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Gun Dual Wielding + Accuracy Tweaks

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Pretty simple addition. All weapons can be held with two hands for an accuracy boost, while all weapons held with one hand receives an accuracy penalty. With this addition, if you're holding a gun in each hand, firing one will fire the other.

A new traitor item will exist to compliment this change: a tactical belt where it can reload both magazine-fed weapons instantly when activated with the belt.

Currently it's a WIP because of the merge conflicts, and it needs a few balance tweaks.

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Yes. This needs to happen because atm two-handed weapons are always more useful than single handed. +1 There's pretty much nothing I can think of negative beyond maybe ensuring that the disadvantages of dual wielding are equal to its advantages. If accuracy is reduced, then this may address this but I can definitely see those values needing to be tweaked.

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I trust the tactical belt will also be able to instantly load a single magazine-fed weapon? Because that's a great fighting tool as-is, avoiding the hassle of juggling hands mid-combat. Definitely looking forward to this - lower accuracy and more bullets means more collateral damage, and that's always fun.

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