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  1. I've just started engineering and Rakt is already making me feel at home in it. Great character, good chief engineer. Keep wearing those swim trunks to work, and take my +1.
  2. hello im jackboot an d will be reviewing you rapplication what does he think of battletoads? you have 24 hour sto respond.
  3. TO: Anna Clifford, Head of Personnel, NSS Aurora FROM: CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: The investigation of this incident has concluded, and appropriate action has been taken for affected individuals. This matter will now be considered resolved. -------------------- DTG: 10-11:52-TAU CETI STANDARD-1-2462 SIGN: Chu Minh
  4. I hate the idea of having a brain-eating parasite in my head at round start when I don't have borer even ticked on. It's like getting randomly hit in the head with a sword, then having the sword man tell me I shouldn't live next to a HEMA club if I don't want to randomly get hit in the head with a sword while walking to work. Just make a role for borer host before this gets added to the secret rotation, so we don't have random people start with a slug in their head that don't want a slug in their head. This is the best possible solution, as I can prevent myself from spawning with a slug in my head if I don't want it and can get the creature of my nightmares in my brain at round-start if I so desire to. No other game mode forces you to be an antagonist in the manner of borer/bughunt/whathaveyou. I don't randomly end up as a cultist or changeling at round-start even though I have the option off, so why should this be any different?
  5. Swapping the "medical doctor" title for something along the lines of physician or general practitioner would be a change for the better, in my opinion. As for other specializations, I cannot think of anything at the moment. I'm a social scientist, not a medical professional (it was too expensive).
  6. I can. We had a round where a wizard fireballed one (1) tile, vented the medical lobby, and roughly six people died in the resulting venting/explosion (including the wizard). The ultimate death list was: Petra Volvalaad Head of Security Kylee Steele Chief Engineer Johan Ringer Warden Marianne Stymes Security Officer Veronika Kazlaukes Security Officer Skkukoas Ukazozu Medical Doctor Fatima Tadhhab Roboticist Ka'Akaix'Voa C'thur Scientist Daisy (Wizard) The pressure damage was so extreme that none of us were able to get our internals on or perform any first aid before being stuck in a cycle of faint from pain -> wake up for five seconds -> faint from pain-> wake up for five seconds -> faint from pain until after about six or seven goes of that we were unable to do anything, and all died. Engineering eventually managed to patch the hole, but it was too late for any of us at that point.
  7. Hey, you finally went and did it. Despite the odd ckey, 117 is one of the best roleplayers I knew, overall, on Baystation12. He played an officer role admirably and always worked to get people involved and interested. Furthermore, he is a huge Deus Ex nerd. I, personally, am excited to see what his take on IRUs is like and this application has my fully support. Best of luck!
  8. TO: Anna Clifford, Head of Personnel, NSS Aurora FROM: CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to Agent Chu Minh (NewOriginalSchwann). You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions. -------------------- DTG: 02-12:25-TAU CETI STANDARD-1-2462 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  9. Thanks you beautiful gnome poster. Here’s to a new decade of finding out ICly.
  10. Good items for a good character played by a good roleplayer, despite the constant anime avatars. I have nothing to add other than my +1, really.
  11. I like it a lot more than what we currently have. How long do you think it will take to remove a shielding panel, and how long would it be to install one?
  12. Borya, despite being a communist weeaboo, is a very good player that I am glad to work alongside with as a member of the often-overworked human lore team. He's dedicated, passionate, and always enthusiastic. I'd love to see him as a member of the moderation team, and he has my full confidence. Here's hoping a slot is available.
  13. @niennab An excellent response! This application has my full support, and I wish you luck on your trial!
  14. @niennab Good responses on one and three (I especially like how you’ve phrased #1 as an introduction to playing a contractor), and my apologies for question two being somewhat unclear (this is what I get for writing when I’m tired). My clarification is below. The reporting officer is a human Idris contractor working as a security officer. In total you have four Idris contractors in security: two IRUs as the detective and CSI, one ISU as an officer, and one human officer. Let’s assume that, in this revised scenario, the quartermaster is also an Idris contractor, along with two of her cargo technicians and one of the bartenders. With all this information, how do you manage the ISU’s odd behavior?
  15. An unsung hero of lowpop and a great person overall. I must, however, keep with my tradition and ask some questions. 1). A cook employed by NanoTrasen comes to you inquiring about transferring her contract to Idris, but she has some doubts. How do you assist her in this process and convince her it’s a good idea? 2). An Idris security officer reports that an ISU on-duty is acting weird. It’s not being openly aggressive yet, but it is acting kind of glitchy and the officer informs you that he’s tried his best to keep this from the head of security in order to not damage the image of Idris. Both members of investigations are IRUs owned by Idris, but there is only one Idris officer. How do you handle the ISU? 3). An Idris bartender comes to you around halfway through the shift, at about 00:55, with complaints about her coworker. The bartender is an Idris-contracted, though free, shell and the other bartender is a skrell with a serious grudge against synthetics. How do you manage this incident and, if it comes to it, would you file an IR on behalf of the shell? Remember that there are no real wrong answers. I look forward to your response!
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