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  1. Thank you very much! That addresses all of my concerns, and I'm excited to see the new law set in action.
  2. First, let me say that I completely support the idea of an AI whitelist. However, the current regulation on sapience seems a bit weird to me. Specifically, the exclusion of IPCs from "sentient" while golems and slime people (do we even have slime people?) are regarded as sentient (there's also vaurca drones, but I'm not familiar with the species so I'm not going to discuss them). It's a really, really weird distinction that just comes as unneeded complexity (also, doesn't this mean I can murder an off-station IPC antagonist with the AI's full approval or am I misreading this?). All p
  3. Having seen these sprites in-game, I have to say that I'm reversing my early opinion on some of them being improvements and would, frankly, like to see the old gun sprites back (at least, for security's guns). I'll be leaving my comments in a list below. General: The cartoonish style of the guns, combined with the white colors used, makes them look like toys. They look like they were made to shoot Nerf darts rather than things that kill people. The white color scheme of the guns makes them blend in really, really awkwardly with security's uniforms. I can't tell where my di
  4. Please allow me to apologize for any harshness in advance -I'm trying to provide my feedback honestly. With that disclaimer said, let's get into my opinions on these sprites. The new disruptors are an outright improvement over the current sprites. The new laser rifle is bad, the shotgun is okay, the ion is bad, and the blasters are a mixed bag. I'll go into more in-depth reasoning below. The disruptor is an improvement for one very big reason: readability. The previously tiny (literally 1x1) charge indicator is now much larger and can be more easily seen. They also change slig
  5. Yet again, we (but mostly me, the Sisyphus of human lore) return to Dominia. In this case, the corporate regulations page finally marks them as "do not borg" in the event that they, somehow, commit an infraction that carries the penalty. More lore will come soon! https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Corporate_Regulations#Regarding_cyborgification
  6. I don't support removing LOOC as an avenue for funny ha-ha commentary by characters in the round, but I do support its total removal from ghosts. Personally, I am sick of the phantasmal comedy brigade inserting itself into the middle of tense situations to go "LOOC Unga Dunga: Whoa this mercenary and security standoff is just like the anime I watched earlier, and you absolutely need to know about this!" Or, in a worst-case scenario, a dead officer/antagonist/whatever loudly screaming in LOOC at their killer (I have had this happen to me before (multiple times)). If you're an observ
  7. This is a pretty harsh adjustment to disruptors, considering that the rubber bullets they replaced do 40 agony damage (+5 brute damage, for a total of 45) per hit. It seems as if this PR will simply render them a weapon that is used used until an antagonist appears, then is thrown away for ballistic pistols. I'm fine with reducing the burn damage, but 25 agony damage while losing a third of the disruptor's shots just renders it hopelessly ineffective.
  8. Disruptors feel both extremely strong and strangely clunky at times. Against crew antagonists they're absurdly powerful, as every security officer is carrying a weapon that can fire twelve stun shots without reloading (this is nearly a twofold increase over the earlier ballistic pistol). They're also primarily shooting unarmored targets, which makes it even more powerful. Against off-station antagonists (or cults) it's borderline useless aside from lethal mode, as armor (such as a voidsuit or cult robes) will absorb its stuns and make security instead opt for the easily-available lethal mode.
  9. EMERGENCY NATIONAL BROADCAST - EMERGENCY NATIONAL BROADCAST - EMERGENCY NATIONAL BROADCAST A middle-aged man in the uniform of a Sol Alliance navy Admiral stands behind a podium as several other officers and a dour-looking man and women both wearing civilian suits sit on tables flanking him. The middle-aged man begins to speak from what is pretty clearly a teleprompter behind the camera. “Following the illegitimate secession of Konyang and its surrounding areas, the situation in our Outer Rim has continuously deteriorated due to a lack of fuel for peacekeeping forces and the presence
  10. An update to these sprites has been, honestly, direly needed for some time. These look suitable evil to be the uniforms of our local somewhat-racist somewhat-autocratic empire, so they have my stamp of approval as one of two human lore deputies.
  11. Rats are really just busywork for service and don't add anything beyond some person going "haha wouldn't it be funny if I took a bite out of every piece of food in the kitchen." After spending three hours experiencing the heavy role play task of setting up traps and throwing knives at an endless tide of bored ghost mains I can safely say that it would be a huge benefit to remove this from the game. I hate this spawner.
  12. Let me preface this by saying I consider Kyres a friend and a talented spriter. However, I will continue by saying that I do not like these sprites at all and agree with the points of Chevy and Valwyn above me. I play a lot of security so I've got a lot of experience looking at the sprites of Aurora's weapons. I'm not a big fan of these guns or the current disruptor sprite. They look like toy guns that you'd see in the hands of a '60s action figure in contrast to our present "high-tech militaristic" look that a lot of security's weaponry and equipment has (note, for example, that security
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