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  1. Although probably not intended, if you put your tool down (like placing it back in the tray) it will cancel the step without harming the patient. This borders a fine line, of course, and I'd rather have a mechanical way of stopping a surgical step without having to resort to something like mentioned above.
  2. See, the thing with Wiz is that in the right hands it is amazing. I point to the time someone made Nated as a wiz and started an ALA war and stuff. That was fun to no end. Then you get the normal rounds which are interesting at the least even if it follows the same format and is one of like 4 types. Then you get the shit I dealt with last night. A Unathi wiz just zooms around the station throwing shit. No talk, no rp what so ever. Security had a horrible time because they were a Unathi and could tank two full laser rifle dumps before dying by themselves in command. The worst part is that the s
  3. Alright, so right now I am actually try to implement this but it's gonna take some time. As for the secretary role, that is a completely other discussion.
  4. Physicians are allowed to perform the life saving surgeries according to the recently updated surgery wiki (assuming no surgeon is around). https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Surgery
  5. I think it runs 1:1 but I may be wrong. Instead of basically repeating what was said earlier, all I'm going to say is I like this. If removing night lighting comes along with it, it is a system I will not shed a tear to see go away.
  6. TLDR; Add the selection of forms to laptops and consoles. I recently took a stroll back to bay for a bit just to see how it's been doing since I last left. One of the things I have missed the most is paperwork forms being on computers. Paperwork on Aurora is either a love or hate relationship but considering the message consoles are not always where you need them to be when you need to write up a form, it can get annoying even for paper jockeys like me. If laptops and consoles had them I think it would be great and would also encourage more people to own a laptop. I don't mean PDAs or wri
  7. I agree with Schev that the medispider needs to have some way to stop security from just disintegrating it the second the antag forgets to pick it back up. If you don't want it to have the ability to fight then there needs to be some incentive to not have sec frag it and instead try to capture it or something. As for ghost roles, have a timer on it. If no ghost inhabits it after a certain amount of time it auto defaults to a AI that can heal them, just not as good as a potential player can. If they need it in a hurry (which is their fault for not planning ahead) maybe the ability to bypas
  8. Either way, whether we give antags the ability to join the manifest or just move the manifest to a newscaster or something, antags who want to go all sneaky like that need to choose better names. Seeing a visitor who is clearly human with the name of "Piercer" is sticks out horrendously OOCly. ICly it would be something you either have to ignore or (as command or sec or something) question. TLDR; if antags can join the manifest through a tool they need to choose less obvious names
  9. The one I am talking about takes the overwear slot and let's you use the suit section. You can have it with webbing/drop pouches. I agree that it looks good.
  10. Medical chest-rig would be nice. The only place I ever see it show up is in the lockers in the sublevel yet they seem so good. I don't see a reason why they couldn't be in the loadout.
  11. Honestly, the IAC has always seemed like the 2462 Red Cross and Crescent Organization to me. Their workers are full workers where as the volunteers are volunteers with second jobs, of course. This doesn't come cheap and despite being non-profit that doesn't mean they don't need a way to make money. Considering the 112 million volunteer and worker number, I think that it is reasonable that for the workers who don't get moved to some disaster, since I doubt there are so many disasters that there is no worker who isn't on a disaster mission, they would be "leased" out to help fund operations else
  12. Fantastic to play with and great with rp. They definitely know what they're doing. Would love to see them in command! +1
  13. From the time I've been able to interact with Faye and their CMO I must say, they're good. Knows medical and can rp quite well. I give my support.
  14. Honestly I think a lot of these are solid and, at the least, the concept is good. We could all brainstorm something honestly and iron things out.
  15. Thanks for the tips, especially the tip about faxes! Fine, I'll fix the formatting
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