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Adoption of a Solar Anthem?

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Sound is very important to me. In most games, a good sountrack and the like can completely immerse me into it, and I often find average things of my life with music to be a chore. I'm an audiophile. So, with that in mind, I always thought the scope of the Sol Alliance alone conjured up images of large orchestras, a choir of elite singers from across human space backed by the best of instrument players. I imagined their theme to by slightly like the Soviet anthem, not a super happy and light song like Yankee Doodle Dandy or something, but not trying to be to edgy. A second image is a sort of way to project power through instrumental means, like the use of heavy drums with little singing at all; sort of like, I do good here, and I don't need to speak to tell you.

This suggestion goes more with my first view:

The Republic Commando theme, becuase of the sense of scope it projects.

The second suggestion, again on par with the first, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=889VL3GxmoU&index=7&list=PLD0B96361EFA15F44 again, due to the sense of scale this piece provides. And also one of my favorite games, ever. To be honest, any of the pieces used as a theme from this game wouldn't surprise me. Outcast theme.

The third suggestion, going with the second kind of view,

simply, again, scale scale scale. The scale of the piece. Also, from the same game and equally powerful:
Total annihilation pieces. Great game, great soundtrack.

This one deserves mention, a blend of the two views, although I feel it's probably too dark.

This one isn't so much scope, as though it conveys a feeling of overwhelming power with the rythmic drums and the choir backing them. Ur-Quan Kzer-za caste theme, remixed by the Precursors.

Of course, the Imperial March. Again, possibly too dark. Although I feel like it fits, somehow.

Slightly off, but I still like this one. A good combination of both views, minus a bit of scale.

Dawn of War Imperial Gaurd theme.

And for NanoTrasen, slightly off topic:

The Versalife theme track from Deus Ex, a good piece that conveys a very technolgically advanced form of faction, as as having that corporate style ring to it. Edited by Guest
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http://puu.sh/eKctP/fb2b6a3b6a.mp3 <- there's also an instrumental version I have a copy of, which gets rid of the one unrelated/"incorrect" Latin lyric.

I might set up some military music majjiger for Sol Military, but to be fair this is LORE, a basic backstory with which to make a setting, we don't need EVERY LAST DETAIL like national anthems, but they are fun things to think about so keep shring. *nods*

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