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Questions on a couple things about Adhomai Civil War


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Hi all! Hope you guys are doing well. Currently I am still revising my Tajara white-list application and had a couple minor questions that I hope have some answers. Generally it just comes down to random little bitty stuff.

First question I had was what battalions (if any specifically) do the People's Republic have? As my OC (a Zhan-Khazan) is of an ethnicity not seen in a favorable light, are the Zhan-Khazan that fight for the People's Republic in segregated regiments? I was working on putting something like this into Ra's military bio and his experience with prejudice but I am unsure if that is okay.

Much less another being what is typical engagements like? I wrote in in his bio of combat on the frontlines being nitty-gritty melee combat and no one seemed to say anything about that. In my mind I imagine combat on Adhomai to be like that of combat during the winters of Russia or something similar.

Ninja edit: fixed some words to make sense.

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