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[Accepted] Uglyxeno's unathi application.

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Character Names:

Amy Wright

Mycah Rosier

Species you are applying to play:


What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):


Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I've got a lot of history playing aliens, mostly on Baystation. The first race I was whitelisted for was Unathi way back then, and I like to think I was at least okay with it. A lot of things have changed, but mostly for the better, and I'd like to give it a shot here as well.

I tend to enjoy the honor-motivated, martial sort of character. My favorite part of a story is when the chips are down and something needs to be done. Unathi seem to be what you'd go after if you want to get to that quickly.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Any alien species, especially ones with divergent bodyplans, are different from humans. No matter how human one may act, the simple fact is that they are not. Occasionally, in practice, this'll have to be played up. But alien species simply don't have the cultural background they'd need to seamlessly fit in among humans, even if they were entirely physically compatible.

In other words, your ideal alien is relatable, but different.

Unathi are carnivores from a rough, oppressive feudal planet, with a natural inclination to warfare and a very strict code of honor. The concept of an alien warrior who, despite striving for martial excellence, will refuse to commit dishonorable acts is very interesting to me.


Character Name:

Essh Kesan

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Born as the youngest daughter of a mid-level warrior, Essh received a relatively standard moghean female upbringing, although it quickly became apparent that her uncommon height was considered unattractive. The teasing she faced at the hands of other girls made her into a quiet, demure creature mostly uninterested with the petty aggressions and competitions of female society, and she began to occupy herself training in secret out of swordsmanship manuals, the knowledge she'd gained from them being used as a weapon against her brothers more than once. In the immediate aftermath of the contact war's atomic finish, her father was wounded by a grenade tossed by a common bandit during the initial cleanup. For several years afterward, she had to assist her now-paralysed father in his work, which was now repairing and maintaining weapons and other small mechanical devices. After several years, they were able to save up enough money to move offworld, in the hopes that better opportunities elsewhere would save Essh's father from the humiliation of being crippled.

Living among humans for some time (specifically, Tau Ceti), and being exposed to new ideas, the young Essh found herself drifting away from her from her civilization's strictures; being exposed to human media and schooling, she was also exposed to humanity's military traditions, the study of which she took to like a fish to water. Unfortunately, her upbringing took its toll, and it seemed that she became nervous around other unathi women; outwardly, she'd act dismissively toward them, while inwardly, she was extremely intimidated. Eventually, Essh had come up with a plan: to run away from home and join the navy. Unfortunately, the navy would not take her on account of her rather low test scores, and she returned home in shame. Her father, having discovered her interest in such manly pursuits, became convinced that she was actually a man trapped in a woman's body, and showed her a recruitment ad for Nanotrasen's security division, which she applied to for lack of other options.

What do you like about this character?

Crushed dreams are my bread and butter, and I tend to like to play characters who are learned in some field of soft science in addition to their primary job.

I also enjoy the type of character that grapples with their faith, even when it tells them what they're doing is wrong. Namely, being an independant woman with a job who likes to study warfare but remains at least nominally faithful to the thakh religion.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?



Paradox asked me to include a thought I had:

Assuming unathi have a more developed sense of smell than humans, the active culture inside of yogurt would probably end up having a strong, sour-tangy sort of flavor and smell. That could go well with other spicy foods to round out the flavor, like hotwings and blue cheese.

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My name's ParadoxSpace and I'm here to say

I support this application in every way

(please clap)

On a serious note, I've known OP since some early days on Polaris. While occasionally she can be a little testy and she's a very picky eater, I've always known her to be a good roleplayer and to play very unique and consistent characters. +1

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Okay, going to point out one thing. Background information is very good, BUT it is a bit short compared to other apps we see. It doesn't explain how they started to work for NT, or how they were assigned to the Aurora. And why did the Tajarin wish to become a Sol naval officer? Tajarins were never encouraged to take such a path, and a good explanation why they decided to do so is needed. Not going to give this a negative review, as it seems VUX understand the basic lore. I will need to see more though!

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I'm fairly sure Tajara cannot even *Join* the Solarian navy, as they'd need to be citizens to join an armed forces, and Tajaran cannot be Solarian citizens any longer I think. Also [mention]Sandvich123[/mention] there's... no mention of sol in there. Or Tajara. I'm not actually sure where you got that from.

Edit: Why did I hit enter. Anyway, I like the Unathi a tad, it's interesting to me! But I don't think I've personally seen you before. That could be an issue with my timing, or maybe when you're on the server, I'm unsure. So you've got a hesitant +1 from me.

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A pretty solid app. I've seen some really, really great RP from you, and no doubt you can play a believable and well-rounded character. And because you're good, I'm going to ask you a few questions to help round out your character and further establish your understanding. I don't play on Bay, but our lore is not their lore, and so I just want to make sure your understand Unathi for Aurora.

-Why did her father choose to flee when injured rather than take an honorable death as Guwandi?

-Why go to Tau Ceti rather than to the humans and skrell on Ouerea?

-What are her thoughts on the contact war, both growing up, and in present time?

There are a lot of merits in this app. You understand the role of unathi women, and that her path is an uncommon one. She experienced failure and reasonable hardships growing up. You've worked in the idea of "wrong" souls being placed in another body, which is a theme I wish was explored more among players. Her father justified her actions and decided to seek a spiritual explanation and assist her, which is a really refreshing tidbit.

I'd like to see answers to my posed questions, but you're not obligated to. Whether you do or don't, I feel like, at this time, I can throw my support behind this app. +1

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There should be an asterisk next to me citing bay, as I haven't been there for like six years or something. I'm a recent re-arrival to space station.

I'd like to try and answer your questions, though.

1: Her father chose to flee because he was paralyzed and still felt that, if he were able to be cured, would still be useful to somebody. I probably could have made the nature of his illness clearer.

2: They didn't flee to Ouerea because wiki implies it's still mostly frontier, which would imply that they don't have a full industrial base just yet, and its economy is mostly aquaculture, which further implies that their medicine may not be as advanced as it could be. Also because it's necessary for the concept that the character become fully immersed in human culture after living on moghes, and wiki implies that ouerea is still primarily unathi.

3: I believe growing up she thought that it was a dastardly attack by bad men who wanted to keep the species away from space, but later on began to believe conspiracy theories about the entire war being fabricated by power-hungry lords.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Hello! Thank you for your application; before a decision is come to it I want to ask some questions about the character and get a dialogue going.

What religion does Essh Kesan's clan follow? Religion is deeply tied into unathi culture to where they each inform the other. What of the faiths appeal to Kesan, if she broke off the tradition of her family?

What are the dates of when these events happened? The chronology is very vague, and I have a hard time understanding when the events happened and thus what the context of their wider world was. The father was wounded in the desert - was this after the final few years of the Contact War when it went atomic and turned the world into an atomic hellscape? Did it happen in the naturally formed desert on Moghes before the atomic exchanges? Was her Clan loyal to the Izweski or an independent kingdom? What side did they view as legitimate in the Contact War?

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Her clan is predominantly thakh, and her entire family is thakh, and she less broke away and more distanced herself from it out of confusion. It's one of those early-twenties religious crisis kind of deals.

Her father was wounded in the chaos immediately following the atomic war, and her family bunkered down through the worst of it in a root cellar or some such. If I had to pin it down, their home was just outside of the 'total destruction' radius of a city toward the eastern edge, where the mountains give way to passes that lead out into the area that is currently desert. After that, they migrated inward, and a number of years later, were able to move offworld.

They probably lived in this general region, which looks like the most likely to have both a city and a desert in close proximity to each-other pre-horrible atom war.



Her father probably made a living after his injury by maintaining other peoples' weapons rather than fighting, himself, not to mention contributions from his surviving sons. Essh was about a year old at the time of the nuclear exchange.

Her clan may have originally been mostly neutral in the conflict until the first nuclear attack, at which point they would have immediately fallen in with Izweski, as they were perceived to be in the right after that point.


I forgot to add, her father was presumably wounded by criminals while trying to restore order to the city's outskirts.


Apologies for the mess. My thought process is bananas and not entirely linear.


I have been informed that there is no desert in that area at that time. That's fine. I'll edit my main post, because that's still a pretty good area to be from, geographically.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Your edits show good faith attempts to have your character incorporate aurora's lore for unathi, and your edits have satisfied my concerns. Application accepted!

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