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Robotics lab.

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I'm not sure a whole lot of the community selects roboticists or even goes in the robotics lab, but I'm not to keen on the way it's set up at the current moment. The tinted windows are terribly inconvient and ICly you have next to no light for the operating table which isn't safe. The location of the circuit imprinter and the computer are in a weird place. The location of the requests console is silly as you can't see it cause of the glass, and by accessing that console you're leaning over medical equipment, which isn't sanitary at all. Considering there are no sinks to clean the equipment if they do get dirty wether it be from an actual surgery or just dirty people handling it. We don't really need a morgue tray in here as we are just able to go through the maint tunnels (although I could see a little bit of an appeal for an antag round). The mech bay and the borg charging stations could be moved. In the picture added I had created a place specifically for cyborg repair in the mech bay. The lab part has a surgery table and shouldn't have dirty borgs walking all up in it.

I tried doing changing things around during a dead hour round, and it doesn't have to be exactly like it, but I think that the robotics lab could definately use some improvements. I'm all ears for suggestions, I'd just like it to be a little more effecient


[attachment=0]Robotics department.PNG[/attachment]

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Since I play mostly a roboticist these days, I can vouch for this. At the very lease, please. REMOVE THOSE TINTED WINDOWS. They. Are. Awful.

Maybe I'll do some interior decorating myself. Oooh! add some wallpaper here, wooden tiles there, polished desk here....and even a bonsai! Yes!


Ok, how about a mechanical bonsai? Skull? Can we have bonsai?

....why am I still up?

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I must be the only person who likes tinted windows. Hell, I'd replace the windows to the hall with them if it were possible, the privacy they offer is amazing. Though I can see how their glitchiness around the surgery area, which still isn't blocked from plain sight at all, can get annoying.

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Primarily, the tinted windows are too prevent passerby from seeing violent lobotomies.

Also, the whole 'not safe' part, is kinda just BS. You're cutitng their brain out, with not anasthetic. It's not meant to be safe its meant to be quick.

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