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  1. ToasterStrudel

    Staff Complaint - House of Synth

    During the round that I issued the note regarding Front lining, we had gotten an ahelp from another party stating that there was a reporter running inside of a room with barricaded hostile mercenaries, and that they were told to leave a couple of times by one of them. I had also learned that they had relayed some information back to security. When I had confronted Xander on the issue, we had gotten into a debate about "Wartime reporters" among some other things, the point I was trying to get across to him was that, they were a reporter on a science station, and that it being a wartime reporter and a corporate reporter are two complete things. From my perspective, after your recent job-ban from security at the time which I also believe was about Front-lining, on top of the things you brought up in the ahelp in question that had nothing to do with the reason I ahelped in the first place the ahelp slowly turned from being about something as simple as "Hey, just don't frontline as a reporter" to a whole drawn out conversation about how the server was handled in pretty ill respect to the staff. I was trying to be patient with you, and tell you that what you were bringing up couldn't be fixed in an ahelp, and to take it to the forums, but the argument continued on. The fact that I only left it at a note after it had escalated way past that after a while is only because I was being lenient. The situation was minor that caused the ahelp, and it was completely blown out of proportion by the end, when I was trying to stay civil and finish the ahelp.
  2. ToasterStrudel

    kyres1 spriter application

    You weren't already a spriter? Definite +1
  3. ToasterStrudel

    [RESOLVED] Player Complaing - Crabsage

    It's been pretty much 24 hours. Locking and Archiving.
  4. ToasterStrudel

    [RESOLVED] Player Complaing - Crabsage

    Alrighty, after reviewing the logs I can see the issues that took place, among finding some other things that were questionable. Action has been taken. Should an admin/mod/staff be unavailable and not responding to ahelps for an extended amount of time, be sure to bump it, send another message, or even see if you can't snag someone online from the discord, there's usually someone around for dead hour but they are often not 100% focused! Leaving this open for 24 hours for any additional feedback should it somehow come.
  5. ToasterStrudel

    [RESOLVED] Player Complaing - Crabsage

    Myself and Tricking are going to be handling this complaint, give us some time to review logs and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  6. Hello @ComradeCorbyn, We are going to accept your application for a trial, in the mean time we will be seeing how you handle the new roles you have been given. Your trial starts today (1/1/2019/), and will conclude (1/8/2019) Good Luck and Have Fun
  7. Hey @KingOfThePing We've accepted your application, but you'll still need to go through a week trial to see how you handle the roles you're given! Your trial starts today (1/1/2019/), and will conclude (1/8/2019) Good Luck and Have Fun
  8. ToasterStrudel

    [On Trial] rrrrrr's Command Application

    Hey there @rrrrrr, We've apologize for the wait but your application has been accepted for a trial. Your trial starts today (1/1/2019/), and will conclude (1/8/2019) Good Luck and Have Fun
  9. Here's the Interview Transcript: https://pastebin.com/ubDc0kRk
  10. Hey there, I'll be handling your interview! Give me a bit of time to prepare and then I'll be getting with you to set up a time for the interview!
  11. ToasterStrudel

    [Resolved] Staff Complaint - QueenOfYugoslavia

    As much as I love Noir ICly and such, I really cannot say I agree with a detective arming a bomb on a antags shuttle. I for one don't think the permission should have been given in the first place, but I wasn't there to weigh in at the time. Just because arming a bomb in game is super simple because of the mechanics doesn't mean just every Joe Schmoe knows how to do it, arguably the only type of person who should would be a Phoron Researcher/Scientist. They may have been already made, but the fact your character would know the right amount of time, settings, and how to even arm it without risking blowing it up is pushing it a little too far. People have been warned and banned for the same exact situation in the past, so I really don't agree with what happened here, but that is my two cents. This is along the same idea as to why not every Joe and Schmoe can use RnD computers/Autolathes, and Cloning pods.
  12. ToasterStrudel

    Mira's Alchemist and Attire Set

    I'm all about customization in the workplace, so I'll throw this a +1.
  13. ToasterStrudel

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    It has been an honor working along side you even though I hardly worked. Stay strong space cowboy.
  14. ToasterStrudel

    Character Complaint: Willow Harper

    Locking and Archiving
  15. ToasterStrudel

    Character Complaint: Willow Harper

    Alright, it goes without saying that Willows characteristics need to change to match our servers escalation rules. This complaint comes in after myself and some other staff members were looking into an incident which resulted in the characters death, and we had almost concluded then that something needs to change. It was around that time where this complaint popped up and reassured my feeling on the issue. I like Willow as a character, but I feel that the character goes a bit overboard sometimes. They instigate the start of fights that usually tend to be 0-100 situation, with hardly any buildup. We encourage conflicts within the player-base between character fighting, but when its a two sentence conversation that instigates a brawl, its unacceptable. I can completely understand a fight that happened because of bickering between each other for multiple rounds, but this isn't the case with Willow. From how I see it, Willow is a character that wants to be the center or attention, and demands that they are just that, and should anyone else say otherwise, or insult them, they are going to start a conflict with them. This character design is not acceptable. With this being said we go to the conclusion of the staff complaint. You've been warned for something very similar to this in the past, about three months ago. Willow needs a to change as a character. This whole flying-off-the-handle attitude on a lot of situations needs to come to a stop. Staff will be more than happy to work with you on making the character acceptable in terms of personality, but otherwise, they can no longer be what they are now.