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  1. That's fair. Though there's a learning curve to basically every department so I don't necessarily think that needing a question or two answered about something is necessarily a bad thing. I just enjoy that reading the sensor display takes a little bit of critical thinking, rather than straight out telling you what's wrong with a person, and think monitoring sensors is one of the simplest things in medical to learn how to do. More color is still fine! I would only point out that the UI already does use a green/orange/red system on pulse and oxygenation to tell you what's within the acceptable range.
  2. I like the idea of adding some more color to the scan results to make identifying problem areas easier, as well as trimming down the empty space on the advanced scanner (because god you're right that scrolling through all of that is eye numbing sometimes), but I feel like the current UI for vitals is actually very simple if you have it explained to you. It already highlights pulse/BP/oxygenation in varying warning colors if they get outside a set range so you don't actually have to be versed in what's a healthy value. Though if you play medical for more than a round or two you'll very quickly memorize those healthy numbers from staring at the UI for so long.
  3. It's possible that bags can spawn randomly, I think. But in the three rounds I played as a raider there was not a single bag to be found and, while I do like the "scrounge from what you've got and be creative" vibe raider has, not having something as simple as a bag to stuff your miscellaneous junk in is really more irritating than anything else. I really like the idea of outfits, too! Kind of sucks having to stick to the edgy space pirate costume you spawn in, especially if you're going for a gimmick that's counter to that.
  4. Similarly to a lot of other people here, I agree with some of these proposed changes and disagree with others. Lock ordering weapons behind command authorization. Yes, do that. It'd go a long way in reducing the militia-like response you sometimes get from cargo, but still allow some fun if a command character comes by for authorization to get help in rounds where shit really hits the fan. Really security seems to depend on it sometimes to get access to lethals/ammo when there's no HoS or warden. Remove/whitelist Quartermaster. I'm not super into this one. I'm personally using the QM position right now to get my feet wet in a "command like" position so it'd suck to have that taken away or locked behind the same whitelist I'm not comfortable going for yet. HoP is also an often filled role, but they have much more in the way of people to oversee than other command roles, except captain of course, so having someone around whose focus is to make sure orders are being gotten out, bounties are being sorted, and materials are being sent out from mining is very useful in my opinion. Big agree that "unga bunga buy guns" is not a mindset to teach to players new to the HRP scene, but I feel that the prevalence of shitter QMs is being overstated a bit here. I have more time on mining than cargo though that's still let me run across a wide variety of QMs, most of which were just fine and reasonable while the capital S shitters more often than not got ahelped or given a stern talking to from the HoP when they tried some nonsense. The prevalence of LRP behavior in cargo seems, to me, no worse than what you see in many other departments and Doxx encapsulates pretty much all my thoughts on that in her first post. Remove KAs. Please no. Nerf them to be basically useless in atmosphere if necessary, but the thrill of getting a suped up KA from science (which happens rarely since you need both a staffed science department, materials, and time to wait for your order to be made) to make mining not so tedious would be a really terrible thing to lose. Ahelp ahelp ahelp. Yes, agree, we should absolutely encourage a shift in culture (over the whole server, in my opinion) where powergaming, LRP behavior is met with reporting it to staff and refusing to participate in doing the same. It's easy to get swept up in it when the whole department is spear toting and raring to go, but if it's nipped at the very start when someone starts slapping together enough plasteel swords for the whole department you can avoid things getting to that point. I'd be all for staff becoming stricter on this sort of thing and if that starts in cargo for right now that's alright.
  5. I would be fine with either the 2-2-2 spread or 2 surgeons/4 other option. Though honestly maybe make that only 3 other (nurse/doctor/other titles) because medical would have a whopping total of 12 slots all told in either of those cases and that's just... a lot of people jostling for room in the GTR. I'm leaning toward the latter because, as far as round to round play goes, you really don't see much distinction in what nurses do versus what MDs do even though "realistically" they're very separate jobs. So splitting them up into clearly defined slots seems unnecessary.
  6. I do think this could contribute to the game by adding a little extra bit of personalization, and to echo what others said it would be a boon for people who like to tab out when things are quiet. Overload when in an area with a lot of people could definitely be a problem but if it's limited to only within a few tiles and can be switched off you get around that problem pretty easily. Honestly I just think it's a cute feature idea, too.
  7. Yeah realistically the average person is going to finish their Bachelor's at ~22 and then take within the range of 5-8 years (just based on the average time it takes to gain a PhD in today's world) to get their doctorate so that puts you at a youngest of 27 before you would be qualified. Assuming you oomy zoomy your PhD. And go right from school to working on a prestigious research station rather than taking a post-doc position somewhere else to get a little more experience.
  8. Echoing a lot of what's been said-- a reduction to how quickly liver necrosis sets in after exposure to toxins and a buff to the lethality of guns/shrapnel would be nice. I do like that there's a specific point at which blood loss starts to harm the brain, so I wouldn't propose totally taking that out just to make donating blood less dangerous, but perhaps making it slight so long as you don't dip far below that threshold? More of an exponential effect as you lose blood oxygenation.
  9. Gotcha! Think I just misunderstood how much of those uber-conservative practices had been continued into modern day, but I can easily tweak that to be her only losing the land.
  10. BYOND Key: Shenaanigans Character Names: Lusula Kazhkz, Sreznai Guwan, Nasrin Knezevic, Tae Su-Yeongseon, Sloane Goldhirsch Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Orange Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes! Why do you wish to play this specific race: I honestly wasn't so into the Tajara race when I first joined the server and thought for sure that a Skrell whitelist would be the next one I'd apply for, but recently I've become more interested in the species now that their constant civil war is over. Complicated war politics isn't really my thing, but I can get behind the concept of a race that's been deeply divided by two horrendously bloody civil wars and is now trying to recover and find their footing among the space faring age. The long wars still play a crucial part in the backstory of any living Tajara, though now without consuming their entire being, and I enjoy the prospect of exploring the conflict between different factions as well as how peacetime will now play out in a race that's been locked in constant war for so long. Also, cat race. I cannot deny that that I'm a sucker for cat races. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: The most obvious aspect of what sets Tajara and humans apart is their physical appearance and biology. They are covered in fur, making them much more suited to the cold climate of their home planet, with claws, tails, extended sleep-wake cycles, and the ability to see better in the dark than any other race. The differences go much deeper than just the physical, though, as I consider the Tajara's most unique aspect to be how deeply the concept of ruling by blood is ingrained in their society and how this concept has shaped their culture and values. Tension between the ruling class and the peasantry was what sparked the explosive first civil war and the sense of community the common Tajara find with their fellow working class, which bleeds into their religion and traditional family values, is something no one outside of their species can really understand. Character Name: Valeriya Samsara Please provide a short backstory for this character: (This one isn't short either) Brought into the world in 2424 (otherwise known as 3582 in the more sensible Adhomian calendar), Valeriya was born the youngest of seven children to the Samsara line: a noble house that claimed relation all the way back to the Incarnates of old Adhomai. She was Njarir’Akhran in every sense of the word with a luxurious and happy life in the upper echelons of Tajaran society laid at her feet, until the Revolution came and the betrayal of the Hadii shattered that all to pieces. She was only a child when her family's manor was attacked by Rebel forces and she and her family were forced to flee from their lands, leaving her father and two of her siblings behind to the Rebels as they did their best to disappear. It was a lucky escape, and for a time Valeriya's remaining family were safe in hiding while the chaos of the Revolution continued to rage. Until they were found. The Samsara were discovered, and they were captured. Valeriya, her mother, and four of her siblings went into the Rebel controlled prison-- only she came out. Valeriya would have soon followed her family into Messa's arms, but as luck would have it the Revolution abruptly came to a halt before it came her turn and the newly formed People's Republic declared that the noble prisoners be released. She, still only a child, was passed into the custody of a minor noble family who had once been friends to the Samsara and the years between the first and second Civil Wars blurred by in what was only a step away from outright hiding. It was not safe for her to be out, where her vivid ginger fur marked her heritage as clear as the twin suns, so Valeriya's world was a small, lonely thing throughout the rest of her childhood. Throughout it all she nursed her hate-- hate for the traitorous Hadii who had caused her to lose everything. Once finished with her primary schooling, Valeriya chose to attend the Kaltir Law Academy so she could learn more of how to rule and manage an estate when she one day reclaimed such a thing for her family's name. Her ears were always pricked for any whisper of the nobles moving to reclaim their rightful place on Adhomai, so when the New Kingdom began to take shape she was quick to bid her guardians goodbye, gather together what meager possessions she could call her own, and leave to join this new resistance against the Republic. Valeriya, like many other loyal Njarir’Akhran, was given a small piece of land upon arrival which she threw herself into managing. Available workers were limited, so she took to working the fields and ladening carts bound for the front lines as much as she managed the ruling of her estate, doing what was necessary to support the fight against the Republic. Eventually the end of the second war came and, for her, it quickly stopped becoming a time for rejoicing. Instead of peace to continue tending her new land and rebuilding her family’s legacy, Valeriya was faced with a decree that the land she had poured her efforts into would be handed over to a war hero from the among the Kingdom. She was outraged, furious at being pushed aside so easily, but the decree had been made and, with it, all she had worked for since defecting went up in smoke. She could have petitioned (no, groveled) for some smaller tract of land that had gone unclaimed, or perhaps sought to wed one of the Kingdom's other nobles, but in the end she chose to leave it all behind. Again Valeriya picked up all she could call her own and, this time, left Adhomai entirely with her sights set on the stars. She was not of the lapdog Republic, but NanoTrasen was still all too eager to offer her a job far away in Tau Ceti where she could, again, start over and seek to rebuild the legacy of the Samsara. Gather funds, allies, new influence to one day leverage back upon the Kingdom that had slighted her-- perhaps a worthy husband to carry on the line that ended in her. The odds did not matter, she would force the shape of her future to be as she wished. Or else never return. What do you like about this character?: I like Valeriya’s character concept because she’s designed to be a very motivated and intense sort of person, always moving forward with her eyes set on a concrete end goal. She doesn’t stop, doesn’t hesitate, and has a definite path for herself in her mind which I think will be fun to RP her pursuing. She also has very strong opinions on the conflict on Adhomai (particularly a powerful hate for the PRA) which I know will motivate a lot of interesting interactions with other Tajaran characters, including how she is very much a proud noble who views herself as above the “lesser kinds” of Tajara. It’s definitely going to motivate some conflict and intense feelings both from and toward her. How would you rate your role-playing ability?: On my first whitelist app I went with a 7, so I’ll say 7.5 this time. I care a lot about developing complex characters and playing them faithfully and my knowledge of SS13 game mechanics is improving! Notes: Valeriya will be a cargo technician, later quartermaster once I play a few rounds to make sure I know what I’m doing. She is also an active observer of the S'rand'marr faith.
  11. Do you have slots currently open? 0w0
  12. Honestly I feel like if people are going to try and use meta strats to figure out what the round type is they have plenty of ways to do that that aren't as complicated as cross-referencing with the readied list and learning who enabled what antag types. That's super complicated. It's much easier to just look for the obvious clues inherent to each antag and do your valid hunting that way. I also feel that this change does impart a solid benefit. It could encourage more varied manifests if people see that everyone and their mother is playing sec this round and I know I would like to get a feel for what others are planning to play so I can adapt, without having to delay joining until after roundstart. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me why what people are readied up for should be kept a big secret.
  13. I will come out and say that I personally didn't notice the correlation, but I don't play security much and also haven't been here for that long. I just feel that there's no harm in perhaps being a little over careful and making a small change.
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