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[Processed] Sol Alliance - United Americas Province

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Province

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2137 CE

Region of Space: Earth, Sol

Controlled by (if not a faction): Sol Alliance

Other Snapshot information: N/A

Long Description: Prior to the collapse in 2172, many speculated that the United States was already on the path to total anarchy and collapse. This was proven time and time again, with the impeachment of President Roger G. Fox and the implantation of Samuel's Grey Feathers as the law enforcement for the US. While historians and political scientists cried wolf, the US continued to talk down the wayward road. With global warming causing the destruction of the environment and coastal cities, the United States took drastic measures in order to save the coastlines and major cities - to no avail. 

One of the most affected due to the global warming present throughout the world, and subsequently the economic crisis in 2172, the North Americas received massive spikes in unemployment, inflation, and overall economic collapse.* Causing a domino effect in the North Americas, the election of 2128 was hotly contested - with a fierce advocate for anti-immigration taking the Presidency. Legislation by the controlled congress was practically an echo chamber for the President, allowing many things to fly in these desperate times. Chinese immigrants met severe racism within the United States and even Canada, whereas refugees fleeing from Europe mostly were met with welcoming. While the President was able to solve the immigration crisis with harsh laws, he was not able to find a way to resolve the economic crisis still burdening the nation. The approval ratings nosedived, and as such, the President was unwelcome in most of his country as riots and protests swept the nation. A new, young candidate took office in 2132 promising to offer a new look at these problems. **

In an attempt to resolve the crisis, the governments of the United States, Mexico, and Canada met in Washington to discuss the prospects of a 'perfect union,' an economic collaboration of all three countries in order to curtail the spreading influence of the Chinese and other world powers - such as the USSR, who was growingly exerting their sphere of influence around Europe after the collapse of the EU.*** The talks went on for over three months before concluding with the establishment of what would now be referred to as the United Americas. 

The Second American Dream Act expanded the rights of immigrants and opened the gates for new cultures to stream into the continent. The culture of the United Americas began to shape itself over time to what it is at currently, a mix of all cultures in a 'boiling pot,' of which providing democracy and representation, as well as many other benefits. In the act, it described a revival of critical welfare programs and other leftist economic policies to revive the economy of the United Americas. While a good attempt, it backfired without the support of the UA's primary assembly, however - the situation gradually became better over time, allowing massive contributions to the United Nations and what would later the UA be annexed into the Sol Alliance. 

The lessons of the past will be ingrained forever in the American mind, to remember and to pass down the teachings to children and others. Currently, the United Americas is a hub for human culture and trade - alongside China. United American culture at the present mostly revolves around freedom and the rights of the individual. Post-2172 America is very different from the America of the past, with the continent remaining a hub for trade, immigrants to Sol, and for democracy.

Potential Character Concepts

Characters from the United Americas are likely to:

  • Care deeply about Humanity,
  • Interested in the military, foreign affairs, and the common good.
  • Greatly value individuality, personal freedoms, and democracy.
  • Somewhat open to Xenos, however, prefer humanity.


* Due to the interconnectivity and trade between the rest of the world and the Americas, especially China.

** While this is somewhat of a Trump reference, it is a repeat of history done in order for United American characters can have a traumatic event in their culture's history like other provinces in order to differentiate themselves from other Solarians.

*** The USSR made this move in order to distance Moscow from the growing threat of the Chinese and NATO.

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41 minutes ago, DeadLantern said:

I'd like more on what happened after 2172. And, are current people from that province still actually harbor the same ideals that people had 300 years ago? It's just kind of bare, and most of this has been stated or assumed in the lore.

Currently, the draft's only 'thing' about prior to 2172 is the first paragraph. Everything after that is post-2172.

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