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  1. I like these a lot! Very visually pleasing colors with enough detail to be distinct without looking overly busy. The only criticism I have is geared toward the TCFL suits, specifically the amount of colors in the helmets. I like that they're colorful, but I think they would do better with the neon green taken out or replaced with a cyan hue since the combination of red, yellow, blue, and green all in one small area clashes a bit to me.
  2. Not true, actually. Any Aurora staff who join are added to the relay moderation area and have their opinions heard on those matters. You're right that the current "owners" are not Aurora staff, but they're hardly exempt from running the relay by server standards and run their decisions by staff who are present in the Discord regularly. Allowing people to post ban appeals when the ban took place on the relay can be easily done and, as for documentation, there's already talks going on to introduce the borealis bot so that there'll be the same ban procedure as what you see on the main ser
  3. Yeah, the only problem with IC knowledge of the supernatural is when people use it to have a full understanding of how those antags' powers work-- as in just innately "knowing" that a wizard needs their robes to cast or deciding it's "common sense" that you cut off a chaneling's head or stick them in an incinerator to permanently kill them. Being generally familiar with these entities in concept is totally fine on its own. Which brings me to saying that it's difficult to put a hard, tightly constrained rule in place on this sort of thing. It'll vary case by case and depend heavily on t
  4. I wouldn't say that this is currently something that's not allowed? At least, if someone ahelped a person referring to a vampire as a vampire and I took the ticket I would say it's fine, because yeah pop culture exists and vampires are a concept that's been around for hundreds of years already. I won't speak for the entire admin/mod team, though.
  5. Appendicitis now only appears if there is a Surgeon on the manifest, and spider toxin can be countered with dylovene which is found in the standard medical vendors or could easily be made by a Scientist. If it's a white spider, the eggs can be filtered from the blood via dialysis before it becomes something you need to extract. I understand the point here about EMTs not having a mechanical something that it is strictly theirs in the way that Surgeons and Chemists do, but if there is an EMT it's understood by the rest of the medbay that they are the ones running out to calls to retrieve pa
  6. I'm an avid supporter of there being limits on what someone within a department can do, because super doctors/engineers/scientists who can run a department totally on their own is very much not conducive to RP and, instead, encourages people to just focus on knowing all the mechanics rather than relying on other people to fill roles they're not trained for. Medical especially is a specialized field. Chemistry and surgery aren't an "advanced tier" of medical that you simultaneously unlock the knowledge to be able to do after X years of schooling and I would definitely not want to see someone zo
  7. The idea of changing the access system to something more nuanced than just "you spawn in with access to X places based on your job" does appeal to me and sound much more interesting than what we have now, but I wouldn't say it makes a case for why EMTs shouldn't get this increased access while that's developed. It makes no sense that janitors have more access than EMTs and, no, I don't think that means janitors should be given less. Both have reasons to be in the general portion of a department and I don't see any real downside, so, why not? +1
  8. I'd say that there's a difference between deserved consequences and needlessly punishing handicaps. Antags should definitely have to play smart and not charge into a TDM with fully armed sec as ragtag raiders, but luck is a major factor in Aurora combat so you can be careful, smart, resourceful, and all these other virtues but STILL have your run cut short by managing to catch a single bullet that gives you an arterial bleed. If an antagonist is smart and skilled enough to get away from a big battle with serious wounds and find a safe place to hunker down to use their big healing item, why is
  9. 20 minutes is more than enough time to figure out who most if not all of the antags are, so it does seem unnecessary to me to have this button you hit to make that a little easier but permanently bars you from the round. I'd say the HUD should probably just be removed.
  10. You're correct that gunning straight for tcomms to put the station in the dark and unable to communicate nearly as well is a very powerful tool for an antagonist whose goal it is to cripple the station, but is it engaging? Don't forget that the point of antagonist actions in round is to create a narrative for the round and make things fun. It's not to win. This is the same reason why we have rules against powergaming and why most players roll their eyes at off-station antags who break into the captain's office for the spare at 00:10 round time; acting in a way that is strictly strategic from a
  11. Revenant definitely has a LOT of potential and I find the idea of it to be a refreshing departure from how every other roundtype we have works, so really it has my praise and admiration for what it accomplishes so far. I just think that it also needs time to take in the feedback it's gathered from tests and some more fleshing out-- things like more thorough guidelines on how revenants are expected to act, tweaks to their strength/abilities, adjustment to the spawn timer, etc. It's an entirely new gamemode, of course it's going to have growing pains. I would agree that it should be removed
  12. I have to agree with tomkiel here. I don't see how people voting for something and then ghosting when it doesn't win impacts the round, as this is a hobby and choosing not to partake in round types you don't like should be a right for players to keep. The only time voting and then not playing is actually harmful is when it sways the vote. Generalizing this to all voters basically punishes people who did nothing wrong in an attempt to... not make the people who deserve it feel bad? I don't understand it, honestly.
  13. Yeah if this is going to be the only way that post-voting lock ins happen, I have to retract my support completely. I see no purpose in forcing people to play a gamemode that they didn't vote for. There are some modes that I know I would not want to play were they to win, and my tastes vary wildly from those of other players. I wouldn't want to force them to play when they're uninterested in the antag type, just as I wouldn't want to be dragged into, say, a tower defense or borer round when I voted for extended in the hopes of having a laid back round. This is not the way to go in my eyes
  14. I was the mercenary Radstorm and can definitely agree that that round was pretty much a trashfire from about an hour onward. It happens in mercenary rounds, and the addition of a merc ERT who was actually playing the "alliance to the highest bidder" angle out in RP just ended up forming the perfect storm. It's hard for me to really respond to the material of this complaint without specific incidents being brought up-- given how many different firefights went on throughout those two hours all blurring together --but generally I believe that we reacted suitably to security and did not, to my kno
  15. The alert system will definitely help, but I'd still rather the force method to be honest. My reasoning for this being that it'll be a lot easier to miss a certain ckey coming up as flagged more than once when you could deter people from doing it at all with the idea of being locked into playing and then having to go to the effort of cryoing after. It just seems more efficient. I also don't particularly see the reason for wanting to push back against this (as a general response to people doing so in this thread) because it's very easy to avoid being caught up in it. Don't vote if you aren
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