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  1. Kyres is an excellent fit for this position, has previous experience, is highly motivated, and is a pleasure to work and talk with. I have nothing to give to this application other than my support.
  2. How will this impact IPCs, which experience emotions and fears differently from other species?
  3. I just have one question. With this being a Hephaestus-owned machine, what job do you intend to have it work aboard?
  4. Good responses, particularly #1. I support this application, and wish you luck on your trial! Schwann put the +1 here but remember to make it look nice BEFORE you post.
  5. I like Bear a lot as a player, despite Yahir being a terrrrrrrorrrrrist, and know he can definitely RP and manage responsibility. I honestly thought he had a command whitelist already, oops. But, as I have come to despise giving empty +1s, I do have some questions. There are no real right or wrong answers here, and I just want to gauge your response. 1). As the research director, you are given a handcuffed and sedated changeling. You have two xenobiologists: one is a good player that you know, and the other is one of the players that the head of personnel gets a warning notice about at the start of the shift - they have five charges for minor infractions like abuse of communications and petty theft. The good player has a lab assistant assisting them, and the head of security urgently wants you to get the changeling into xenobiology. What do you do, and how do you ensure that your trouble xenobiologist doesn't hamstring your efforts? 2). As the head of purrsonnel (I'm sorry) you shut your office to go visit cargo, and see how they're doing. Along your way there a drunk assistant, in a grey jumpsuit and all, begins harassing you for being a tajara. You're presently outside medical's lobby and he's verbally aggressive, but not physically violent yet. However, he has said that he has a knife. What do you do here? Remember that the head of personnel gets an energy pistol and .45 pistol loaded with flash rounds. 3). As the captain a wizard warps into your office and tells you that he is here to fire you and assume control of the station on orders of central command. It's around fifteen minutes into the shift, and you have two security officers along with a detective the obligatory SSD cadet. The only other head of staff is a chief engineer, who may or may not be Oliver Roadman in this example as I rarely see anybody else playing the job. What do you do? 4). You have four officers and need to get armory access and a spare person to swipe. Three officers are very good at their job and are established security names that are generally respected, but are contractors. The fourth is a NT officer but is obviously quite new and barely speaks English, and was just charged for excessive force. How do you get armory access and the additional swipe now that there's no good candidate for interim head of security? 5). What do you plan to do on elevated alert levels as the captain or head of personnel? I look forward to your responses!
  6. All my questions have been answered so far, which only leaves the question of how Borya is going to make a waifu out of a seven foot tall insectoid creature. +1 RKG (Real Kool Gamer)
  7. I like the application and I like the answers. Uaine can definitely RP and unathi on the other HRP server - you know, the one with the salutes - and I am excited to see what they can do here with the species! Here's my vote of support, and my +1.
  8. If it's good enough to get security's attention, it's good enough for a chaplain. My own jokes aside, your answers are good. Have my support. +1 BUT ALSO POUR ONE OUT FOR HADII
  9. Wigglesworth is a good lad that can definitely roleplay effectively, and I like the application. However, I have a question. While your character concept is good, and you've definitely read the lore, how do you intend to put yourself out there - so to speak - as a priest? It's a role a lot of people tend to discard, unfortunately, so how do you intend to create a presence? I look forward to your response.
  10. OOC Note: Lancer said this was a-okay, considering the events that have happened surrounding this IR. This may very well be all, folks!
  11. Like with my fellows, I don't really have a lot to add. Good item, good character, good justification, good roleplayer, unrobust. +1
  12. Alright hello yes, I am here to give feedback. I played a revolution round earlier with @Wigglesworth Jones and at one point we (an assistant and detective) needed to get into maintenance for The Gimmick (blowing up the ATLAS-loving representative's consulate with a fuel tank bomb). The result: 1). One ashed hand 2). Five instances of shocking ourselves 3). Zero instances of us doing the gimmick successfully 4). One maintenance hatch destroyed by a maglite and lunchbox While I absolutely despise seeing a security officer perform a maintenance sweep "for security" at the start of every round, there has to be a better solution to this.
  13. I will miss the old AMI, but these are very good. It will also be way easier to find dead xenoarcheologists now, great work!
  14. Excellent responses, I support this application. Take my BIG +1.
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