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  1. I know that you've mentioned that you would not be using any of your existing characters for this, but it would be helpful to list out the character(s) that you've been playing in command positions since you've been on trial.
  2. Reporting Personnel: Valorallen Vitellia Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Captain Personnel in Question: Buck Thompson Job Title of Personnel in Question: Cargo Technician Reason for Review: [X] - Extended Arrest History [X] - Grievous Infraction on Record [ ] - Other: ____ Notes:
  3. Alright, well, since this was a warning that I issued, I'll provide my point of view on it all. Leading up to me PMing you, I received an ahelp from a player stating that they were killed by your character immediately after being embraced and with no interaction at all besides being beat down and left for dead. While yes, you are in a state of a blood frenzy at the time of you being embraced, you are still considered an antagonist and should not just be killing people for the sake of killing them. You do not need to be bound or loyal to the vampire who embraced you, and at the time of my PMing
  4. I've held the opinion that there should be more human languages that can be selected. When I returning into SS13 after a while of being away, I did check out Bay for a bit and was drawn to the number of language options that were present. I recall that some time ago here, we had that suggestion to implement even just variations of Sol Common, though having an Elyran language (some sort of colonial Arabic mixed with other local languages), Scarab religion, etc. Those would all be nice I feel. It helps show the variety in humans, rather than just once unified bloc.
  5. I was just thinking about this a few days ago. I think continuity in time between the rounds would be a great idea.
  6. I think that Brotendo is an excellent roleplayer and has a very realistic character with Imran. I like to think that I am a big influence in pushing this application into creation. Brotendo has played countless rounds as Imran where he was promoted to Interim Chief Engineer. During those rounds, there have been no issues in his behavior or any questionable actions. They are responsible and well respected by those within the departments they play both ICly and OOCly. Without a doubt they have what it takes to hold this whitelist. A definite +1 from me.
  7. Glad to hear that you enjoy our interactions! But yes, it was mainly due to burnout. I was 14 or 15 at the time, and didn't really have good time management skills at all so high school hit me like a truck. At this point though, I'm graduated now though and have plenty of time on my hands so I think that I could invest it into something like this.
  8. Yes. In my mind I consider the NT Liaisons to be a direct successor to the IAA. They should be able to do this. Though, I think there should be a caveat that the Captain or a Captain-level decision can overrule the Liaison's decision in the scenario that they deem it necessary. It could always escalate from there into an IR or whatever, though I doubt that would actually happen.
  9. I would support the ability of NT Liaisons being able to sign off on avowals. As a Captain, I hardly have the time, nor the familiarity with many of the characters to know whether or not they are trustworthy and things. And often times, there is something else that is going on that needs to be attended to. NT Liaisons being able to do it would be a big positive in my mind. I could also see the Head of Personnel having the power to do it as well. I can see the justification for that one. As of now, they seem extremely difficult to get.
  10. Server Moderator Application Basic Information Byond Account: YouJustGotOwened Character Name(s): Main: Valorallen Vitellia Less Frequent/Retired: Auralia-Fedas Ro'Suos Aviel Vierleq'Fedas Sebas-Regluk Vri'Shek Uelish-Mistek Ka'Qelip'Te Railo-Mestoqe Ca'Qelolisp I have a multitude of other characters, though they are hardly ever played, especially recently. AI Name(s): None Discord username + tag: Owen#2139 Age: 18 Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time When are
  11. Hi people. It's been about five years since I've last posted asking for character feedback and in that time it seems to have been lost to the void. Since Vitellia is one of my longest played characters on the server, and as I've recently gotten back into the game I figured I'd see what people thought about him. Just to give a little rundown on who he is, Valorallen is an 82-year-old Elyran Captain who has been working with NanoTrasen for many years at this point. Before becoming a Captain he worked his way up through the Medical Department where he served for some length of time as a Chi
  12. Wow. Surprised by how many of these names I remember
  13. Hi everyone, this DiscordRP is where I've disappeared to for the past few months. You may remember an advertisement for the Republic of Sol/UNE from a few months ago. This is the next iteration of the game, and have many of the same players as before. A quick overview basically is that this server is the simulation of a government in a game of Stellaris. You can join a social class, government role, and political party and have a direct impact on the fate of our Commonwealth, and how the nation survives the game with roleplay mixed in. Every Saturday we stream for 15 in-game years to s
  14. After reading the application, I have found that the backstory is extremely bare bones and could use some work. There is not much too specific, no real details about who Rilumim is. A couple questions that come to mind are: How old is Rilumim? Does she have any family? Are there specific reasons that Rilumim distrusts synthetics? Does Rilumim have any notable experiences throughout her life before the NSS Aurora? How did the environment that she grew up in impact her? (depending on age, could be war-torn recovery, newer generations of skrell, discovery of humanity. There are many n
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