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Revert blast doors / emergency shutters dropping without power.


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I don't really know how in-depth I need to go with this. A semi-recent update made it so that loss of power causes shutters / blast doors to close automatically.

I don't like to bash code which somebody put hard work into, but this is colossally stupid and never should've been added. Power drops completely and half of the departments on station have to be cut out of/into with a welding tool, since you can't crowbar blast doors/emergency shutters open. This improves roleplay in no way, has no mechanical purpose (other than laughing at the ants trapped in their departments) and is more than just pointless, actually actively irritating.

I'm open to debate as to this not being the case, but I can think of literally no reason this improves the gameplay and roleplay experience more than it hurts it at time of posting.

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The thing with blast doors is that they will actively crush and hurt you if they close on you, unlike regular airlocks. If you're in the wrong spot when they shut, you're going to be crushed. A few areas where this can happen come to mind immediately; namely spots in virology where they close over open walk ways, all the doors into labs in science, and all access points into security. Just yesterday I was making repairs to xenobiology when the power went out, and a blast door crushed me. Not very fun.

I can understand the idea of it, of course. Power goes out, blast doors are going to shut on secure area to keep dangerous materials securely contained. This wouldn't be too bad regularly because rescues were still possible. But being unable to open them with a crowbar is frustrating, and as was just mentioned, you have to instead spend some time cutting through a reinforced wall instead to get in, which can be a huge hindrance when you're in a time sensitive situation.

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I agree, this is a tad annoying as I was just completely trapped in the HoP's office last night from this. I can kind of see the logic in it, either made to do this in purpose to secure areas during potential crisis, or because someone assumed without power the station can't keep them open. However, things like elevators have automatic safeties that prevent then from going hurdling down during power loss, I think it stands to reason lockdown shutters could as well.

There's also a potential solution in being able to crowbar open an unpowered (and unpowered only) shutter. I would say a 5 minute timer to represent how hard it'd be to open a huge bulkhead.

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Every lockdown (except the bridge and the prisoner section of the brig) can be evacuated from via maintenance tunnels, which are not affected by lockdowns.


I only saw the way out of the medical bay through the Paramedic's office, which normal MDs don't have access to. Regardless, it locks down the front door, and as was stated before, is pointless outside of research and security. The way to get around it doesn't matter, as you could also cut down a wall. But there's no reason why you should need to cut down a wall.

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But if the power is out, then can't the MDs access the Paramedic's office with a crowbar?


Unless I'm extremely unlucky, no. Power always goes out in the lobby before it goes out in the Paramedic quarters, as the lobby takes up quite a bit more power. So you're left with the front shutters down and power everywhere else locking you in because MDs don't have access for shit and the lobby seems to drain power faster than anywhere else in medbay sans the cryo cooler.

There's also still the problem of other departments locking down, and my initial emphasis that this improves roleplay and gameplay in no way sans in security and research even if there is a convoluted way past the shutters.

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