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  1. Alright, I've been sitting on it for a bit now, I think I've got something that, while I dont personally wanna play, think would make an interesting character. Character Name: Leah "Marsing" Occupation: Bartender Background: Leah is a recently free'd Shell IPC, initially purchased by the Marsing Pool Furniture company, based in D2/Phoenix Park. She was originally purchased during a staffing crisis for sales representatives, who payed for the highest end model in 2457. Utilizing every aspect of her design, background information provided by the Marsing family, and self developed skills in not
  2. Sure, that would be great. I'll get the backstory written out by tonight. If you like, I can also rewrite Clark to make them a more standard character instead of doing a whole thing on station. Not a big deal, I was just aiming to do something different.
  3. Thank you for the quick reply, I've been trying to formulate some satisfactory responses, along with spending more time thinking about Positronics as a whole. IPC communication is, as I understand it and in the context of an owned individual, supposed to be polite, logical, and professional. The difference would mostly come from A. IPC's being machines and focusing on the facts and logic of a conversation. Organics can make nonstandard assumptions of a situation, and talk about the information they have, both relevant and irreverent, in unpredictable ways. An IPC however, would be
  4. BYOND Key: CourierBravo Character Names: Elizabeth Cox, former QM now off station Merchant. Fiona Petrov, station engineer. Zeke Quirin, security officer. Species you are applying to play: IPC Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I have. I spent about two hours reading through the main page, and additional time on the Synthetic Factions supplementary page. What has caught my attention the most is the section on Industrial frames. I also like the challenge of making a character that's conversations with people will be rather difficult. Ultimately, I find t
  5. Bump, I have been playing on this server for five months and there was only been two wis rounds I found enjoyable, much less memorable. Maybe not remove it, but remove it from secret, or make its player requirements so that you have to have high pop for it to happen in secret
  6. I worked a lot during the event, so I didn't get to enjoy too much of it, but everything I got to? Absolutely amazing. If there's anything from the event I want to keep? It's the resupply ships. The event would have to be structured differently, but I think that having something like a SCC shuttle come in and ask for food, water, medical supply, and phoron, would all be an awesome thing to have happen normally. I imagine it would have to be a whitelisted thing, and say, only have the event happen if A. A white listed person is in the server as a ghost and B. wants to do the event. It would
  7. When I play, it's typically under ADAM's AI oversight, and its a joy. I main borg now purely because Soultheif is such a good crewmember and a great teacher to people who dont know what they're doing. An absolute delight.
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