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  1. Haven't had a chance to play around with these yet for various reasons, but I can already tell you the changes are not going to be a positive one just when dealing with hostile mobs. Pre-nerf, every officer had a weapon that could deal with a carp in two shots. If you were careful and had half-decent aim, every single officer could take down eight carp. Easy as pie. For bonus points, the disruptor was moderately useful against spiders as well, giving officers who haven't yet gotten a weapon out of the armory the chance to do something about spiders threatening people. Now, there a
  2. I don't play gardener but I know some people who do and (in addition to this thread) I've heard some complaints regarding the nature of growing Dionae. At present, I'd wager a lot of gardeners/xenobotanists think that nymphs aren't worth the effort needed to actually grow them. I think the changes proposed in this thread would go a long way toward improving the quality of life around the feature.
  3. I remember in the leadup to these events being added, I think both Sue and Alberyk made mention of the kosmostrelki ERT on some of the discord servers and made special note that they aren't going to be on the station to firing squad anyone from the DPRA/NKA, depsite the political turmoil back home. I roll a kosmostrelki event spawn and there's a little info blurb that reminds us we're not here to be idiots and whatnot. So, we arrive on the station to learn what? There's a DPRA consular vampire, and the chief engineer desperately wants us to shoot him. That put us in an interesting position
  4. I guess I should preface this by saying that I do think Kyres is an extremely good sprite artist. That's not the point I want to contend here. I also agree with basically everything Valwyn said. The new version of the disruptors is very good, the stock on the rifle looks funky, and a gunmetal color would be a great idea if we're banning black guns from the armory. What I wish to say is that I think that going forward with Kyres' proposed resprites will be sacrificing atmosphere for uniqueness. I'm aware that there is a desire among the developers for the Aurora to have a unique visual
  5. I think that specifically the different uniforms should be free. Presumably, they're provided by NanoTrasen (or whatever company you work for) and are something you're expected to wear. I don't think things like holsters/cameras/lunchboxes or what have you should necessarily be free, but I think that specific uniforms really ought to be. At the very least, maybe make the contractor uniforms (since contractors are required to be in their company uniform at all times) free so that you don't get a point tax for playing a non NanoTrasen character.
  6. Have a picture of the current disruptors for comparison: Personally, I'm in favor of the change for basically the same reasons as Sinful. As a secmain, these are sprites I have to look at with significant frequency and I much prefer the style closer to the .45 as opposed to the current more pulp-esque sprites.
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