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  1. Having worked alongside Hay for the last few months, I can vouch for the fact that they are extremely dedicated to tending Unathi lore and trying to sift through years of un-updated pages and complicated, esoteric history that's been left to grow weeds. It's no easy task, but we've made headway together. In general, they've already accomplished an impressive amount in their time as a deputy-- most notably spearheading the Aut'akh rework which changed a very clunky, out of place faction that drew a lot of mixed opinions into something that the majority of the community now enjoys and wants to e
  2. I do love me some Queendom Unathi. This is a very interesting character concept and I'm fascinated to see how he interacts with other Unathi operating in the traditional mindset IE gender roles, particularly other males. I just have a few basic questions to get some more detail on your character's stance on the main lore tenants. 1) What religion does Ame'Kaz belong to? Is he particularly devout? 2) Given that his home was leveled by the Contact War, I'm assuming he doesn't feel very friendly toward the Izweski Hegemony. What is his stance on the whole Hegemony vs Traditionalist mindset
  3. True asked me for some pointers on this character's backstory before posting this and I had very little to say, because they already had a very solid character concept going and a good understanding of the interplay between the S'rand'marr faith and Tajaran politics. I think they'll do quite well portraying a Tajara and already show their RP skills in their current characters. The answers to stev's questions are also very insightful, further convincing me that they know their stuff. +1!
  4. To echo Dead, really the only things I can think to ask are some of the basic questions I toss toward all whitelistees who didn't already touch upon them in their application. Just to get a sense of where the character stands on some of the very important cultural issues inherent to Unathi lore. I really love the concept of this character, though! Aging female Unathi who has already been through her childbearing years and is looking for adventure in what time she has left is something I haven't run across before. You mentioned that Skarahakh and her husband remained loyal to the Izweski;
  5. I'm also in agreement with Flamingo/Abo. It's easier to just standardize the learner role age and expectations across the departments and let people add flavor via records and character interaction as they prefer.
  6. The ban was permanent, since that's the policy we have for dealing with grief-y behavior. I'm glad to hear you've looked over the rules and realize your mistake, though, so I have no problem with unbanning you as long as you hold to your promise to not repeat this sort of thing in the future. Lifted!
  7. Hello. The "we" in Paradox's response refers to me as the second party, since it was a joint decision to apply this permaban and I wrote the justification for the ban itself that shows up in the server-side record. Paradox and I equally contributed to both that and the above response so we are in agreement on all points. The reason why I applied the Discord ban is simply because a person who is permanently server banned should not have access to the other official platforms the community uses. It is not the place to discuss your ban or argue against it and I am sure you can reach various
  8. AUGH-- but also in seriousness, thank you for the compliments! I have a, uh, slight tendency to ramble in my character backstories so I'm glad it came off as well fleshed out. 1) I'd like to think that she ran across them once or twice during her time with the landcrawler and feels a kinship with them, being Queenless and braving the Wastes as she had been for those months. She prides herself on being adaptable and serving the Hive, even while being at a distance, so their ability to eke out an existence despite the harsh circumstances is something she respects. 2) With mixed emotions.
  9. BYOND Key: Shenaanigans. Character Names: https://i.imgur.com/AkoQRkh.png Species you are applying to play: Vaurca. What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Light green. A liiittle bit more pastel than the color for Leto'yahkt'zor's unbound. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes! Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I'm most interested in Vaurca because I feel that they accomplish that middle ground of being a
  10. Agreed on both points. Trying to guess which language is which off of the sliiiiiightly different shade of green is nigh impossible and you'll definitely have some audible distinction between Unathi of different origins in speaking Azaziba.
  11. I was also present for this round as one of the other expedition members (the engineer), but all I'll say is that I heavily disagree about this being a purely IC issue. The enjoyment of many players was tanked by dragging out the expedition preparations over weapons that weren't even brought along and no one should have known we would need in the first place. It would have been easy to just say "alright, go anyway and turn back if it's dangerous" when all of us were gathered, ready, and eager in the bridge, but instead we all get turned away with no explanation. It negatively impacted the expe
  12. You used to be able to queue up multiple attempts at shrapnel removal and thus make the chance of failure easy to deal with, but now that you can't anymore I'd definitely agree that trying to remove multiple pieces is a headache and a half. Either reducing the failure chance or re-allowing the multi-attempt method would be great.
  13. I feel like the inability to physically interact with the round except via proxy (through stationbounds) is a good counter to how much sheer power the AI has over the station otherwise. The purpose of the AI is better off as a observational, assisting presence who can interface with some subsystems but can't just stomp around in a remote body and do everything, because then why does the station even have staff? AKA the PR has my support.
  14. I feel like there's an allusion to a deeper issue with the game mode going on here when the prospect of being recruited into cult gets such a vehemently negative response from a lot of players. Personally, my opinion is that by playing secret you're expected to engage in good faith with whatever antag type is rolled, and it seems like horrendously bad RP manners to get caught by a cultist and respond to conversion with cryo or refusing to play along. That said, the suggestions to make "resist until death" much quicker seems reasonable to me. If someone is that uninterested in being conve
  15. Basic Information Byond Account: Shenaanigans Character Name(s): In rough order of most to least used... - Valeriya Samsara (Head of Personnel) - Sloane Goldhirsch (Security Officer) - Aisha Viswan (Chief Medical Officer) - Finley Green (Cargo Technician) - Sreznai Guwan (Shaft Miner) - Halkikijr Zaydan (Cook) - Zo'iksa Szek'hakh (Head of Security/Security Officer) - Nalyurrna Mrraz'hran (Gardener/Priest) AI Name(s): n/a Discord username + tag: Shenanigans#9440 Age: 23 Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-4) When are you on Aurora?: Generally I'm able to play all througho
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