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  1. I'm not familiar with the vaurca as a species, aside from the one that goes "HYEH HYEH HEH" and haunts my dreams now, but this absolute maniac plays a forensic technician that doesn't immediately go SSD and actually did his job instead of asking for a gun and going to hunt them valids. I give him a +1 as he is a GOOD COWORKER, though I feel as if I should instead force him to play forensic technician forever instead of supporting this whitelist. However his duffel bag does look horrible.
  2. I also played in this round. I was Likho, mechatronic engineer. I was called by Vincent Gallardi, the warden, to the brig several times to discuss the AI issue. Ultimately I could not do anything about the problem for a few reasons: 1). The AI was having the aforementioned synthetic rights party in its core. 2). The partygoers were armed, and had looted the vault and armory. 3). Two of our four security officers were involved in this AI mosh pit. 4). The entire crew seemed to be descending into madness, and I was seriously considering stealing insulated gloves and cutting the AI wire on any doors I could find. Furthermore, the AI had been acting odd all round: it had caused two scientists to duel with extremely lethal weapons (hitting several bystanders), motivated the chief engineer to break into the vault, and had stated that it would stop any attempts to interrupt it or control it. It was disrupting the entire station and, considering the history of rampant AIs in lore, security was within their right to destroy it: this is an entity that is clearly broken and has access to most systems on the station. It would be illogical not to eliminate it.
  3. Hello, I played Ezelda Coetzee (you were close enough, she just has a weird name) in the aforementioned round. I can confirm Bath Salt Addict's points and label them as valid in my experience. The round was a communication disaster and reminded me of deadpop security in a bad way, as everyone stuck out to do their own thing. Two incidents stick out to me. 1). I arrive on the Aurora as an EPMC security officer about thirty, maybe forty minutes into the round. EPMCs are, to me, pretty professional and expect a lot of of their teams. I didn't expect a personal briefing or anything maybe just a SITREP or something. I got nothing from the head of security even after greeting him in a blandly professional manner. Actually, it seemed nobody had heard from him in a bit and his shaders were down, so I decided to do the reasonable thing and check the camera. He's in there with Miller, again. It's not the first time Armstrong has run off to RP an office relationship, but it came to color the rest of the round for me. 2). About an hour and a half into the round, we get ordered to go to telescience. Another officer and I respond with Armstrong and, after arriving, he says he needs to go get the CE and keeps us on perimeter overwatch. Where we wait. For around a half hour. Without orders. Eventually my fellow officer leaves, comes back after five minutes with updated orders, and we roll out to having no direction outside of maintenance rather than inside. All in all it just felt like a sloppy round and is probably one of the worst security rounds I have played with a head of security active. Armstrong wasn't listening to his team, was fawning over Miller despite a clear and present danger (and reasonable suspicion that she might have done something, as the other suspect was a Dominian that we joked "probably starts screaming and praying when she sees a cyborg"), and wasn't serving as a departmental leader. Honestly? It felt like we were all side characters in some kind of Miller-Armstrong romance drama and didn't actually matter in the grand scheme of things. I don't think a head of security, or any departmental head, should give their department that feeling. Armstrong is, in my experience, typically very, very good at departmental coordination - I would argue that he is playing the implant and his relationship to Miller poorly, and that this has shown through in a very bad way in these two rounds. I wasn't in the hostage situation round, so I'll refrain from commenting on it.
  4. Qu Ulu’Nunuz once said finna in Gutter making him the realest g in cargo. To be more serious the backstory and character are both interesting and I've always enjoyed committing petty crimes with Qu, and I look forward to seeing what Somethingiguess can pull off with this whitelist. I hope to see robo-Hasselhoff doing aerobics at the pool soon. EASY +1 TREMERE IS A BETTER CLAN THOUGH BAALI SUCKS
  5. *scream Hello! I said something on your command app and now I am back to haunt you even more. Like Borya I have absolute confidence in Nantei to play an IPC well, and their app is well-done (it's better than mine was when I first posted it, to be frank). -1 will inevitably steal my detective slot from me REAL GAMER BIG +1 IT HURTS TO TYPE LIKE THIS
  6. The backstory is interesting and well-written (even if we do have a surprising number of IPC bartenders now My robot waifu is dead. Here's your 1,000 Credit bonus.), the answers the answers look good to me. Their characters are also good, with Ada Bishop being one of the only janitors I remember aside from that guy that held the door for me when I was a security officer. I don't remember his name, but he was really polite. Anyways, Bishop is a really unique character, Rosina made me want to rip my hair out when I tried to order a hot dog (in a good way), and Barrett is always interesting to deal with as security. I'm excited to see how they can pull of playing IPC, and definitely support this. Big +1 a real gamer.
  7. BYOND key: neworiginalschwann Character names: Oh boy, here we go. Linh Truong: Security Officer Thi Mai Linh: Security Officer (Idris) Ezelda Coetzee: Security Officer (EPMC) Elspeth Grant: Detective (MCPD) IRU-Agnes: Detective (Idris) Hypatia: Surgeon Marcelle Vernier: Surgeon, rarely played Likho: Mechatronic Engineer Lesedi Besette: Cargo Tech Edward Bennings: Scientist, overworked/underpaid Leyli Qanbari Falady Tadhhab Bsre: Paramedic, tall Annie Zietsman: Paramedic, ancap/EPMC (don't tread on me) And a few others that are either just blank slates waiting for records or turned out to not be that fun and were placed aside. How long have you been playing on Aurora?: A few months now, I believe. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: To assist in driving a round (and its RP) forward and to create an interesting character. I have, additionally, attempted to create a character for the head of personnel position that goes against the stereotype of "motherly woman that gets kidnapped." Being a whitelisted head would also make me able to interact with a larger part of the crew Why did you come to Aurora?: I bounced between servers for a while before eventually settling here due to a nice community and actually well-written lore, and I was sick of Baystation12's THREE AND A HALF HOUR LONG rounds. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? I have received no administrative action, but am involved in a presently active player report. I am happy to let this sit and gather feedback until it is resolved, if needed. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplaying, in the context of Space Station 13 (and HRP servers in particular) is, to me, a kind of creative writing exercise. Therefore it is my belief that roleplay is the act of creating a player's own mini-story on the server: one of my favorite things about Space Station 13 is that I can speak to a server with 40 players in it and get 50 stories about how the round went. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: It really depends on the head of staff in question. Some, such as the chief medical officer and research director, are more coordinators while others, primarily the head of security, help serve as a conduit between the crew and the round's antagonists (be they alone or in a group). In this economy of heads of staff the head of personnel fills the role of a... personnel director. Their job is to deal with personnel issues, modify access, ensure every department is functional, and manage cargo/mining. As such, the head of personnel is a role that depends greatly upon how well person can talk (and how they can be analytical about access, but the creepy guy asking for maintenance access for "reasons" can probably be rejected outright or buried in paperwork). As the supervisor of cargo, the head of personnel is also in charge of coordinating with the CMO and QM to source the concrete used to bury SM victims. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: Again this depends upon the head of staff in question. Overall, however, I would say that the purpose of the heads of staff are to create a welcoming environment for new players and to create a good community overall. Heads of staff are expected to know the Things that need to be Done in order to have a functional department, and a lot of people look up to them (I know I look to the head of security for orders whenever something awful happens). They serve as a kind of in-character tutor, as their competence is expected due to having to go through a whitelist. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau Ceti and how it affected your character and their career? The main ongoing event in Tau Ceti is (shockingly) not MechMania 2461 and is instead the re-emergence of the Synthetic Liberation Front as a non-state actor. Marchand is involved in this in a non-direct manner due to her status as a personnel director: she has a responsibility to ensure the crew manifest is free of any oddities or unknown factors (for example, a rogue shell). To go a bit further into the past the arrival of the Aut'akh unathi "ghost ships" were a major development for the corporation's hiring department, which Marchand was definitely involved in: thousands upon thousands of internships don't appear out of thin air, after all. The Lii'dra are another threat, though one more lurking in the background than present. To move outside of Tau Ceti Marchand is a citizen of the Sol Alliance from Sol itself (Venus, to be exact) and is deeply interested in the new face of ATLAS, the new GAIA, and the formation of the GFL. However she understands that this is Tau Ceti and that it is sometimes best to keep work and politics separated, even if she despises having to give access to party-loving tajara. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? Head of Personnel SolGov Rep. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Elise Marchand, PhD. (Head of Personnel) Doctor Marchand is, like my consular officer, a new character. A woman born in a Venusian habitat to extreme wealth, Marchand was always destined for a career in either politics or the corporate world. She chose the corporate world, perhaps wisely, and has been employed as a bureuacrat by NanoTrasen ever since earning a doctorate in business management (only the best for the wealthy of Venus, after all). Doctor Marchand has worked for the company for nearly a decade now and has achieve a reputation for ruthless efficiency and high productivity margins, along with a higher than average turnover rate among mining and cargo employees. Due to this reputation, or in spite of it, she has recently been transferred to the N.S.S. Aurora II in order to increase productivity margins on phoron within its asteroid. The board of directors can only hope she is able to deliver the results that she seems set to meet. Unlike Oanh, Marchand is focused on results above human resources (to an extent) and still believes she has something to prove. After all - if she proves herself on the Aurora, who knows where she might go next? The Odin? The captain-ship of a brand new station? The sky could be the limit. Doctor Trang Thanh Oanh, PhD. (Sol Alliance consular officer) Born to middle class bureaucrats in Cua Song, New Hai Phong, Doctor Oanh grew up surrounded by corruption, graft, atmospheric issues, and constant storms in the monsoon season. As a result, she developed a sense of companionship with the residents of her habitation block, and spent time talking with those from outside the block as well - eventually becoming known as a person who could coordinate between blocks in Cua Song. This encouraged her to pursue a career in political science, culminating in a position with the Solar Alliance's foreign department after recieving her master's degree at twenty-three. Twenty-eight years later after a history of exceptional service and a doctoral degree, she was picked to be one of the consulate officers in Tau Ceti after the Frost Invasion. Not an easy position, but one she was prepared to handle exceptionally well. Unlike Marchand, Oanh is an empathetic person who wants to do her best and has already proven herself as an official. How would you rate your own roleplaying?: Pretty okay! I'm handing one species well and have branched into playing non-NT contractors as well. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? I do, yes. Have you familiarized yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yes. Extra notes: Removing the head of personnel's cloak was a mistake.
  8. Hello, I play Thi Mai Linh. I'm going to keep my response here brief and to the point as other persons have raised points I intended to cover. I ICly and OOCly recalled being shoved to the ground during the arrest. I will concede, however, that my memory is by no means perfect and I may have remembered this improperly. I did not, at any point during the interview, directly imply or state that Shm'ta shoved me to the ground. I stated that I recalled having been shoved, but could not remember which party did it. As a character, Linh believes that, if anyone would have shoved her to the ground, it would be the tajara that showed a hatred of her party, department, and homeland. However, professional standards came first. As for coaching: Linh asked for advice before the CCIA interview from Ivanov (since he is, you know, a member of the Sol Alliance consulate and filed the report) and was told to "be honest during the interview," or something along those lines. I find the accusation that we, a contractor nervous about getting fired and a foreign service officer, created some kind of grand ATLAS-voter conspiracy (or metafriends) to fine a tajaran bartender ridiculous in and out of character. As for lying: while I did not do it myself, lying is allowed on CCIA reports. Anything else here would just be restating previous points. The fact that Ivanov said Shm'ta shoved Linh and three other interviewed personnel said "I don't know if he did, but that seems like something he would do," seems like more of a character issue than a player issue. In conclusion I do not support adding magic CCIA cameras as it would ruin part of the organization's purpose of finding out about IC problems using IC means and start us on a slippery slope towards making the CCIA just admins that have to bwoink you via your PDA. Please inform me if you have any questions regarding my involvement in this case.
  9. EMT jacket big ugly (and also outdated) please replace. Also give us IAC and EPMC jackets.
  10. Building on what Nantei said: - Please give your designated hostage negotiator body armor of some variant. The cute dress every female head of personnel wears may make you look like a waifu but it won't stop Unga McDungason's 5.56 round that he fired because he was getting bored. A vest will save lives, and doesn't look that threatening to mercenaries in hardsuits. - Every second you keep a solo antagonist talking is one second they aren't using to prepare for a security assault or their next nefarious deed. This helps buy the ISD and any cooperating departments time to counter them. - Every second you keep one or more members of a team antagonist talking is one second they aren't coordinating over the radio or plotting in the back. - If negotiating with a team antagonist, try to keep as many of them visible as possible. - Security: Always be in a position to move in if the situation goes poorly. This means a clear path of entry and firing lines. - Observing Visitor in a Pencil Skirt: Don't stand between security and valids, this is how you get eviscerated. For an idea of how well your cute skirt will hold up against bullets/lasers/shrapnel/a thrown energy sword due to being on the wrong intent please refer to my first point. - If you wish to be an exceptionally robust memester and end up in the hall of fame do a "hostage exchange" with a protohuman made to resemble the captain with hell grenades stuffed into its pockets. This should not be attempted against people with a brain, but we're fortunately dealing with antagonists so it might just work. - The above strategy may also work by using a tracking beacon, an (un)aware hostage, the command teleporter, and several boxes of flashbangs. - I make no promises about not getting bwoinked.
  11. Okay I should probably comment on this again. Frei can keep a cool head under pressure, and Krastev doesn't go to cryosleep thirty minutes into a round like half the research directors. Also Frei keeps giving me a .45 and even got me a custom .45 earlier so A+ head of security of the month. Here is my green +1 for having Frei give me .45s forever. Remember to change the plus one to green before posting this Schwann!
  12. Those answers work for me, and you have my support. +1, and best of luck.
  13. Always gives me a sweet 1911 when I'm the detective and looks the other way when I steal a belt from the cadet lockers (cadets don't exist) 10/10 warden A+ oh also has a good backstory too I guess. To get more serious Frei, despite wearing a skirt, is a pretty competent character that I've had good interactions with on all my security characters. Nantei definitely knows how security works: I've seen them play every role (and play them well) aside from forensics technician (this role also doesn't exist) and none of their characters have struck me as unreasonable, which is high praise when I see a Space Vietnam veteran cadet several times a week. But I do have a few questions: 1). Will the psychological issues listed in Frei's records be a major issue for her as a head of security? 2). What is Caydence going to be like? I recall seeing them as a cyborg a few times, but have never really interacted with them.
  14. No worries on the delay, it's absolutely fine and I only felt slightly neglected I have addressed your concerns in my original post to an extent I find to be satisfactory without writing a 1,000 word essay.
  15. Borya's a pretty quality extreme role player, with Vesper and Hasam both being good characters even though I have no idea how to spell Hasam's name. I'm confident they will be telling us that the robots are going to steal our reproductive organs in no time at all if they get skrell, so they have my support. Remember to put a green +1 before you upload this post Schwann!
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