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  1. Just because another character is being racist to your character does not equal a negative experience. You shouldn't take those types of things at face value. Every case that I have seen of the overboard "fuck cats fuck lizards fuck toasters I'm gonna harass them every day" types of players were dealt with by staff. (I.E the guy in cargo during the IPC antag contest who would order guns every round just to hunt down and try their best to valid IPCs and IPC supporters for any slight thing they said or did out of line) In addition, the culture for both IC and OOC have shunned super overboard racist characters, as well as the overboard "protect all species no racism whatsoever" characters. I have not had a human character for the majority of years I have been here, and in that time I have not seen a person who has went over the line with racism not get punished/dealt with. I support the status quo
  2. The cloning would put them on par, if not a little more at disadvantage than humans. Positronic brains as is require RnD research, expensive metals like diamond and phoron, a roboticist to remake not only the body but also the said expensive positronic brain, and much more. In times like dead hour is rare to have anything close to that so it already puts them at a disadvantage. In essence, reviving an IPC already requires a soemwhat competent Miner/QM (Materials), a somewhat competent Researcher (Needs to get the required levels in Materials and Bluespace and sync it to the network because believe it or not, posbrainsare actually not craftable until at least halfway through research), and a competent roboticist (to recover the positronic brain, remake the body, and recreate the IPC), where cloning just requires a medical doctor. Every other race has the option for cloning as is, and all cloning needs is a medical doctor and an intact, non-decapped and non-gibbed human to bring them back in the round. Adding in defects from recovery and copying would probably be the best way to solve the "copying a dead positronic brain". Like a computer, if you know what you are doing you can usually recover data from a dead hard drive, and along the way some of the data could become more corrupt. I dont think it would be very fair to IPC players to just outright refuse them a chance at a respawn when all other players have a chance at it as well. Also with the backup thing, cloning has the same thing, you are able to save people's DNA in them, just no one uses that anymore. All you need to do is toss a living person in a cloning pod and scan and save their data. In response to the whole jumping into a SM thing, no, you wouldn't, because if you arent valuing you characters life/etc, you are actively breaking both server rules and IC IPC programming and you would have your whitelist stripped. That's the same as saying "well I'll just go suicidal and then ghost, wait for the 20 minute respawn and join again." Edit: Positronic Brains cost (2000 Metal, 1000 Glass, 1000 Silver, 500 Phoron, 500 Gold, 100 Diamond) and require 6 Materials, 4 Engineering, 2 Bluespace, and 4 Data Theroy research, definitely late mid-tier RnD
  3. A suggestion I had for full positronic death. I believe a new system should be in place for IPC Cloning, due to them not having one should they die. We could have something similar where a dead positronic brain needs to be scanned to have files backed up, and similar to the clone memory disorder add the rule that you cannot remember everything from a certain amount of time, or even toss in some robotic versions of genetic defects like the multi-personality disorder, maybe only being able to see in greyscale, etc. Alternatively, a backup system could be a thing as well, where the IPC has to actively go to a roboticist to have their positronic data stored, in case theirs is destroyed, add the same issues from fragmentation, and then only allow them memories from everything before that backup.
  4. This whole PR has to be the start of the April fools PR. The wage gap itself is pretty dumb in my opinion, but I think my biggest problem is the whole "Marginalized races also are less likely to be selected for certain jobs, along with women." addition, which I think is one of the main issues with this PR. In high-pop hours, you are actively offsetting the chance for someone who was readied up to get a role they wished to play, just because they're playing the race/gender they enjoy as a player. Like, ignoring the political message or whatever, that just seems like a super off putting thing to do, its like telling players "Hey, you spent time on your application, backstory, and stuff, but you know that character you want to play? You can't this round because you're a female unathi/tajara/etc, and they're marginalized man, so that baldie 30 year old human male gets a higher roll in the chance modifier. get fucked." This isn't a PR I agree with, because it really just seems like something made to step on toes, or as some political statement. I'd really rather keep current-age politics out of a dumb top down space station simulator, because all this is going to do is start drama, and make us look like 'that guys'. Big -1
  5. Technically speaking wouldn't this be a staff complaint?
  6. I'm cool with that. The holotags are still fair game tho
  7. This was something suggested to Kyres, but I was told it would probably be better suited for a custom item. I believe it is along the same reasons things like Sol berets/etc are custom item only.
  8. Ah yes finally, the ERP mechanics are being added. I think it would be an interesting addition, though, ripping hair out may not be a good thing, Perhaps instead of removing the hair, it just gives some pain/hallos damage.
  9. The legion actually isnt two months old. According to Jackboot (also cleared by kyres), the legion was started post frost invasion, and was even mentioned in an article. As early as March 6th of 2017, well over a year ago. ( ) This was around the time the character was put on an extended hiatus, before being brought back. I thought an interesting explanation for this was service in the TCFL. Also here's the clearing I got from jackboot a while ago.
  10. BYOND Key: Toasterstrudes Character name: Kelt Item name: Foreign Legion Holo-Tags & Foreign Legion Dress Beret Why is your character carrying said item to work? Sentimental items kept from their year service in the Foreign Legion, now mostly just carried around as a sort of 'good-luck charm', and hopefully good conversation starter. Item function(s): Holo-Tags: Works like the other dog tags/holobadges in the game, an attachable item for your suit/wearable item on your mask slot. Beret: The beret is a beret, it does head stuff. Item description: Holo-tag: A set of holo-tags, on them is the printed name, address, and Serial Code as well as what appears to be a bar code underneath. "Kelt - NTCC Odin Residential Block B14 - 977b4ad663" Beret: A pale blue dress beret with a rubber insignia of a torch, surrounded by red stars and the letters "TCFL". Item appearance: How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? Hopefully, it'll bring a bit more Foreign Legion stuff to the station apart from the occasional ERT appearance, and encourage more acknowledgement of it from an IC standpoint, instead of them just being a talking point when they get called as an ERT. Additional comments: Shame on Kyres for not making it a loadout option smh.
  11. During the round that I issued the note regarding Front lining, we had gotten an ahelp from another party stating that there was a reporter running inside of a room with barricaded hostile mercenaries, and that they were told to leave a couple of times by one of them. I had also learned that they had relayed some information back to security. When I had confronted Xander on the issue, we had gotten into a debate about "Wartime reporters" among some other things, the point I was trying to get across to him was that, they were a reporter on a science station, and that it being a wartime reporter and a corporate reporter are two complete things. From my perspective, after your recent job-ban from security at the time which I also believe was about Front-lining, on top of the things you brought up in the ahelp in question that had nothing to do with the reason I ahelped in the first place the ahelp slowly turned from being about something as simple as "Hey, just don't frontline as a reporter" to a whole drawn out conversation about how the server was handled in pretty ill respect to the staff. I was trying to be patient with you, and tell you that what you were bringing up couldn't be fixed in an ahelp, and to take it to the forums, but the argument continued on. The fact that I only left it at a note after it had escalated way past that after a while is only because I was being lenient. The situation was minor that caused the ahelp, and it was completely blown out of proportion by the end, when I was trying to stay civil and finish the ahelp.
  12. You weren't already a spriter? Definite +1
  13. It's been pretty much 24 hours. Locking and Archiving.
  14. Alrighty, after reviewing the logs I can see the issues that took place, among finding some other things that were questionable. Action has been taken. Should an admin/mod/staff be unavailable and not responding to ahelps for an extended amount of time, be sure to bump it, send another message, or even see if you can't snag someone online from the discord, there's usually someone around for dead hour but they are often not 100% focused! Leaving this open for 24 hours for any additional feedback should it somehow come.
  15. Myself and Tricking are going to be handling this complaint, give us some time to review logs and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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