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  1. BYOND Key: Equairio Character Names: Ada Kimura (Chemist) Kathryn-Remi Nadina (Paramedic) Cradling a Dwindling Light Amidst Whispering Shadows (Chef) Lone Lights in the Path of An Eternal Quest (Engineering Apprentice) Hasumi Tala (Station Engineer) Mei Xing Li (Security Cadet) Species you are applying to play: Vaurca What color do you plan on making your first alien character: (Color of your character; Dionaea & IPCs exempt) RGB 55, 0, 120 Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, all of it. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: (One paragraph minimum) While I was researching the vaurcae for my dionae application, I gained an interest in vaurca. I feel it is one of the more “alien” species in terms of roleplay and lore. I feel like there is a lot of potential for interesting characters. The different hives will be an interesting thing to explore. It honestly feels like the options are endless. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: (One Paragraph minimum) A major thing is their upbringing, the bounds will even be born missing parts of their brain and their organs undeveloped causing the bound to be extremely simple-minded, and trained to obey orders. The bound are expected to follow the station’s protocol, only able to deviate from their job if a head of staff or an unbound of their hives tells them to. The bound do not have morals or interests beyond doing what is best for the hive. They do not seek entertainment. While the unbound, having fully developed their brain, has human-like emotion (except the ambition and competitiveness), and are perfectly capable of making rational decisions. They seek entertainment in the VR and socializing with other unbound, along with other aliens. The way vaurcae act with each other would probably be the biggest difference. The bound are often exploited by the unbound. It is typical for the unbound to leave any menial labour to the bound and of course, the bound being extremely simple-minded will not begrudge this exploitation. As for the relationships between hives, the bound of K’iax will serve the Zo’ra vaurcae, but only if instructed by one of the Zo’ra’s unbound and it is rare for the unbound to do this. The unbound vaurcae of their own hives will have warm relationships with each other, often socialising with each other. Character Name: Ka'Akaix'Killix C'thur Please provide a short backstory for this character (Aproxomately two paragraphs) The room is comfortably lit, just bright enough for her to see clearly, but not enough to be an annoyance to her eyes. She works diligently on one of her own chemical mixtures, carefully reacting the reagents with precise measurements. It took her an hour before the concoction was ready. She stared at the vial in her hands, finally seeing what had been there all along, only now clearer. The scent of it filled her, peacefulness overcame her. The feeling lingered for a while. It was ready. She focused on her senses. She felt the liquid, it was warm, but not too hot. The fragrance and beauty of the vial’s contents seemed to suddenly invade her spirits. The chemical mixture glistened slightly under the light. The mixture took effect on herself, the same peacefulness overcame her. She felt.. satisfied? Yes, satisfied. She was matured, her time in the VR had finished. She did not feel like herself, her mind beginning to wander and, not long after, she was lost in thought Life was different for her now, she wasn't in the VR anymore. Kiilix is an unbound of Xetl's Brood and, like her sisters, is obsessed with sensation. Kiilix cultivated a desire to find out more about the world around her, she wanted to know why things were as they are and how everything worked. She knew she could understand them, learn from them. It is only recently that she realized something was missing.. something that would allow her to experience the pleasures of life. It was only then she had taken her first steps on the path towards seeking true pleasure. Kiilix decided to find a place to work, a place she could put her knowledge to work and most importantly.. experience pleasure. She knew what was best: NanoTrasen. The door opened and she walked inside. She saw a large table covered with bottles, each labelled with their contents. She walked over to one of the dispensers and placed the vial in the slot. She looked at the vial as she pressed several buttons, carefully measuring each reagent as it went into the beaker. The mixture dripped into the beaker - it felt warm in the vial. The scent of the vial's contents overwhelmed her again, just like in the VR. She poured the contents of the vial into the beaker and mixed it thoroughly. She stared as the mixture slowly dripped down the side of the beaker. She walked over to the monkey. She drew the chemical into the syringe, then restrained the monkey as she injected the compound into it's blood stream. The various cuts and bruises on the monkey began to heal slowly, it's burnt chest and stomach healing. Eventually, the scanner reported the monkey as being fully healthy - it had worked, she did it. What do you like about this character? (Describe what you like about this character) I enjoy this character because of how “obsessed” it is with pleasurable experiences, she will go to any lengths to experience them. I’ve enjoyed exploring her backstory. How would you rate your role-playing ability? It depends on the day, I do feel like my recent characters are well thought through and I believe I’ve been improving in terms of in-game roleplay, specifically emoting more. But I would go with 7/10. Notes:
  2. +1 Had a very enjoyable, calm round interacting with their CMO. Handled command situations well, and their RP was on point. Unfortunately couldn’t see them much in action, as the round was quiet. Good luck on your trial : )
  3. This doesn't really clear up my concerns. Above all, a character needs to be believable, someone who has training in literally EVERY field of Medical might fail to tick that checkbox (though that's not entirely for me to say). While Medical is often poorly staffed, I think it is important that your character's skills are rigid regardless of how many people are staffing the department. Filling in for missing roles is fine to a degree but, ultimately, the believability of your character is paramount on a roleplay server and I would still find it off for a psychiatrist-now-CMO to know surgery, basic and advanced chemistry, response, resuscitation in the ICU, virology as you mentioned (though virology has been removed), regular work in the GTR and all of that on top of being extremely proficient in psychiatry. That list is quite long, and while there are no numbers on how many sub-departments, per se, you can and can't work in, generally medical staff only work 2 to 3 of those in line with their roles. Either way, I'm looking forward to your trial.
  4. What fields will your CMO be proficient and specialised in? I know your character is a psychiatrist, however during the period when you did a spree of interim CMO shifts, you would also frequently work in the GTR, ICU, maybe response, and in chemistry producing both chemicals listed as basic and advanced. I just found it a bit confusing when observing this, as psychiatrists and CMOs tend not to be proficient in everything and, as far as I know from people who play CMO, tend to place restrictions on what they can and can't do to keep their characters believable.
  5. Heya, thank you for replying. 1) Following the traumatic expierences, this character has been through. I will roleplay Dwindling to have a strong dislike for Vaurca, especially those of the Zo’ra hive (as they inhabitated the Titan Prime) Due to its environmental experiences, it’ll display paranoid behaviour and will try to avoid any vaurca. It’ll feel as if other people (not only vaurca) are threatening it, or may behave suspicious or aggressive. 2) After Dwindling was approached by the dionae after it left the Hiveship, it was given refuge by the Choir. The Biesellian Choir funded its education in culinary arts. So a chef. 3) The gestalt decided to name itself Cradling A Dwindling Light Amidst Shadows after it had time to reflect on its expierences, being disconnected from the original gestalt, all the danger it was in, and their lack of hope of it getting better. “Cradling A Dwindling Light” reflects the gestalt holding the experience closely to itself, the dwindling light would be the slowly decreasing hope of everything getting better. “Amidst Shadows” reflects the danger surrounding the gestalt as it keeps a tiny bit of hope.
  6. BYOND Key: Equairio Character Names: -Ada Kimura (Chemist) -Aiha Thi Linh (Medical Resident) -Iris Kirmani (Chef) -Hasumi Tala (Station Engineer) Species you are applying to play: Dionae What color do you plan on making your first alien character: (Color of your character; Dionaea & IPCs exempt) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, a few times. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. (One paragraph minimum per question) Why do you wish to play this specific race: (One paragraph minimum) Having been in Discord channels where dionae lore has often been discussed by friends with a dionae whitelist, I’ve gained an interest in dionae and their lore, especially surrounding the various clusters which I particularly like. I also feel like it’ll bring up a whole lot of RP potential because of how complex dionae characters can be and the number of concepts you can come up with for them. The different personalities of each nymph will be an interesting concept to explore, each having a different opinion, ideals, a preferred way of acting in a situation. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: (One Paragraph minimum) Their ways of learning are unique because of the nymphs gradually learning over time by taking the blood of another sentient, intelligent beings - especially when they’re nymphs who’ve yet to have blood - or just experiencing events and learning from it. With all the different personalities and experiences of each nymph, it’ll affect how a dionae gestalt acts and what it’ll say. They’re not a single entity but a composition of several, independently thinking entities. Character Name: Cradling A Dwindling Light Amidst Encroaching Shadows Please provide a short backstory for this character ( approximately two paragraphs) It started off as a nymph, a part of the original gestalt of the Titan Prime cluster, with little independence. It spent its first years as part of the gestalt on the hull of the Titan Prime. The original gestalt probably searched for a more reliable source for radiation as it moved further from the star the Titan Prime refuelled from. It might have detected a form of heat/nuclear radiation from the Titan Hive ship. The nymph got curious and began shifting itself more towards the edge of the gestalt. The entire gestalt then decided it was time to breach the hull of the Titan Prime and explore inside. The nymph made sure it was a part of the tendril that would breach the hull. The tendril was met with a bound vaurca which was sent to get rid of the gestalt, which assumed it was a biohazard. Even though they were easily dealt with the gestalt did not learn anything new from absorbing the vaurca, their method of communication was foreign, so there was no option for communication between the Lesser Queens and gestalt, following the death of the first Vaurca, more were sent to get rid of the gestalt. They were relatively successful, and the gestalt was forced to split. Out of necessity, the nymph went to the dark depths of the hive ship. It fled from the bound vaurca that were exterminating nymphs that had broken off from the main gestalt. All the nymph was the screams and cries of another diona as they were burnt, squashed, or cast into space. It felt lonely for the first time in its life, being away from the collective it thought to be invincible. As the nymph reached the depths of the hive station it didn’t hear the other diona’s cries anymore, only the unmelodic hum of the station it now inhabited. For the first days, it stayed with the light it had found, until it began to flicker and dwindle, leaving the nymph back in the cold absence of light. Dissonance, it called itself. Days, weeks, months, years, decades, there wasn’t a sense of time. The nymph who used to be alone had gotten the courage to explore the hiveship and find a more bright section of it. It had stumbled upon nymphs along the way. Some nymphs were frightened, while others provided intel about the activity of the vaurca. However, two agreed to form a Cerberus gestalt. Now a group of three nymphs, it did not feel the loneliness it once did. Together they were able to piece together a memory of enjoying the warmth of the sun, where they had been for a hundred years before the hive ship arrived. Though alongside these hopeful memories, they were still surviving in the hiveship, they could bear through it. Hopeful Warmth Amid Shadows, the gestalt agreed to name itself, spurred on by the memories they were able to piece together had finally merged with other nymphs of their original gestalt. Together they endured five-hundred years of being hunted by bound vaurca, splitting and hiding in tunnels when needed. And after one long basks in the bright glow of the k’ois fungi farms, the Cerberus gestalt was above to release it’s own seeds, introducing a handful more nymphs into existence which it could share experiences with after they merged into the gestalt. The new nymphs joined the gestalt and they restructured themselves to form a cyclops, mimicking the general outline of the bound vaurca. In 2456, the Titan Prime hiveship made contact with humanity, the beginning of human-vaurca diplomacy. The cyclops gestalt had been more than eager to abandon the hiveship. It was approached by on-looking dionaea, members of the Biesellian Choir, and gestalts of the Blossoms of the Great and Divine Eternal, who gave refuge to it and supported it in recovering from its traumas. The Choir aided the gestalt by introducing into human society and informing about new concepts like education and employment. It was receptive to their care and started a new chapter in it’s shared life on Biesel, though the gestalt’s thoughts constantly turned back to the experience they shared on the hiveship. Cradling A Dwindlight Light Amidst Encroaching Shadows, they named themselves, reflecting on their first experience after being disconnected from the original gestalt. What do you like about this character? (Describe what you like about this character) I enjoy this character because of all the hardships it has gone through, being hunted by the vaurca, trying to hide from them, and how this character will display paranoid behaviour and be wary about vaurca. I enjoyed exploring its backstory, and I hope I can play and develop this character more. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7/10. I feel like my recent characters are well thought through and I have received positive feedback on them. Starting a few months ago, I started putting more effort into RP and really discovered that I enjoy making more complex characters. However I'm not feeling too confident with my emotes being good, I feel like it's been gradually improving with the help of my friends and their feedback. Notes:
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