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Bar becomes a Bistro

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We move the kitchen to where the washroom is, make it an L shape and push that portion of maintenance back. This L-shaped kitchen connects to the bar with a side airlock and a counter to move orders across without having to leave the behind the counter area for each section. We move the washroom to where the stage is, the stage gets removed. Why do we even have a stage. Why do we even have a designated bar, larger than the kitchen. 


NT can be co-op'd with some fucking restaurant chains that have their own signs, which can be chosen by the bartender and chefs. I dunno, otherwise, it's just the typical NT owned and operated bar area. Who knows, spit balling.


Moral of the story, please make the bar less of a bar and more of a corporate cafeteria bistro where employees get lunch and take breaks, not drink until they vomit on the floor.

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34 minutes ago, KingOfThePing said:

Something similar has been suggested in the past:


It was not very well recieved.

It seems like the only point of contention was food vouchers and stuff. You don't have to buy the food, it's the same as now, but it's a new focus on the kitchen rather than the bar. Because this is a corporate research station, and not a habitation facility. You go to the workplace cafeteria, eat your meal, get something to drink, talk with other employees, get back to work. Or just sit at a table for the whole shift, I don't care, but it fits the setting better than everyone sitting at the bar, at work- half of whom cannot actually drink because they work with firearms, industrial machinery, and medical stuff- chemistry, cryopods and surgical tools.

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55 minutes ago, Senpai Jackboot said:

Only if there is a seedy still-public-access dive bar in maintenance that the bartender can still run.

Honestly, I don't see why the bar and an extended dorm area doesn't exist on the construction deck along with some nice confusing unfinished halls and rooms for the IT department. It's sort of a waste that we just imply that stuff'll be there eventually by calling it the construction deck.

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I would really like this to become a thing. Everything right now seems to be more facilitated towards "habitation with research in the background" than "research with slight habitation for breaks" and I really think people overreact when it comes to buying drinks. How the fuck would NT ever be able to know exactly how much food you want for when you work for them, the exact price they'd all come to, and do that for every damn employee when they could just be greedy and force you to pay for them.

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