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Disables Forced Antagonism; No longer will you become eligible for antag purely because you voted secret.

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When was this a thing?

I mean, I see the code you deleted.

But I also frequently see secret and other votes fail due to insufficient readied players who have antag set. So when has the server ever actually drafted people?


"Not enough players" can mean 1 of 2 things.

1. Not enough players readied up for a round.

2. Even with the voting draft, they couldn't find enough people for a gamemode since not enough people voted for it.

1 happens more than 2, but 2 happens very rarely and what you are referring to. It happens a lot with cult because of IPC players, antag bans, and lowpop.

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We get ahelps about this issue a lot, actually. Rev is a prime suspect. I'd be happy if this feature was removed, since some people like to be involved in station antag situations, but don't necessarily feel confident in their ability to be that driving force.

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