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  1. Played with their RD, and even in a situation where they'd been injured and everything was a shitshow, they were still communicating with me and keeping up on the repairs that I was doing in their sublevel. They also were the one to notice that the RD servers had been disassembled. +1 from me.
  2. I can speak to her medical competence. As Azzam I've ended up in surgery a few times and died on the table more often than not. In one round, despite some pretty bad damage, Sanaa quickly and efficiently patched me up and got me back to work. I've played with her CMO a few times, and I really enjoyed the character. She seemed to be good at her job too. +1.
  3. I agree, but only for reducing the amount of space it takes. Candle boxes are tiny and shouldn't take up the same space as, say, a donut box.
  4. God yes. Freya and Val are characters I love interacting with, no matter which character I'm playing. They're all clear, concise, friendly, and most important of all, efficient, Val especially. Times when they've been interim, they've always been great at their job. An obvious +1.
  5. Azzam Amari [12:48]: dude i need your help. Julian Chet [12:48]: What's up? Azzam Amari [12:49]: i was looking for a christmas gift for halina, so i looked up things that might work regarding her scarab upbringing. Julian Chet [12:49]: Mhm? Azzam Amari [12:49]: and one extranet site said that they have a huge thing about weapons so i got this really beautiful, ornate scarab-esque dagger made. Julian Chet [12:50]: That's really sweet. I don't see the problem. Azzam Amari [12:50]: chet buddy
  6. Byond key: sinfulbehaviors Discord key: SinfulBehaviors Character Name: Hearse Item name: Hearse's Jaw Item function(s): An aesthetic mask slot item to make it appear that he's missing synth skin on his face. Item description: The exposed jaw of the forensic technician. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Well, it's his jaw. How did your character obtain this item: Being owned by a very lenient and nice woman, Hearse has been allowed to make changes to his appearance, and one of those decisions he's made is to strip the skin from his nose and mouth area, revealing
  7. Well, first of all an IPC's most basic and overriding directive is self-preservation. While a human may run into danger and act erratically in the face of danger, IPCs will specifically take steps to prevent damage to protect their positronic brain. They can and do interpret this differently between individual units though. While they have the ability to feel in some sense, they don't feel emotions the same way people do either. Again, it's different between bots, but it's still never the same as people. Simulation can only get you so far. Death is different in the manner that they're not "dea
  8. BYOND Key: SinfulBehaviors Character Names: Amira Amari, Azzam Amari, Celestine LaCroix Species you are applying to play: IPC, specifically Shell. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Aye. I also read into the pages for the Skrell's Three Incidents, Synthetic Origins, The Trinary Perfection, and the factions. Why do you wish to play this specific race: To be completely honest, I had the idea for this design when @ChevyChevron mentioned his idea for shell who just has most of their face missing. At the time I assumed that it would be too much work to
  9. Amira Amari - When The Darkness Comes by Shelby Merry Azzam Amari - Once Upon a Paradise by Daniel Thrasher Celestine LaCroix - Gator Jaws by Ponce De Leon
  10. I completely disagree with removing it from rotation. Every now and then, people like having a round where we get to be a bit LRP. After multiple strict secret and extended rounds, having a moment where we get to muck around a little bit is nice. Hell, if you get a good wizard, then the HRP continues, just not in a canon way. The issue is that people dislike Wiz because there aren't a lot of good wiz players out there. It's part of the reason people hate on Ling, too. Honestly, if we started removing things from secret that people complain about a lot, we'd end up with secret rotation bei
  11. I don't see why not. Hell, the other day I needed to see the roboticists on staff about broken augments, so it'd be nice for them to actually know a little bit more about the characters they're literally doing surgery on.
  12. Danse and Matt both make wonderful points. Maybe we could have both "Other" AND "None?" That'd allow for more flexibility.
  13. I mean, we already have Non-Coalition Frontier as an accent, and I've love to be able to develop characters from areas outside the CoC, like the Badlands, Lights Edge, and The Clash. As far as Wildlands, Chevy made the observation that there planets that aren't frontier that are ALSO unaffiliated, so they should be properly represented too. It's nothing gameplay related, but I feel like it's a little QoL thing that would make everything a little bit better.
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