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Making Industrials (and G2’s) Great!


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yeah these poor metal friends are slow and sad :(

So basically this entire suggestion is to make the abit faster, but in a balanced way.

The jist of it:

Give these IPC Models a ‘Weight Redistribution’ or something,

ICly this redistributes their weight and their power for the intent of gathering speed.

OOCly it means we can walk down a hallway before being lapped by a White Cat 20 times

Mechanically it means that our speed increases to around alittle slower than a station bound, but the martial damage resistance of these models drops all the way to 0% and power use increases.

Also, while you are moving faster than the average robobear, you can’t equip anything into your vest or helmet slot, nor are you EVA Proof.

Ninja Edit: forgot to mention that it would obviously take a chunk of time to switch modes

so yeah let’s make these chunky bois actually cool.

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