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IPC Features/Bugs


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Okay, in short, I've been asked to gather up a list of what IPCs should/shouldn't be able to do. This isn't in the bug forum since, well, it's not about bugs exclusively.

My list thus far:

- IPCs can be taken over by cortical borers, apparently.

- IPCs can make cult runes.

- IPCs overheat from wearing certain non-EVA headwear, forcing them to go bare-headed.

- IPCs currently get Tradeband instead of their own language, which should probably be sorted out /eventually/, when the dev team doesn't have more pressing things to deal with.

So, if any IPC players could pitch in, I'd appreciate it.

PS: Anything about IPCs being heads and I will personally stone you to death. Thanks.

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It is highly advised against discussion in this thread.

This is for things you have noticed that IPC's should or shouldn't be able to do. Not for people to give reasons as to why IPC's should or shouldn't be able to do something.

If someone has mentioned something please do not repeat it.

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Important things:

- IPCs are impervious to paincrit (!this is an amazing thing, seriously, it really fucking is!)

- IPCs have a brute damage modified (either 0.5 or 1.5, Iiiii forget)

- IPCs are impervious to disease and organ failure

- IPCs are impervious to radiation

- IPCs do not need a breathable atmosphere nor oxygen, they just need some sort of gas that is at room temperature

- IPCs are unable to enter EVA without a modified RIG suit (they require advanced temperature control)

-- Helmets make IPCs overheat (this is a kek, and will be fixed)

- IPCs do not have their own language (current options: give them all hunam languages + one xenos, or give them their own language; I prefer the former)

-- I do not wish to give IPCs binary, because it doesn't make sense, and can lead to excruciatingly dumb things

- IPCs lack auto-regeneration

-- They are unable to fix themselves

-- Note that this fact is kind of pushed aside when you consider that they do not feel pain, and are not debilitated by it. Meaning: they can run around with 100+ damage without keeling over and going into pain/oxyloss death

- IPCs will shortly be able to select their own colour (because, why not? We paint our laptops, as Scopes said, so let's get coloured IPCs! (dontmakemeregretthis ;-;))

- IPCs die rather hilariously to EMPs

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IPCs were formerly able to remove their own torso and still function.

As a result, they were immune to any chest damage. It was rather hilarious.

An ion pulse to the head of an IPC oneshot kills them, as their head gibs off their body.

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  • While IPCs are immune to the common stamm #xxxx diseases, they are not immune to the prebuilt diseases (GBS, flu, etc.). I recall one particularly virulent strain of GBS that killed PARAGON during surgery. The gibs were everywhere that day.
  • IPCs are also not immune to the effects of pepper spray, which works by affecting the mouth and eyes. IPCs possess neither, and so should not be affected. They do not require eye protection while welding, however, due to the aforementioned lack of the organ.
  • In addition to EMPs frequently blowing off an IPCs vital parts (which includes, for some reason, the groin), they are also hilariously weak to burn damage. I've seen two laser shots to the arm put one into crit.
  • If you were to alter block 27 of an IPC's genetic code (which exists, somehow) to change them into a monkey, say, using an injector, they explode into a shower of gibs.

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- Despite being all limbs labeled as mechanical unless an arm is taken off and replaced with a new robotic one. It cannot be repaired by nanopaste. I have not tested if they can self repair this new arm and this is from a while back so the new arm may now be also un nanopasteable.

- Will take toxin damage if firing a point blank plasma pistol. Cryo seems to be able to fix this as well.

- Can store liquids in its body in lieu of blood. And can easily add remove it with a syringe as a container.

- Snores. When sleeping or SSD.

- Still needs a cooling unit if helmetless in a fully aired enviro [Not sure if this is supposed to be or not. Technically it should still be able to cool itself under those conditions.]

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-IPCs can be emagged, though for some reason it occasionally applies it to body parts.

-Whilst being emagged, though, they're given the standard syndicate/hacked lawset any cyborg would be given.

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