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[Accepted] Lualyrr's Skrell Whitelist Application

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BYOND Key: Lualyrr

Character Names: Kim Lowe, DSU Vindicator, Thuy Huang

Species you are applying to play: Skrell

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Uncertain.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, ofcourse! As well as the subpages about the culture, cuisine, factions and politics.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

For once I'd like to play this race just because I think it could be intriguing challenge for my roleplay ability. The other reason I'd love to play a Skrell is because its a polar opposite to some of my current characters.

Kim Lowe - being a Roboticist - naturally has a certain affinity torwards synthetic life. It goes without saying that a Skrell would be more wary.

Since I have the IPC whitelist I do like to play (albeit rarely lately) synthetic life and while there is parallels between IPCs and Skrell (mainly their fondness of logic) theres even more differences.

Playing a species that is prone to dislike AI's in all forms would be a nice change of scenes compared to the majority of my characters who are more sympathetic of the idea.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Humans are usually highly driven by emotions and make decisions based on their feelings rather than cold logic.

Skrell are more prone to use logic and experience to fell a decision, which to me sounds like it could lead to some interesting roleplay.

I intend to play a younger Skrell, so them being compareably new to human space could be another interesting factor for Roleplay. Maybe also in regards of having a station AI? A younger Skrell would have no first hand experience with AI's in any form and yet dislike them due to the entire Glorsh situation.


Character Name: Vyyal Qutaal

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Vyyal Qutaal hatched on Aliose in the city of Fedas , a mere 55 years ago. Being an only child it was always etablished that she had to aspire to nothing less than greatness. Especially with a father that is known as an innovator and well respected researcher in the field of Aeuronautics. Her mother is a bluespace scientist with a refined taste for music - especially old human classics - violins, pianos, harps and clarinets..a small detail that would lead to an important decision later on.

With the bar set so high, there was no other way than to follow in her fathers footsteps and choose a career atleast related to what her father achieved. To no ones surprise it drew the young Skrell torwards Qerrbalak’s (Or Jargon IV's) moon of Qerr’Malic - the single most popular destination for aspiring engineers and the like.

Vyyal applied to the Qerr’Weirun Aeronautics University on the darkside of the moon to study and learn the trade of an aerospace engineer. The various shipping centers around the celestial body proved to be good training ranges for someone specializing in the field of aeronautics. This was about when she first came into direct contact with human pilots, or even just Skrellian pilots sharing tales and stories of these far away cultures. And for a young, curious Skrell like her this was the first step torwards her wish to travel and explore the wide space.

Thus it didn't take long for her to basically pack her things and explain her plans to her parents, disguising her wanderlust and curiousity of the human culture by stating that she wishes to broaden her horizon by learning in less optimized and controlled enviroments, with technology that was much simpler than the one Skrell commonly use. Her words appeased her father, her mother could understand Vyyals wish to see more of the known galaxy and so her parents support was secured.

And it was so that her destination was set. The human culture intrigued her since her early childhood. Be it the music that her mother often played for her - namely the genre that the humans called 'classic' - or the various shows and movies uploaded to the extranet. With a clear target in mind - experiencing this new culture first hand - it was no suprise that she ended up employeed at Nanotransen.

At first she worked on repairing and maintaining the transit and delivery shuttles but soon felt like it was not enough of a challenge to occupy her mind. Lastly Vyyal found her place in the role of a Station Engineer, the responsibility over a large station and especially the Supermatter fueling her desire for knowledge.

What do you like about this character?

Vyyal - as a younger skrell - had very little exposure to other cultures. I think her attempts at imitating or being part of a new culture / hype could provide some innocent humor.

Given how much Skrell hate do admit mistakes I think it would be great to see her visually struggling with doing so - should the situation arise.

I think it could be interesting for other players to be exposed more to Skrell culture / humor too. Especially given how hard it might be to come to equal terms about what is funny and what is not.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

Fairly solid. I have RP'd on this server specifically for some while now. I dont think I've made any bad Roleplay impressions but theres always room to improve ofcourse.

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It's no stretch for a skrell to want a piece of human action authentic human culture. I'm excited to see how Vyyal's experiences develop them as a character. Couple of questions.

What are Vyyal's feelings towards synthetics, as a young skrell?

Secondly, how does Vyyal feel about humans themselves, not their creations? Are there feelings of disdain, or wariness, or perhaps admiration?

And of course, the application will be up for about a week to collect comments and critique. [mention]Lualyrr[/mention]

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Tells me I have too many characters

apps anyway

Jokes aside, it's a strong app. I know you've talked about doing this for a long time, and this app wasn't made on a whim. You actively asked for help writing it, and I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it. You're a person who likes to put a lot of time developing a handful of characters, so I know Vyyal will be an excellent and fully-realized character.

I'd like to see your answers to Nursie's questions, but it seems you have a good sense of both character and general Skrell knowledge. We may not agree on everything OOC, but I certainly think that you've earned this whitelist by merit of an excellent app combined with great RP abilities.

+1 from me!

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What are Vyyal's feelings towards synthetics, as a young skrell?

If I'd use a metaphor I would maybe say 'forbidden fruit' ? In her head its culturally imprinted that they are the big bad. Yet in a way she is tempted to see what they can do, what they are capable of and how they could be a productive upgrade to existing systems. In the end however she will never become a classical Pro-Synth Supporter. At best she will see them as useful tools if contained well.


Secondly, how does Vyyal feel about humans themselves, not their creations? Are there feelings of disdain, or wariness, or perhaps admiration?


This is a cool question and I think this will be a big part of her entire personality! Growing up she was exposed to the music through her mothers love for it. With access to the extranet I'd like to believe that she did hit up some human webpages here and there. My idea is that she will try to jump in on the pop culture wagon but giving it a big ol' Skrellian twist. She'll maybe not understand some jokes here and there or get them entirely wrong and I think this is a great way to build involuntary as well a voluntary comedy. I feel like that could change the way some people perceive skrell - as emotion and humorless.

I also like to think being among humans will put some pressure on her, in the sense that she might feel like she has to represent her species while being among others. There might also be a hint of envy, for their ability to fell decisions that might seem entirely illogical to a skrell and actually succeed with them. Or even worse, fail and not feel all toooo bad about it! Overall I think it could be a real rollercoaster! Curiousity, nervousness, but also the culturally imprinted idea of simple superiority over all these xenos.

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That feeling of representing your species in a place where you're really excited to meet other species is great. She's relatively young. It'll be a great experience for her, and for the humans she meets! I've had the pleasure of hanging out with Thuy once or twice, too, and I think you can handle a Skrell quite well. +1

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Vyyal will be getting their hands on some "forbidden fruit" very shortly, in any case, now that they're among humans. Your replies leave me itching even more to see just how they interact with the culture shock that is Tau Ceti.

I'm excited to see them in action.

Application accepted.

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