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  1. I agree with most of these, specifically number 1 and 2. Part of the AI's power is simply not knowing when it's deciding to look at you, and this leads to the worst of the AI hijinks I think, when an antag is just minding their own business and suddenly their entire gimmick tumbles due to a situation out of their control. I believe on baystation the AI could operate maintenance drones, which were capable of doing some rather basic station repair and whatnot, but having a way for them to do simple things at the cost of giving up their omnipotence for a moment seems fine enough.
  2. An expedition leader role thats unwhitelisted who's sole job is to do lead expeditions (probably under the jurisdiction of the RD) would be rad. Currently on the aurora the lack of RDs playing gatekeeps expeditions from happening like, ever, which is kind of lame.
  3. I like dep sec a lot, had a lot of fun with it. It makes enough sense to have security officers stationed with each department. Antags might be inhibited a bit by it, but y'all are creative, Im sure it's simple enough to get around one slimy sec man in his office. This seems to be because they have flat "cargo" access, and people with "cargo" access can use the cargo console. It is a bit strange, but the solution is either adding a bunch of weird access flags or keeping it how it is I guess, I dunno. I do have some questions about the expected roleplay/predictions on what
  4. I have known Schwabb for awhile and commend their ability to create a believable character within any given universe and RP well with them. I enjoy the time I've spent (e)RPing with them and think they'd be a good candidate for a slimy froge. To be honest I kinda assumed he already had every whitelist so him applying now is a bit of a surprise to me. +1
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