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  1. Wow. Surprised by how many of these names I remember
  2. Hi everyone, this DiscordRP is where I've disappeared to for the past few months. You may remember an advertisement for the Republic of Sol/UNE from a few months ago. This is the next iteration of the game, and have many of the same players as before. A quick overview basically is that this server is the simulation of a government in a game of Stellaris. You can join a social class, government role, and political party and have a direct impact on the fate of our Commonwealth, and how the nation survives the game with roleplay mixed in. Every Saturday we stream for 15 in-game years to see the effect your decisions have on the empire. We have an automated character system. That includes social class, age, and money. After each stream of the game, we all age up by an appropriate amount of time and pay you for your work. After a while, you will die and have your character and stuff reset. You are then free to create a new character, be basically the same as the original, or try something completely different. We started in the year 2200, and have recently reached the year 2290. In those 90 years, there have been coup attempts, political intrigue, and religious strife to go around. Along with a few genocides here and there, but that's not the big deal. This nation is a Timocracy (Basically an elite controlled democracy with legalized slavery) governed by state capitalism and the principles of Machinism (an Industrial Cult that considers machines to be a gift of the divine Aether). Although change has been in the works for decades now. We've had civil wars, and have experienced coups through almost legal means. There are 3 important social classes The Clergy enforces the way of Machinism in Research and Jurisdiction. The Nobility leads the Executive Branch of Government and the Military. The Populus is the lowest of the free classes, but are the only ones who can lead the Legislative Branch. https://discord.gg/FzVuVfS is the link for the discord server. And if you have any questions about this, my discord account is Owen#2139 I'd be glad to help and hope to see you there!
  3. After reading the application, I have found that the backstory is extremely bare bones and could use some work. There is not much too specific, no real details about who Rilumim is. A couple questions that come to mind are: How old is Rilumim? Does she have any family? Are there specific reasons that Rilumim distrusts synthetics? Does Rilumim have any notable experiences throughout her life before the NSS Aurora? How did the environment that she grew up in impact her? (depending on age, could be war-torn recovery, newer generations of skrell, discovery of humanity. There are many notable events that could be incorporated into backstory) Does Rilumim have any living family? Children? Those are just a few questions that I could think of off of the top of my head. You hopefully get the point though that detail is very nice to see in showing that you understand the species. As it is now, it is not a horrible application, but I'd very much like to see more substance. I'd like it to seem like Rilumim is a living character, rather than someone that has been thought up with very little explanation. There were a few more concerns that I had while reading the application. It is important to keep in mind that Skrell do indeed have a wide range of emotions, but many of their social ques are very difficult for non-Skrell to pick up. It can be simple things such as the change of inflection in their voice. They do show their emotion much better when speaking in Nral'Malic (Skrellian), as that is what they are more familiar with generally. It is not that the Skrell are lacking of emotion, or overall arrogant (while some may be), but it is just difficulties in displaying it to Humans. If you want to get an idea about how specific to make your application, I'd recommend looking back at some previous Skrell applications to see how in depth many would go. I look forward to see what you can do!
  4. I like how you explored the situation with teaching the first generations born following Glorsh-Omega. I would've liked to see a bit more to 'X' regarding his upbringing and perhaps his parents and how his childhood experiences drew him towards the scientific fields as you said. I'd also like to know all the fields that 'X' has delved into, as it says here that he went into studying physics, but later on you mention that he has involvement in chemistry, biology, and engineering. Is this something that 'X' is still focusing on? As Bluespace was only discovered in 2413, before that there would've been no "bluespace technology" for 'X' to be researching. What led to 'X' getting up and moving his life to Tau Ceti following the discovery of Humanity. You stated that he was revolted by seeing synthetics used by Humanity, yet he eventually managed to adapt to the environment. I'd appreciate to see a bit more backstory on what led to his change of opinions, as it does go against the general opinion of his peers. Overall, 'X' seems like a fairly basic character with not much to him besides when he was born, and what he does. I'm genuinely interested in learning more about this Skrell though, as he was born in a time where there wasn't much hope for his species. The population was rather unsteady, and he would've definitely been shaped by the emphasis on making a better for himself than those before him. It would be nice to see who 'X' is as a person, get to know what his ambitions are. Just to see that he will actually be a well thought out character, not another Skrell who suffered through their life and now work on a space station in Tau Ceti. Don't be afraid to break out of the mold about, add some creativity and interesting details about his life. Does he value family? Does he have a Quualt'Shirapt? does he have children? I have no doubt that you will be able make this character more alive. I like the base that you have going for it at the moment. I am interested to see what else you have in your head Good luck!
  5. Ooh, the old bar and bridge. You know what's up.
  6. So it has been two years and I forgot I made this thread. A large amount has changed, and I am interested what people think about him again.
  7. After reading over the applications posted for the Human lore dev application, I am really liking the ideas that Zundy has put forth. They all seem well thought out and I am excited to see what his ideas would be as he continues to flesh out Humanity if he gets the position. The ATLAS ideas are peaking my interest. A definite support on my part.
  8. are you nursie? Biggest conspiracy of the century confirmed
  9. I like the idea about having a general name for those types of colonies. I also like the idea of the Skrellian Frontier being known as the Traverse, and have talked about it with [mention]Wer6[/mention] in the past. Both things allow for us to create a more obvious separation between the Skrell and Human frontiers, which is always good to have.
  10. Moved to the appropriate subforum. [mention]annoynat[/mention], please use the correct format https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=22
  11. I am willing to unban you before your ban expires. The issue with the entire incident in general is that to us it appeared as if you were just being another shitter who went up to someone after they did something minor to you, attempting to kill them. You may have ahelped before doing something which means that you knew what you were doing was risky, but if you don't get a response from an admin when you ask them to do something, it doesn't mean that you can go do it anyway. If you were seriously wondering about escalating the incident and you didn't get a response from the admins, you should wait a minute or so and then ahelp again. There are times during rounds where we are overloaded with multiple ahelps at once and may have missed yours. The reason that I banned you though was because you had multiple incidents in the recent past of having improper escalation or just generally bad roleplay. As long as you've read over the rules and realize that things don't always need to escalate to the point where people have a good chance of dying, I can lift the ban.
  12. I've interacted with Sean Brianne multiple times in the past and support the whitelist. He's a good officer and follows corporate regulations well enough. +1
  13. I purposefully let this sit for some time before I replied to see Xander get brought back into the sever and to see how he performed in interim Head of Staff roles again. I've seen him perform well as both an Interim Head of Security and Interim Chief Medical Officer and would definitely like to see Vivian Rival as a CMO. He was competent in the past and as long as he can control himself, I expect that he would be able to handle it again. +1
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