in. It also provides a logical progression for someones career towards HoP. You aren't going to go from working as a cargo tech for years to HoP after all. On average I'd say QMs don't really have a big impact on my rounds in cargo, been quite a few good ones but most of the time they are just a cargo tech+, which isn't great but it isn't really a problem either in my opinion. The worst I've got and this was only once was a QM being overly preachy about my character using an Unathi's first name (a genuine mistake on my characters part since they aren't vary aware of the ins and outs of alien cultures) but I'm probably getting a bit off topic there, that's a fair personal disagreement between characters. 3.Stop teaching the mindset to new players I agree with what Jupiter posted above here basically, he wrote it out better than I could. I will add though that I think the HoP should be overseeing this department (along with service) a lot more. I've seen the HoP in cargo once maybe twice? in my month here. You're more likely to find the HoP in medbay honestly. I feel like the biggest reason this is because for some reason the HoP office is at the other end of the station. All other heads have their offices located inside the departments they overlook and I believe HoP should have a spot somewhere in the middle of cargo and service. Then the department can actually be watched over and guided by someone who is whitelisted as is the case in the other departments. In my short time here I've had my ID changed by the Captain more than the HoP (once), the HoP to me is just "that voice on the radio and announcements" Not that I blame the HoP's for this, I really can't blame them since it is such a walk between their office and the departments they are supposed to be overseeing. 4. Remove the KAs, or at least make them do zero damage. I sort of agree with this, they are in a very odd place. As the OP says they remove the ability to find things other than crates (generally rubbish anyway) which is a real shame. Once you bring in your first haul you can have an upgraded one that makes all the other mining tools totally invalidated. Even from the start of the round it's the best bit of mining kit since a pickaxe is so slow. I'm sad to say it because it is cool but the modular weapon part system is largely pointless. When playing a non antag miner there is no reason to get any upgrades for it other the ones that provide the largest AoE and give it an auto recharging cell. The only reason to upgrade the KA for damage would be if you are an antag and want to shoot someone up or if you want to go meme blob hunting. I think mining might need it's own thread to be honest (I have so many thoughts about it that probably aren't relevant to this thread) but to summarise I think the KA should be kept as a self defense tool and be next to useless at actually mining rock, of course this would require quite a big rebalance of all the other mining tools and science will need to have something else to offer miners. 5. Report the shitty mindset if you want to focus on RP instead. My only issue here is as a player it can often been hard to determine what is actually worth ahelping. I've been told by friends a lot of times after recounting tales of shitty things that happened during a round that I should have ahelped it. But I often have felt these incidents were too minor to bother admins about. Some guidance here would be appreciated. Edit for one more thing. I don't really see the issue of miners getting gun crates taking them outside and shooting them open. I've not seen this happen and I thought this was a high rp server? I don't understand this focus on "needing to win". Does every mechanic need to be locked down nice and secure so it can't be used against others? If someone was doing this as a non antag surely you'd just report them and they'd get bwoinked?
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