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Kelt's Foreign Legion Dog-tags & Dress Beret

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BYOND Key: Toasterstrudes
Character name: Kelt
Item name: Foreign Legion Holo-Tags & Foreign Legion Dress Beret

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Sentimental items kept from their year service in the Foreign Legion, now mostly just carried around as a sort of 'good-luck charm', and hopefully good conversation starter.

Item function(s):
Holo-Tags: Works like the other dog tags/holobadges in the game, an attachable item for your suit/wearable item on your mask slot.

Beret: The beret is a beret, it does head stuff.

Item description: 
Holo-tag: A set of holo-tags, on them is the printed name, address, and Serial Code as well as what appears to be a bar code underneath. "Kelt - NTCC Odin Residential Block B14 - 977b4ad663"

Beret: A pale blue dress beret with a rubber insignia of a torch, surrounded by red stars and the letters "TCFL".

Item appearance:






How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

Hopefully, it'll bring a bit more Foreign Legion stuff to the station apart from the occasional ERT appearance, and encourage more acknowledgement of it from an IC standpoint, instead of them just being a talking point when they get called as an ERT.
Additional comments:

Shame on Kyres for not making it a loadout option smh.

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The legion actually isnt two months old.

According to Jackboot (also cleared by kyres), the legion was started post frost invasion, and was even mentioned in an article. As early as March 6th of 2017, well over a year ago.



This was around the time the character was put on an extended hiatus, before being brought back. I thought an interesting explanation for this was service in the TCFL.

Also here's the clearing I got from jackboot a while ago.Screenshot_20190214-221747_Discord.thumb.jpg.53531dbd540c9c091a4f2fc5aa2891ca.jpg

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On 14/02/2019 at 11:38, Alberyk said:

Some issues:

-you can't be part of the legion and be in command/security

-if it is for a past service, I find a bit strange that it already ended when the legion is less than two months old.

Accepted for the dog tags, beret was made a loadout item so

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