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Aavs Guwan's reflective mask

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[b]BYOND Key:[/b] DronzTheWolf
[b]Character name:[/b] Aavs Guwan
[b]Item name:[/b] Reflective Mask

[b]Why is your character carrying said item to work?[/b]
[hr]Aavs believes nobody should need to set eyes on a Guwan, so whenever he goes out in public, he tries to cover himself as much as possible.
The reason he created this mask is that the reflective surface will make people try not to stare, or so he thought. 
He's bringing this to work because he wants to cover his shameful state of being, and he doesn't feel like wearing a gas mask or whatever else he can findlaying around is comfortable for Security.

[b]Item function(s):[/b] It will fit on the helmet slot, and cover the eye/mask slot so you'd have to take it off to put on a mask/glasses/goggles. It will not have any armor or resistances, and it cannot be used to toggle internals.
[b]Item description:[/b] This odd mask and hood combination covers the wearer, and seems to be made of a one-way dome mirror and some old cloth or rope.
[b]Item appearance:[/b] (I have no idea why but the second sprite doesn't want to send right.)
[b]How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?[/b] So far, nobody has asked Aavs to take off any of the masks he wears, or asked him why he covers up at all. This leads him to believe that it's perfectly okay to wear this sort of thing, when really it just makes him seem like an odd one out.
[b]Additional comments:[/b] I'm not sure what our policy on helmets/masks are for custom items for on-station characters. One could probably argue that this could be used to make me an 'unknown' since it can hide looks and therefore it's an unfair advantage, but then again so can grabbing a fake mustache from the arcade or the stage.




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Sprite issues.
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6 minutes ago, DronzTheWolf said:

[b]Item appearance:[/b] (I have no idea why but the second sprite doesn't want to send right.)

All of them broke when I tried editing it so I'll post them again here. I hate the new forums.193542677_AavsMask.png.5990a40bd8c94ecf5e6e128373245c73.png  AavsMask1.png.f44b13ea8b080975462160a89fe7e5f7.pngAavsMask2.png.2b7ae9a46a56edba4186e6606c500660.pngAavsMask3.png.21e50e401b7292855813c35c2aa1306b.pngAavsMask4.png.84e9533699e2bbb33b60739d36c0eb12.png
Notice how for some reason the second one is notably darker? The forums is the only place that does that. It's weird. 

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