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  1. Accepted pending edits. We have plans to add more lore on universities in the future, so expect to see this on the wiki when we release that.
  2. Accepted pending edits and cuts to its content. We're planning to add lore related to courts, law enforcement, and prisons over the upcoming months and parts of this will be used in it. Thank you for your submission.
  3. Accepted pending the competition of EPMC additions and rewrites. Thank you for your submission, this is a good first contribution.
  4. Accepted pending addition to the wiki's social media section with some modifications to its content. Better late than never, I suppose?
  5. Denied. We feel that this blurs the line between corporates and dregs too much, and it's a bit too similar to what the skrell have presently in our lore.
  6. This application is being denied. While the writing here is good, the organization you've written is too similar to the real-world FBI.
  7. I, for what it's worth, support a total revert. Part of the reason I spawn in cryo in the first place is to avoid having to screw around with the autodrobe vendors at arrivals (which often suck your accessories off into the abyss) and this PR -- while I get the idea for it, since it's something for NBT -- defeats the entire purpose of that. Maybe this is due to it being a recent addition but I forget about it half of the time anyways, which means I have to track back to cryo and click the vendor to get my loadout. It's frustrating, and feels more like an annoyance than anything else. It's not fun, it's just busywork.
  8. My main complaint is that it's both huge and empty. It's smaller than the Aurora's medical wing, sure, but it's massive and still inefficient. There should be a straight shot from the entrance to the surgical theaters (where most of the action of medical takes place, frankly) which isn't present. The ICU and GTR both look like they aren't even finished, considering how empty the ICU is and how randomly-placed the scanners seem. Why not put the surgical theaters above the ICU so access is easier and simpler? That would make a straight, unbroken line from the entrance to the theater. My secondary nitpick is that you still have to go to another level to access medical's lockers if you have the misfortune of joining after the round has already started. Sure it's more efficient now, but you still have to do it. This is made even worse by the presence of a perfectly good potential locker room on the first floor: the main level quarantine room. Medical already has a quarantine room upstairs (with an airlock!) so I don't see why another one on the first level is needed or necessary.
  9. I don't like the new bar very much. The fact that you have to go up into a walled-off room that breaks your vision to the bar to mix drinks now (your main purpose) isn't very good for talking to people, and is going to lead to a lot of dropped conversations. There's also, bizarrely, no Booze-o-Mat in the mixing room so you'll have to constantly walk back and forth between the two. It would, in my view, be better if the bar's drink machines were in the middle -- where both sides of the bar could easily access them -- rather than in the walled-off room up above. It also looks like the bar's going to be a really crowded space for (presumably) two bartenders, with how small the frontal bar is.
  10. Like those above me, Boggle is my preferred candidate for the position. I very much want to see his ideas brought into the team, and think that he could do a lot of good if given the position.
  11. While I've always been a proponent of a height slider menu this is, in my opinion, not something we should bother porting. Sprites look weird and squished, with short characters looking especially weird. A lot of the sprite accessories/clothes/etc. seem not to change very well with the size slider earlier, and shirt accessories (which most people use, I imagine) end up looking like extra-large shirts on short characters. It's not great.
  12. @Boggle08 These responses are excellent, and answer all of my questions quite effectively. Your application has my support, and I hope that I'll be able to work alongside you on the lore team. Best of luck!
  13. Hello, and thank you for applying! You're bringing a lot of good, interesting ideas to the table that I'd like to see integrated into our lore -- particularly your expansion of the Golden Deep, which I feel is one of our best IPC lore bits. You also play quite interesting IPC characters that I've enjoyed interacting with, such as Tankred. I just have a few questions, since you've already answered quite a few so far! Remember: There are no right or wrong answers here. 1). How to you plan to handle the management side of your maintainer position? The IPC whitelist is one of our largest ones and you may find yourself spending as much time working on its maintenance as you will writing lore! How do you intend to handle whitelist issues, up to and including de-whitelisting? 2). Do you have any plans for Konyang? It's a piece of lore that the human and synthetic teams often collaborated on during Nienna's tenure that is still -- at least in my view -- a place that has a lot of potential for IPC lore, particularly now that it is independent. 3). It's no secret that IPCs have a lot of "subspecies" in their frames, and that some are barely played. Do you believe this is an issue that should be addressed, or is it simply the result of having so many choices? If so, do you have any plans for specific frames?
  14. Hello, and thank you for applying for the position of synthetic lore developer! Unfortunately, I cannot support your application due to several concerns I have with your past conduct as deputy loremaster. I won’t deny that you have an immense amount of drive and passion for our lore but you tend to burn yourself out, which can lead to non-ideal results. I’ll echo Nienna here and say that you left a lot of work half-done or abandoned when you resigned, and resigned on pretty short notice. You seemed to have two states during your tenure as deputy loremaster: the first was a state of euphoria, where everybody loved your lore and nothing was wrong, and the second was this fugue state where everybody hated your lore and nothing was right. You spent most of your final two (perhaps three?) months as deputy loremaster in this fugue state and we were much worse off for it. Events like the conspiracy arc were first neglected and then abandoned completely, and the scarcity as a whole fell by the wayside. We completely dropped the momentum of the King of the World and returned to sitting on our hands and being told “wait for the NBT.” Another issue that came up during these final months is your treatment of the lore team. Your fugue led into this state of paranoia where everybody was either out to sabotage what little good was left in our lore or out to get you as a person. You became confrontational -- even outright hostile at times to some people, particularly the diona team -- and began to see enemies everywhere. You also started being extremely negative towards additions to our lore, and particularly towards my additions. Accents became “bloat” that “only got added because I didn’t see it.” Everything I wrote became, to you, grotesquely overlong works that would be read by no one at all. It was both infuriating and demoralizing to deal with this. As a final note I find your responses to Nienna’s post to be unprofessional and, frankly, disappointing. The way in which you have responded to them, combined with my above concerns regarding your conduct as deputy loremaster, has led me to conclude that you are not the ideal candidate for the position.
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