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  1. This is an interesting topic for an article and you definitely succeeded in pulling my attention with it, making me want to know more about how this would ripple out to effect more of Moghes if it did happen, so good job there! I'm also going to be That Person who drops questions on all the applications. Do you have any interest in a specific Unathi faction for edits/expansion? Expanding on number one, what aspects of Unathi lore in general do you think you'd like to tackle? Social culture? Religion? Galactic politics? Something else entirely? Would you say that you're more of an independent or collaborative writer when it comes to worldbuilding/lore?
  2. I'm a sucker for the use of slang and non-verbal communication to diversify a culture, so you've definitely caught my interest with the topic of your essay. I could see it being a lot of fun to explore and incorporate into Unathi as they now exist to further flesh out what separates them from other species. To get a better sense of what else draws you as far as Unathi lore goes, I'll also ask a few things! Are there any Unathi factions that particularly pull your interest or stick out as being areas you'd want to make edits/additions? What do you like most about Unathi as a species? A big part of lore writing is creating content that helps entice players into making characters that actually use said content in RP (or apply for whitelists and join lizard gang), so is there any aspect of current lore that you think does this well? OR could be made to do it better? If you could pick a species to further explore Unathi's relationship with, which would it be?
  3. All the various points of this application check out lore-wise and I know that you've put a lot of thought and care into crafting it, so I'm happy to throw in my +1! My only question (since Dead hit on all the general bits I would've asked after already) is more out of curiosity-- does Geiz have any particular long-term plans? Cargo technician is a very accessible, low tier sort of position to make some credits off of, but does he intend to pick up an education or try to advance at all in making a home for himself in Tau Ceti?
  4. Seamless communication is probably one of the hardest aspects of command and tends to come with more practice, so I think as long as you keep a focus on trying to improve in that realm you'll make for a great command player with time. The effort to engage crew and cultivate a fun environment is very much there, based on what I saw in that 3+ hour extended round last night, and I was impressed by how Prince bounced between chatting at the bar, organizing laser tag, and then pulling in crew for a pool party which she was active and participating in all throughout. A member of command who seeks to create fun in quieter moments is a very valuable thing to have. +1
  5. You've committed crimes against Ronald Monday and his dignity. What say you in your defense?

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      I've just met Monday and I want to bully him.

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      What the hell

    4. SinfulBehaviors


      I mean, at one point I asked Chevalier who I should frame for stealing station funding, and he said Monday. Then I got arrested and Monday was screaming about stating the goals of communism and, well, thus the framing was galvanized.

  6. HI there! I was thrilled to see that this app included a character from Ha'zana, as the GC tends to be a very under explored faction that I'm working on renovating a bit because of that, and in general the concept is solid. Your answers to the previously posed questions also follow well with the lore. My only point to bring up is that, even though the Compact tends to depart from some of the laws of traditional Unathi society, they still keep similar opinions on gender roles. A woman joining the Compact is not unheard of, though she would not be given the same amount of respect or responsibility to fight in raids as she would be seen as naturally weaker and more suited to "feminine" tasks. This does, however, work well for an enterprising woman looking to start a bar! I only bring it up so that you're aware that she wouldn't necessarily be "escaping the restrictions of traditionalist society" by joining the fleet, since gender roles are very much still present there.
  7. Oh thank god you updated this. I started playing science literally yesterday and was floundering trying to figure out to do without a cloning board or phoron pistol anywhere on the lists.
  8. Paradox always has well informed, insightful opinions on many facets of lore-- extending far beyond just what's focused on skrell --and I know they have a real plan as to what path to steer skrell lore down as well as tons of good ideas. +1 for frog monarch
  9. Also bringing some perspective from the above mentioned round, I do have to agree that your Captain play hasn't exactly shone from what I've seen. Maybe it was just a product of the absolute chaos that is a Tower Defense round, because 12 antags in one round is just insanity that I wouldn't wish on anyone in a trial, but even though I wasn't in a position to witness much of the combat oriented activity that happened that round I can bring perspective from a fellow Command member standpoint. To begin-- communication is KEY. If there is any one piece of advice I could give to anyone playing Command it is 100% to be communicating with the rest of the Heads so you're all on the same page as to how to react to a threat, and I felt that this was lacking in your play as Siobhan Verity. As a Captain your job is to coordinate the Command members and when 12 antags show up on station they're naturally all going to look to you and ask "what the hell do we do about this". The amount of response we got to that question during the aforementioned round was very minimal-- mostly just to call for a raise to red, distress beacon, and later a shuttle --with little to no talk of what we should be telling the crew or how we should be interacting with the visitors. Be hostile? Be friendly? Stay away from them entirely? Any of these would have been viable plans of action, but as a Captain it's important to choose and make that choice known rather than letting everyone do their own thing and fend for themselves. Otherwise both the other Heads and the rest of the crew are forced to sit back in this sea of uncertainty meanwhile not wanting to step on toes by taking charge, because we have a Captain and that's for the Captain to be doing. I think if you work on being the voice of calm and coordination that's important to have from a Captain you'll find success in your trial, it was just a bit lackluster from my experience in this round. Keeping working at it!
  10. This is a very cool item and just as well justified. Easy +1
  11. Also joining the scores of interested users! o/ I considered trying to familiarize myself with byond coding as a quarantine project so this would be a fantastic help.
  12. I really doubt that any large amount of users actually, in all seriousness, wants to remove security. Objectively speaking there has to be someone around with the clearance and access to weaponry to deal with boarders, hostile xenofauna, and supernatural creatures from the pits of the nightmare realm, so security has to continue to exist in some form. The rotten apple lurking in the bunch is, instead, the mindset that tends to feel at home and take root in the security department-- valid hunting, "play to win" RP style. If it can even be called RP to begin with. I do have to admit a bias against opinions coming from self proclaimed security mains because of this prevailing tendency to treat SS13 like a first person shooter, though I also tend to feel the same way against antag mains. Are all of either category the unga bunga "make spaceman go horizontal and win" type plaguing HRP servers? Of course not. But even in my relatively short stint on this server I've witnessed time and time again mechanics having to be adjusted for this specific breed of user for the sake of ensuring that the Aurora actually remains HRP and fun for the people who want more than to focus on "winning" or "losing" in a hobby where neither or those is real. Nothing should be built to WIN or LOSE. Only balanced so that it provides the maximum amount of engaging roleplay for the maximum amount of users, which is what I saw depsec as moving toward. I do strongly disagree with some of the proposed changes to the initial testmerge (cough securityradioremoval cough) that hamstring the department in not so constructive ways, but it's extremely inaccurate to take this stance of "oh obviously this is just some intricate plot to lead to the end removal of security entirely" when the staff have said time and time again that the intent is to enhance RP. As much as I'd love a culture shift where the people who only care to AFK until antags show up that they can shoot were frowned upon enough to change their attitudes, shifting mechanics to make it so that they can't so easily stomp on well meaning antags is the more realistic option. It's not a removal of security, it's (ideally) a shift to a security that helps RP more than it harms it.
  13. I'll always support options for gender neutral pronouns just for the purpose of character freedome, so I'm definitely behind this. The only suggestion I'd have is, if this were to be implemented, to just have it as an option for all species, because a case could be made for any of them looking androgynous based on how that species handles gender presentation.
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