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Remove simple mob's push priority over player characters.

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Title. In essence, I'm suggesting this so that monkeys will stop pushing me away when I'm trying to put them into a disposal unit to feed to the slimes. Apply this for any other mob, such as Ian, Runtime the escapist, etc.

The way mobcode movement works currently, apparently a dog or a cat is going to push you one square meter away because it hates nice things. This'd be an amazing quality of life change and would save a lot of time.

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Maybe make an exception for player monkies? Checks for whether the monkey is being possessed by a player or has a ckey attached to it.


Already have a method of allowing this. It'd be easy to implement.

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Irritating yes but an amusing mechanic. The amount of times people have got into fights with monkeys because they were pushing them around.

If your trying to put a real monkey into a bin they would probably fight back.

Pun pun and others can be buckled to chairs.

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They're obviously not normal monkeys. I mean, they come from a cube. They're probably genetically engineered to have minimal brain function, both to make it easier and more ethical to work with them.


That's silly. They're monkeys. They will always be monkeys.

I request this topic to be locked and denied, ended up finding a better way to solve this issue.

By knocking the other xenobiologist over the fucking head and keeping the monkey cubes to myself.

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