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  1. I have mostly interacted with Jaxon, some with Dexter and now with Riley. This should get a fat -1 because I really liked Jaxon Williams - and my Character got along with them pretty neatly too. However, since thatnewguy1 is actually a real good Rper and a capable engineer in general I cant help but support their decision. Their knowledge in Engineering is extensive, and as someone has stated they actually gained a fair bit of Telecomm knowledge which is a rare and welcome skill. The Character they apply with is a no-validhunting, clever Engineer. They would suit the role as far as I have seen (even if I would've prefered Jaxon 😢 so I dont see why thatnewguy1 should not get the chance! +1
  2. I can only comment on what I've seen from their Engineering Character because I have not interacted with the other's much. Leudoberct is a very good roleplayer and I think they're very fit for a command role. Their Engineering play always had them as a person that does not crumble to crisis. Very focused and determined to better the situation but without forgetting the RP. They are a mature player and I am sure that they will do a splendid job in command. +1!
  3. Okay. My Opinion is based around my Interactions with their character named "Lelise Marimo" their Consular Officer. For some Background on our interaction I will explain (shortly) what happened. Following Events unfolded: A Vampire was preying on my Offworlder and used the Merchants Vessel to make their move. They discussed with the Merchant how much they would pay for turning a blind eye. My Character (Linh-Vy Tien) managed to send a SOS-PDA Message to Devildabeasts Character and they responded by notifying Security and Medical. The real gem of an interaction followed afterwards. Marimo fulfilled their duty to represent the coalition by taking Tien's statement in a compassive but also very official manner. Taking a recording, adding the transcript to the necesarry forms, basically proving their blackbelt in paperwork judo. All while reassuring my character and staying in close Radio contact with command to relay the necesarry informations. It was a very immersive interaction and I felt like the Character really cared about the matter. They were deadset on finding justice for a fellow Coaliation Citizen and outraged by the attack. This has been a bit longer than I wanted but I write this in a state of Good-Rp-Euphoria! Bottom line: +1
  4. I disagree because it'd be too easy to place an Recharger and have an easy, free Nanopaste bath. While the Cryotubes still require a medical professional to be present as well, as well to be supplied with a steady cooling and ofcoure the liquid. If you can just plop a recharger down and have free healing I think that'd heavily skew balance. Especially seeing that Engineering IPC's often place chargers for themselfs. As well as that there is plenty of chargers about. I'd think its okay only if it was similar in complexity like the Cryotubes.
  5. We have a weight lifting room, we have a pool with a little café/diner .. Why not have a Sauna? It'd make sense to further lift employee morale. I support this. The RP in there was super wholesome and comfortable and I can imagine that it will be very well perceived. +1!
  6. I think you really breathed life into this backstory. The motivation of your frog are very clear and relateable. Its a nice twist that you made them a beakmouth especially. I think its one aspect that is rarely played? Or atleast I have rarely seen it. In private conversations you always seemed very curious about Skrell and hence I think that you have honest interest in portraying a member of their Species accurately. Beside that; You are a good roleplayer and very competent. I've never seen you mess anything up either by accident or just for fun. Overall a +1!
  7. While I dont know a whole lot about Vaurca I must say this Background sounds interesting, and their goal to bring some technology (or knowledge thereof) back makes a lot of sense for a Vaurca. I dont think we have seen many Robotics Vaurcae either so thats an additional benefit. Overall I can say although my interaction with Leudoberct only started a few days ago, I had plenty of time to RP with their Engineer. Their Roleplay is good. You can see that he put some thought in his character and developed it with a specific mindset. Yet he is flexible enough to make said character seem alive and interesting. I dont have anything negative to add. +1!
  8. Now I dont work on a Spacestation IRL but I work at a very large Shipyard. (3700 Employees in the main company, ATleast the same amount of subsidiaries, contractors etc) We do have dedicated employees for maintenance, that are officially named "Maintenance Technician". I dont know if this differs greatly from the rest of the world but her that means smallscale repairs such as replacing windows, checking and repairing doors. Fixing the plumbing, the lighting system, etc. This does not include Structural repairs (SS13: Hull breaches, remodeling of rooms) or handling Supermatter Crystals or Tesla generators. Or Laseremitters. Maybe its just my perception but I feel like switching all "Station Engineers" to "Maintenance Technician" greatly devalues the job. Like someone mentioned, in this case we could rename the Chief Engineer to just Engineer. And at this point why not take them out of Command too? Its just an 'Engineer' as some people here define it. To sum it up: -1.
  9. I personally dont see the point in it. Its something Scientist kinda do inside of the Science department usually. And it would just take further content from Engineering if I understand your intent correctly. Remove something from one role just to add it to a new one? I dont see the point in that honestly.
  10. You have too many Characters! While I am no fan of.. hordes of characters (usually because they can all be very flat and similar) I got to admit that in your case I think every single one is a well created, virtual person. I base this on what I've seen on the IC Relay, the Server and on what I've seen you saying in OOC too. When you said you absolutely have to get the Records straight first before playing I character, I could see that you put more effort into each single one than I initially thought. I was mostly exposed to Rowan and without question she's a very unique and believeable person. You even came up with a proper slang for her background which is kind of awesome! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FreshRefreshments has a point with people disliking 'set free by rich people' backgrounds. However. If its done in a good way I think it can add incredibly to a character so this is really just a matter of good roleplay - something you are obviously capable of. I generally like the idea of medical synthetics mainly because of the points you've brought up already. The lack of actual emotions can be both; good and bad! There might be no panic, but also no true empathy - especially in regards of pain or feeling sick. I do have a question however: You describe her as a very social and interactive IPC. Do you think she would place duty / her job before her friends / social interactions? +1 from me, regardless of the answer. I am just curious on your two cents on this. : )
  11. If I'd use a metaphor I would maybe say 'forbidden fruit' ? In her head its culturally imprinted that they are the big bad. Yet in a way she is tempted to see what they can do, what they are capable of and how they could be a productive upgrade to existing systems. In the end however she will never become a classical Pro-Synth Supporter. At best she will see them as useful tools if contained well. This is a cool question and I think this will be a big part of her entire personality! Growing up she was exposed to the music through her mothers love for it. With access to the extranet I'd like to believe that she did hit up some human webpages here and there. My idea is that she will try to jump in on the pop culture wagon but giving it a big ol' Skrellian twist. She'll maybe not understand some jokes here and there or get them entirely wrong and I think this is a great way to build involuntary as well a voluntary comedy. I feel like that could change the way some people perceive skrell - as emotion and humorless. I also like to think being among humans will put some pressure on her, in the sense that she might feel like she has to represent her species while being among others. There might also be a hint of envy, for their ability to fell decisions that might seem entirely illogical to a skrell and actually succeed with them. Or even worse, fail and not feel all toooo bad about it! Overall I think it could be a real rollercoaster! Curiousity, nervousness, but also the culturally imprinted idea of simple superiority over all these xenos.
  12. BYOND Key: Lualyrr Character Names: Kim Lowe, DSU Vindicator, Thuy Huang Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Uncertain. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, ofcourse! As well as the subpages about the culture, cuisine, factions and politics. Why do you wish to play this specific race: For once I'd like to play this race just because I think it could be intriguing challenge for my roleplay ability. The other reason I'd love to play a Skrell is because its a polar opposite to some of my current characters. Kim Lowe - being a Roboticist - naturally has a certain affinity torwards synthetic life. It goes without saying that a Skrell would be more wary. Since I have the IPC whitelist I do like to play (albeit rarely lately) synthetic life and while there is parallels between IPCs and Skrell (mainly their fondness of logic) theres even more differences. Playing a species that is prone to dislike AI's in all forms would be a nice change of scenes compared to the majority of my characters who are more sympathetic of the idea. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Humans are usually highly driven by emotions and make decisions based on their feelings rather than cold logic. Skrell are more prone to use logic and experience to fell a decision, which to me sounds like it could lead to some interesting roleplay. I intend to play a younger Skrell, so them being compareably new to human space could be another interesting factor for Roleplay. Maybe also in regards of having a station AI? A younger Skrell would have no first hand experience with AI's in any form and yet dislike them due to the entire Glorsh situation. Character Name: Vyyal Qutaal Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs Vyyal Qutaal hatched on Aliose in the city of Fedas , a mere 55 years ago. Being an only child it was always etablished that she had to aspire to nothing less than greatness. Especially with a father that is known as an innovator and well respected researcher in the field of Aeuronautics. Her mother is a bluespace scientist with a refined taste for music - especially old human classics - violins, pianos, harps and clarinets..a small detail that would lead to an important decision later on. With the bar set so high, there was no other way than to follow in her fathers footsteps and choose a career atleast related to what her father achieved. To no ones surprise it drew the young Skrell torwards Qerrbalak’s (Or Jargon IV's) moon of Qerr’Malic - the single most popular destination for aspiring engineers and the like. Vyyal applied to the Qerr’Weirun Aeronautics University on the darkside of the moon to study and learn the trade of an aerospace engineer. The various shipping centers around the celestial body proved to be good training ranges for someone specializing in the field of aeronautics. This was about when she first came into direct contact with human pilots, or even just Skrellian pilots sharing tales and stories of these far away cultures. And for a young, curious Skrell like her this was the first step torwards her wish to travel and explore the wide space. Thus it didn't take long for her to basically pack her things and explain her plans to her parents, disguising her wanderlust and curiousity of the human culture by stating that she wishes to broaden her horizon by learning in less optimized and controlled enviroments, with technology that was much simpler than the one Skrell commonly use. Her words appeased her father, her mother could understand Vyyals wish to see more of the known galaxy and so her parents support was secured. And it was so that her destination was set. The human culture intrigued her since her early childhood. Be it the music that her mother often played for her - namely the genre that the humans called 'classic' - or the various shows and movies uploaded to the extranet. With a clear target in mind - experiencing this new culture first hand - it was no suprise that she ended up employeed at Nanotransen. At first she worked on repairing and maintaining the transit and delivery shuttles but soon felt like it was not enough of a challenge to occupy her mind. Lastly Vyyal found her place in the role of a Station Engineer, the responsibility over a large station and especially the Supermatter fueling her desire for knowledge. What do you like about this character? Vyyal - as a younger skrell - had very little exposure to other cultures. I think her attempts at imitating or being part of a new culture / hype could provide some innocent humor. Given how much Skrell hate do admit mistakes I think it would be great to see her visually struggling with doing so - should the situation arise. I think it could be interesting for other players to be exposed more to Skrell culture / humor too. Especially given how hard it might be to come to equal terms about what is funny and what is not. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Fairly solid. I have RP'd on this server specifically for some while now. I dont think I've made any bad Roleplay impressions but theres always room to improve ofcourse.
  13. I stand by what I said in the last Application. I mainly interacted with Tim Johanson inside the Robotics Lab. They're a good character, with believeable and precise knowledge and interest in synthetic lifeforms. This is just a base requirement for me to play an IPC afterall. AIMMO's player knows their stuff. They're very keen on playing Synthetics and they do so without wanting to go for the full "Metal Human" as far as I witnessed. I think an IPC played by them can only improve the RP we have currently. And even while I am less active as of late I do poke in every now and then and cant help but notice their effort to do a good job as a Roboticist, Stationbound or AI. A very big and confident +1 from me.
  14. I've RP'd and played with AIMMO's player a lot and I have no doubt they'll be a worthy whitelistee. Aimmo is a rather robotic but Interactive PAI and I think they are a interesting character. Tim has a lot if depth and I feel like their player does a good job at protraying an believable character with plenty of knowledge about Synthetics and technical stuff. Grammar or spelling should not be a deciding factor in a Whitelist. I like the idea of a synthetic CSI. Mainly because they can approach on a raw logical level rather than what their "gut" dictates. Tldr; +1
  15. Reporting Personnel: Kim Lowe Rank of Reporting Personnel: Roboticist Game ID: bSH-cULC Personnel Involved: - Kim Lowe, Roboticist: Witness / Victim(?) - David Evans, Scientist: Witness - Peregrine Sandys: Roboticist: Witness - Natascha Sukhoi Scientist: Offender Time of Incident: /// Real time: 20:35 GMT 31/01/2018 Location of Incident: Robotics Lab / Science Hallway Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty [x]Harassment []Assault [x]Misconduct [x] Threats of death or bodily injury Overview of the Incident: Mister Sukhoi accompanied by Mister Evans walked up to the window seperating the Robotics Lab and the general Science Hallway, adressing me and Peregrine Sandys inside. Sukhoi at first demanded materials and claimed we'd face 'Gulag' if we wouldnt share. I encouraged him to ask in a more civil manner to which he responded by saying; "Stop talking or I'll make you stop talking for ever." His words were followed by pulling some sort of bolt action rifle on us, aiming it at me directly and disengaging its safety mechanism. He reminded me that it was not a request but "an order." He then said that once the 'purge' would come, my name would be the first on his list and further noted that he will make sure not to share any of the distributed materials with me for months. Sukhoi eventually walked away when Sandys told him he'll inform the Research Director (Uelak Eul). Mister Evans informed me that Sukhoi also threathened him with said rifle earlier that day. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Eulak Eul, Research Director. Actions taken: Reported it to the Director, Security was later called to the scene. It was torwards the end of the shift.
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