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  1. 2462.07.08 CROWN PRINCESS PRISCILLA ADDRESSES NATION ON FOUNDING DAY! This year’s founding day was a fortuitous day in the history of our grand Empire, united in faith, as it was the three-hundredth and twenty-fifth anniversary of when humankind first set foot upon the planet of Moroz. Celebrations have been held throughout the Empire to honour the memory of our pioneering ancestors, who traveled so far to arrive upon what would become the heartland of our grand Empire. Imperial subjects as far afield from our lands as the Republic of Biesel have held magnificent celebrations honouring our predecessors, with His Majesty’s embassy in the Republic of Biesel serving as a place of congregation for good Imperial subjects in the system that wish to honour our predecessors. Embassy security has assured our reports that, despite protests, Founding Day celebrations have continued regardless. The Imperial capitol of Nova Luxembourg has seen a grand celebration of Founding Day, with the festivities continuing well into the evening. Crown Princess Priscilla Keeser - the heir apparent - has addressed the Empire from the Imperial Palace of Moroz alongside Emperor and Empress Keeser with a rousing speech calling for unity amongst the people of the Empire on this most magnanimous of days. In a rare gesture, she extended an olive branch even to Fisanduh, which shares our grand holiday despite their unwillingness to accept the rightful rule of Moroz by the Goddess’ own Empire of Dominia, calling for the rebels to respect our mutual origins on this day. In honour of Founding Day the royal family, spearheaded by Crown Princess Priscilla, has established a significant fund for the personnel and families of personnel injured or killed in the liberation of Lakto Prime. While those that have fallen in Her name are generally honoured with the Feast of Remembrance in early August, the Crown Princess has become renowned throughout the Orion Spur for such acts of generosity. Praise the Goddess in all you do, for without Her there is no Empire.
  2. I am for the five year increase in age. Surgery is complicated in our current world, and adding multiple species into the mix is only going to make it harder. As for the complaint of "making surgeons and CMOs equal," these are the two (conceptually) most complicated jobs on the station. It's more sensible than not that they'd be a comparative age. I think the trauma physician role is bloat, and absolutely support its removal.
  3. Over the course of the past year or so I watched Derrick Mens transform from, to put it bluntly, a mediocre security officer with not much personality beyond "I'm sad" to a fully-fledged character with an arc of his own that Nope was, ultimately, able to retire and let go. They're recently branching out beyond "Sol Marine with black hair" which is, also bluntly, good despite Valeria having an anime avatar on the Relay. This application has my support, and I'm eager to see what you can do as a consular officer - arguably a role that is often neglected during the course of the round. This endorsement should be viewed as both the faith I have in you, Nope, and a vindication of my earlier - arguably hostile - attitude towards Derrick as a character. Well done. I'll still bully him ICly, though. +1
  4. Normally I go through whitelists and ask a bunch of questions. On this one I have no questions, just my support. Sherman is somebody I've seen play believable and realistic characters for a year, and they're wholly deserving of a fair shot at becoming a head of staff. Best of luck, and +1.
  5. REPUBLIC OF ELYRA REFUSES EXPORTS, SOL ALLIANCE PRICES RISE! Despite recent reports of phoron shortages from both the Republic of Biesel and the NanoTrasen Corporation the Republic of Elyra, one of the Orion Spur’s largest producers of phoron aside from the Republic of Biesel, has announced today that it is not intending to commence exporting raw phoron to the rest of the Orion Spur. Citing their use of the fuel in many of their exported products, the Republic of Elyra has long guarded their ample phoron reserves from the rest of the Orion Spur. It remains doubtful that they will export raw phoron now, due to close government controls over the resource. Outside the Republic of Biesel supply is rapidly beginning to outpace the demands of the Sol Alliance, and emergency rationing is seriously being debated to assure that its military is able to meet its phoron requirements to maintain combat readiness. Prime Minister Frost has accused the Republic of Biesel of deliberately throttling phoron supplies in order to cripple the Sol Alliance. Shortages have been noted throughout the Sol Alliance, with major member planets without bluespace gates such as New Hai Phong and Silversun reporting particular concern. The Republic of Biesel and NanoTrasen corporation have both decried the accusations of Prime Minister Frost as baseless and ridiculous, and a sign that the former Solarian naval officer has not let his dream of destroying Biesel’s liberty go. NanoTrasen stocks continue to decline in the face of a major phoron shortage, while EInstein Engines - the largest producer of non-phoron-powered warp engines - has seen its largest one-day stock price increase in a century. Stay tuned for more information regarding this ongoing shortage.
  6. These are good responses, and I appreciate that somebody finally mentioned that Konyang exists. I'm also excited to see what you do with Zeng-Hu, as it was recently a topic of discussion amongst the lore team (no spoilers). This application has my support. > he doesn't exist in 5th edition
  7. Despite your objectively horrific taste in Vampire: The Masquerade bloodlines you've been a pleasant person to interact with both on and off of the server, who can play a multitude of species and origins. You, to this day, have played the only skrell dreg I've ever seen, and you're certainly able to make memorable characters. You clearly have a mastery of the voluminous lore (and, like me, hate the tup), so really the only thing I have for you are a few questions. 1). More integration between species is extremely good, and I'm glad you brought up some examples. How are some ways in which you intend to do this with skrell? 2). Do you plan to do anything with the existing skrell/[other species] crossovers in lore such as Zeng-Hu, the moon of Moghes (Oureawhom?), the C'thur, or (god forbid) Bursa? 3). Why is your taste in VtM clans so bad like Jesus Christ I can't believe you explain yourself I look forward to your repsonses!
  8. I like it a lot. The caulk gun and associated tanks are a very, very welcome departure from the existing "green cube that heals people" and "brown cube that heals people" and I dig them a lot. Also our gauze and ointment sprites are finally getting updated from their 2004 sprites, which is extremely welcome. I look forward to seeing them and the defibrillator in-game, as spam-clicking somebody to do CPR is both annoying and carpal tunnel-inducing.
  9. BYOND Key: NewOriginalSchwann Staff BYOND Key: IcedCabbage Game ID: b7q-ay6G Reason for complaint: Noted for "Firing lethals at someone because you mistook them for rubbers" Evidence/logs/etc: None to present. Additional remarks: I'm going to keep this brief and to the point, since I loathe waxing about nothing. My main issue here is that I was given a note I feel is unjust due to the circumstances leading up to it, and that I would like it to be removed from my record. I don't want this contributing to further judgement of my character, which is what really strikes me as the entire purpose behind the note system. The note itself was given for firing lethal energy carbine shots at somebody who I assumed was firing lethal rounds at me, when they were only firing rubbers. I explained to the trial moderator that I was unaware I was being shot at by rubbers and not extremely dangerous (for a M'sai) lethal ammunition, but he did not seem to understand that I was legitimately unaware during the course of the fight. The fight opened with a scientist point-blanking a security officer with his SMG around six times, which does not tell you what type of round is being fired - only that "Blah Blah fires the gun point-blank at the Forename Surname" while Forename Surname screams in pain. After this point-blanking I, assuming I was going to be shot to death after the officer was, shot back with the energy carbine's lethal mode. I then kicked the man once in the head while he was down, out of my character's frustration in being shot at. Following this I was bwoinked regarding a "paramedic and security officer that had stomped a man's head into crit," which is an oddly hostile way to start a conversation. After about a half hour of back-and-forth between myself and the trial moderator, I was informed that I was being noted "for reference." I did not, and still don't, really feel like this note is warranted, considering it was just a mistake, but was informed that it was for "recordkeeping." The ticket was closed shortly after this, and we went our separate ways. As I disagree with it I'd really like this note reexamined. What comes of this reexamination, we will see.
  10. As loathe as I normally am to go "+1 epic roleplayer" in response to applications, as I believe it turns a whitelist into a popularity contest rather than a meritocratic one but I digress - I'm ranting. Despite having not interacted with you that much, reading over your application and your responses has been enough to convince me that you've got enough of an understanding of the skrell for a whitelist. This application has my support, and I look forward to watching your character push boxes with the worst best of NanoTrasen!
  11. Hello! I'm a bit concerned by a few things here. 1). You want Travis Black to be your head of security, but he's currently a Zavodskoi contractor. Are you aware that only NanoTrasen personnel can be head of staff, and how do you plan to justify somebody switching from Zavodskoi to a fairly high-level NanoTrasen position? 2). Your answer to what's currently happening in Tau Ceti makes me think you aren't that experienced with the lore, and you haven't really answered the question despite writing a few lines. I need to see this expanded before I give you support. 3). You seem to be somewhat aggressive in OOC, particularly after rounds, and I'm concerned this will be a problem in a role as hectic as head of security. How do you plan to deal with this anger? I look forward to your responses!
  12. I've commanded with Imran a few times, and have no major qualms with his style of leadership. My only complaint is that his massive punk shave looks a bit silly when it immediately disappears under his hardsuit, but that's not an issue relevant to a command application now is it? +1
  13. I've seen Robertson in some fairly hectic rounds, often where I am his head of security. I have no complaints about him, and believe Stev is able and ready to assume a command position. This application has my support, and I wish you the best of luck with your trial. +1
  14. New Leadership Dramatically Rebrands Necropolis Industries to Zavodskoi Interstellar! Earlier this afternoon (GST) Dr. Lydumila Zavodskoi announced that Necropolis Industries’ board of directors had voted unanimously to change its name from Necropolis Industries to Zavodskoi Interstellar. Necropolis’ board of directors - including Dr. Zavodskoi - have assured investors that the changes are “for the best of the company” and represent a new era where Zavodskoi will focus upon military manufacturing rather than the pursuit of genetics research. For now Necropolis stocks are holding steady, compared to the brief drop experienced after the naming of Dr. Zavodskoi as its new CEO. In response to this dramatic and sudden decision, Dr. Zavodskoi has opted to hold another press conference at the headquarters of the company in Tolyatti. We now go live to our reporter in Tolyatti. LYDUMILA ZAVODSKOI stands behind a podium in the Tolyatti headquarter’s conference center. On the podium itself is the symbol of the new Zavodskoi Interstellar - still in red-and-black, as per the old emblem. REPORTER: Investors are concerned by the recent shifts in the board of directors. Could you go into more depth about what happened? ZAVODSKOI: Of course. Mister Meirran and Doctor Volvalaad have unfortunately decided to depart our employment due to disagreements with our new executive direction. Mister Meirran has been replaced by Marquess Volvalaad as our chief security officer, and Doctor Volvalaad has been replaced by Doctor Klavan as our chief research officer, and we are very much glad to have them on the Board. Our new members of the Board are very open-minded and loyal employees, qualities which are very valued here. REPORTER: Why did you proceed with the rebranding when two board members decided to quit over it? ZAVODSKOI: Ultimately, the benefits of our new direction will far outweigh the losses of any individual board member. Myself - and my colleagues - have absolute confidence in this. REPORTER: What was the reason behind the rebranding, ultimately? ZAVODSKOI: A new start was needed. Genetics research was a black hole of funds, and as such we will be moving away from our focus on it to concentrate on what we do best: military equipment. Besides that, it was also a way to detach ourselves from the reputation and opinions that have been garnered of the corporation under its previous leadership. REPORTER: Will there be any immediate changes in your workforce? ZAVODSKOI: Yes, there will be. We plan to bring positronics into some areas that they were not previously used in, such as the Republic of Biesel. I assure our Dominian investors that we will honor our contract to not bring synthetics to Imperial space, or allow synthetics in any managerial positions. The press conference ended shortly after this, and the full transcript can be found at [SYSTEM ERROR - INVALID LINK!]. Shortly after the conference’s conclusion, Zavodskoi Interstellar stocks rose slightly.
  15. Lydumila Zavodskoi Named New CEO of Necropolis Early this morning (GST) Dr. Lydumila Zavodskoi was formally elected the new chief executive officer of Necropolis Industries by its board of directors. Her formal ascension to the position comes as something of a surprise for outside observers, which expected chief security officer Gerharde Meirran - a close ally of Mister Boytsov - to ascend to the position of interim CEO while Mister Boytsov recovered. Medical reports from Earth, however, suggest that Mister Boytsov’s condition is far worse than originally anticipated, and many independent observers doubt that he will be able to fulfill the duties of CEO after recovery. To prevent further damage to Necropolis stocks, Dr. Zavodskoi has opted to hold an emergency press conference in St. Petersburg. We go to our reporter on-scene now. LYDUMILLA ZAVODSKOI stands at the same podium she had before, outside of the Necropolis Industries offices in St. Petersburg. ZAVODSKOI: With the discussion of my election as CEO concluded, the floor is open for questions. JOURNALIST: What about rumors that two of your board members - your chief security and chief research officers - have resigned? Can you comment on that? ZAVODSKOI: Mister Meirran and Doctor Volvalaad were close friends of Mister Boytsov. They are welcome to take time away from the company if they need to. We have plenty of qualified personnel that can fill their shoes. JOURNALIST: Who are some of these qualified personnel, then? ZAVODSKOI: If Mister Meirran and Doctor Volvalaad depart, Marquess Volvalaad will be stepping up as our chief security officer. Doctor Klavan has expressed her own interest in becoming our new chief research officer. However, no members of the board have submitted formal resignations as of yet. JOURNALIST: Investors are concerned regarding the sudden change in leadership. Do you have anything to reassure them? ZAVODSKOI: Only that I am the continuation of centuries of success for Necropolis Industries. I know how this corporation became great, and I can bring it more success. The press conference ended shortly after this, when Doctor Zavodskoi reentered the office building to discuss further matters with the board of directors. And now, we return to sports.
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