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Ban Request - Antag ban: Veterangary, Comrade_WaterMelon

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BYOND Key: AmoryBlaine

Accused Players Byond Key: Veterangary, Comrade_WaterMelon

b]Time of Act:[/b] 8:45PM/EST

Reason for Ban:

LRP activities as Mercenaries. The first two named here made use of the nuke, after having completed their gimmick with the other two mercs, and didn't want to sit around the outpost for 30 minutes, so decided to blow up the station, or receive 'sacrifices' from the crew, being the crew themselves. This was out of nowhere, and was argued against by the other two mercenaries. Frankly, people that can't respect the flow of a round, and take their exit from it as an antag with grace- instead choosing to drop the level of RP and their gimmick in order to remain in the round- should not be playing as antagonists.



[Command] Mirage asks, "AI?"
[Command] Mirage asks, "Can you see us?"
[Command] SysMod-76s states, "Yes."
[Command] Mirage says, "We have a little present for you and the station."
[supply] Kid Karson asks, "Surface?"
[Command] Mirage asks, "Can you identify it?"
[Command] SysMod-76s states, "I can."
[Command] Mirage says, "Ah, wonderful."
[Engineering] Carter Steele says, "Oh man..."
[Common] Sheriff says, "Attention crew, of this uh. Whatever, we have a bomb, I think. We require three sacrifices, or uh, payments of crewmembers."


This, out of nowhere and after apologizing and preparing to leave, is just a very disgusting thing to do, because, rather than allow for any RP to take place with their departure, they force a ridiculous ultimatum upon the crew, so that they can remain and either nuke the station or shoot a lot of people- the exact opposite of reasons why anyone should be playing as an antag.


[Veterangary (Sheriff) whines, "we didn't want to leave so early at the time"
Veterangary (Sheriff) complains, "sitting at home base for 30 mins is dumb"


This is not why you do things as antag. Antags exist to further RP and create scenarios for the station to operate in. This was done already, and they were leaving. Rather than allow that, they chose to create a new scenario that required the ERT to engage them, and end the round pre-maturely.


King of the PingToday at 8:57 PM
I told them its LRP and unfun to just nuke the station for no reason


Here's proof of one of the Mercs having informed the others that this was LRP behavior, and should not have occured. Of course, that didn't stop this player from continuing to allow the others to do it, no attempt was made to remedy it beforehand with an ahelp.

These were the mercenaries.



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Alright, lemme clarify some things in this report. Firstly I'll start with some reasoning for the nuke :

After easily outnumbering and outgunning security, and basically letting ourselves into the vault with barely any confrontation, and stealing literally everything from said vault, we returned to the ship and stored our loot. However, during this we kinda accomplished nothing of the antag, we just took a hostage, kinda dragged them around until we secured the loot, where we released them. Ultimately it left an feeling of accomplishment, as we basically won by default, as security was understaffed, and we were heavily armed. Around this point, the team wanted to leave initially, but I convinced them that we had a bit more time to steal more stuff, so we did as so, made our way to the bridge, and looted the Captain's office, where we held down a bit as I broke into the SAT (not having any IC knowledge, we just found a ladder and a bunch of high secure doors, I was interested). After finding nothing of use in the SAT, we were preparing to leave, but for some reason, whoever played the dionae wanted to stay and hold off the ERT, I guess? I didn't really understand what was going on at this point, or what he was doing, but as we got back to the ship, it still felt like we did nothing, other than wave some guns around, and break into the vault and leave. Around then, the dionae guy had a change in mind, and made his way back to the ship as well, and this is when our plan of using the nuclear device was in effect, and I had stated multiple times we were going to use it as leverage. However, Mirage seemed to somewhat agree, but whatever went on between them and the dionae, they changed their minds, and flew the shuttle elsewhere. Now, it was me and Aaron simply stranded on the station, with a nuke. I even asked twice for them to return, but they simply refused, we've undergone a miniature mutiny, I guess. Now, as I attempted to form some negotiations, spotting a fellow ERT outside the window, I was about to signal them with an emote, when they opened fire. So I saw that negotiations were already off the list, so I moved to activate the nuke, in attempt to divert their attention to the impending death device. I guess it worked, as it stopped a total of one ERT guys attempting to disarm it, while I attempted to make my way to the ERT shuttle as means of escape. However, as I got to the elevator, the command staff had pushed me out, and I believe the AI had bolted a door, where I finally died, after attempting to climb up the elevator.

Now, I don't completely defend myself in this situation, as I'm a bit terrible at forming any means of, threat I guess, so pulling out the nuke was kinda overkill, and really improperly escalated for such a device. It was kinda one of those actions you do, just to experiment with it, an idea that sounds terrible, but just might work. However, I didn't put much enthusiasm into it, or a great deliver at all, simply just stating the very stereotypical idea "got a bomb dude, hands up", which was very poor RP on my side. Another problem with this was how I was dealing with this entirely, as for the entire round, we kinda had problems with two of our own teammates, and it was mostly just us bickering, and grabbing money from the vault, which kinda impacted my sense of care for the situation, I became more annoyed and careless about anything, really. Eventually I came to some sorta solution "can't beat them, join them" which was mostly my attitude towards the end of the round, which understandably isn't acceptable.

For now, this is my input reguarding the situation, and some better context from my perspective. It'd be better if we had some context from more angles however, because this might be unconsciously biased.

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Right. After consideration and myself and Strudles looking into this along with the note history of Gary and Comrade_WaterMelon, we will be applying the following verdict

* Gary will be given a permanent antag ban for the time being until myself and Strudles can see he can handle normal rules properly and not frontline in conflict. This situation shows very poor spiritfor antag play and a general lack of regard for those still attempting to rp

* Melon will receive a 2 week Antag ban aswell, he has been warned prior for infractions as a antag and a general inability to play antag properly

While this may come off as a harsh punishment, its importaint to understand that antags are there to drive a story, while close to round end, this was incredibly poor spirited. Both bans may be appealed or removed once they can be proved to of changed

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